Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Zatchels Cuties!

Hello Kitty Town Satchel £110

... And of course I wouldn't miss out on blogging a whole set of Hello Kitty's! I always get excited posting a Hello Kitty blog since I have sweet kawaii readers who really enjoys it! Since I've previously posted about Zatchels' wide range of printed Satchel Bags that's uniquely Zatchels, I just wanna share to everyone their kawaii Hello Kitty Collection! These cuties are almost freshly cooked from the oven as it was just recently launched this November 2012! Perfect timing for Christmas! Whaaaa Wish I could have came to that Hello Kitty event! They're all so cute!

Grabbed from Zatchels' Hello Kitty launch!
November 8, 2012~ Zatchel's Central London Showroom's "Backstage Fashion Agency"

I'm sure a lot of Hello Kitty lovers will love Zatchel x Hello Kitty! Since Hello Kitty is loved by many in all ages! Of course my favorite is the Hello Kitty Town Satchel! Since it's pink and it's so fun! The other Hello Kitty Styles are also cute and adorable! They really do fit for the wide range of Hello Kitty lovers... 

Hello Kitty Black and White Polka Dots Satchel £110
Hello Kitty Purple Bows Satchel £110
Hello Kitty Polka Dot Bows Satchel £110
Hello Kitty Red Bows Satchel £110

Zatchels' Satchel Bags comes in three sizes 11.5"x 8", 13"x 9" and 14.5"x 10" price varies of course. Zatchels also has smaller bag styles for more casual occasions (The Saddle Bag and The Barrel Bag Collections ... I can actually imagine it being worn by young teens. Haha! I can't use them since I always have a load of baggage in my bag. Haha! But they're adorable anyways! 

Hello Kitty Town Saddle Bag £65
Hello Kitty Black and White Polka Dot Saddle Bag £65
Hello Kitty Polka Dot Bows Saddle Bag £65

Hello Kitty Purple Bows Saddle Bag £65
Hello Kitty Red Bows Saddle Bag £65

Zatchels' Saddle Bags comes in two sizes... check out Zatchels Website! While the Hello Kitty Barrel Bag Collection comes in two styles... May be I could fit here my iPhone and my camera. Hehe. I like the Zatchels Satchel Bags the best! 

Hello Kitty Town Barrel Bag £55
Hello Kitty Polka Dot Bows Barrel Bag £55

I love it when Hello Kitty collaborates with another brand! I think Hello Kitty is one of the best endorsers in the world! Haha! She even beats the top supermodels haha! I really like the Hello Kitty Town Satchel Bag the most! I wish I could get them all as my BIG 30 Wish#25! LOL Haha!  Which one's your favorite?

Head Office Address: Zatchels 17 Charter Street, Leicester LE1 3UD, United Kingdom
Tel.No.:            +44 (0) 8455 212723      

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  1. I like the Hello Kitty Town Satchel bag! So pink and happy:D But it's kinda expensive and I can't find it in Singapore too... :(

    1. Oh! Good news for you! Zatchel Singapore just retweeted my blog... Here's their Twitter: @ZatchelsSg and Website:

  2. wow! those looks amazingly love!! visit hello kitty town in malaysia tracy! xx

  3. I think I missed this post when you wrote. I did not know you wrote about hello kitty in such huge quantity.


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