Friday, November 09, 2012

My Prettiest Perfect Birthday Cake

October 28, 2012 ~ BIG 30 WISH#19:
I got my prettiest birthday cake at Tous Les Jours! 

"Any birthday won't be a birthday without blowing out a cake!" ...That's how Atreyu, my son, always say about birthdays. In the past years I've celebrated my birthday, I wasn't really keen with getting a cake because I couldn't find the perfect cake with the perfect taste... Most cakes I know are just pretty on the outside but not so pretty on the taste and end up getting stuck in the Fridge until someone just throw it out or just eat it on a lazy day when any leftovers seems okay to eat as long as you don't need to cook or prepare meals.

But since my kareshi and I planned "Tracy's Epic Picnic BIG 30 Birthday Celebration" (It's just a very long way of saying... I-had-a-picnic-for-my-birthday... LOL) I thought of getting one of those pretty cakes at Tous Les Jours that I got for, my imoutosan, Stacy's despedida last September. It was so memorable that I wanna have one for myself for my BIG 30 Wish#19.

I even remember how I snuck up early Sunday Morning to wake-up my kareshi and told him how I wanted to get some cake that I wanted for my picnic... Even if was very tired from that "Spellbound Birthday Dinner", he was so eager to come with me to get me my "Prettiest Perfect Birthday Cake" at Tous Les Jours.

As usual... there were so many pretty cakes to choose from... I alway like taking pictures of them because they really look so unique and pretty!

Oh so Pretty Apple Cake!  
Apple Inspiration - Php548.00
Filled with Hand Picked Strawberries from Korea. Perfect Balance of Strawberries and Fresh Yogurt Cream Icing topped with Natural Strawberry Powder.

Lovely Heart Cake
Kiss Strawberry - Php648.00
Strawberry Cream Cake Covered with Natural Dried Strawberries. One of the Best-Selling Cake in Korea.

Light Cheescake (Grande) - Php698.00
Light and Moist Cheesecake that is Simply Irresistibly Delicious!

I already set my eyes on one particular pretty cake there... Simply because I love Strawberries! It was inevitable that I got myself the prettiest Straweberry Cake there is! Haha! What's so funny about it is it literally is a STRAWBERRY CAKE! Haha!

The Strawberry Cake (literally)
Strawberry Inspiration - Php598.00
Filled with Hand Picked Strawberries from Korea. Perfect Balance of Strawberries and Fresh Yogurt Cream Icing topped with Natural Strawberry Powder.

We even got these cute H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y Candles to top my pretty cake! They're so colorful and fun!
At the Tous Les Jours Cashier Counter
I'm such a happy girl with my Strawberry Cake! Haha! We were at the cashier counter in this photo. Haha!

Haha ! Ohayou! Sunday Morning at Tous Les Jours! Getting ready for my birthday picnic!

At the Picnic...
It was so nice that my pretty cake was loved by all my guests! Not only did they find it pretty, they really liked it! I'm so happy I got to share my favorite cake with my friends and they all enjoyed!
My Pretty Birthday Cake!!
My birthday wouldn't be complete without it! It was really the perfect centerpiece for my birthday celebration! Haha!
October 28, 2012 ~ UP Sunken Garden Tracy's Epic Picnic!
Two weeks has passed since my birthday celebration and I still have so many memories to share... It's seem a bit self indulgent just to talk about a simple cake... but it really made my birthday extra special. The part is I got to share it with my friends and they all loved it too! I'm sure on the next occassions to come I'll be getting another pretty cake at Tous Les Jours for sure!

Epic Picnic Blog coming soon! (I'm still overdecorating the photos haha)

French-Asian Bakery
Address: Unit 100 The Block SM City North Edsa, Cor North Avenue, Sto. Cristo, Quezon City
Tel. No.: +6329218972
Operating Hours: Mon- Sun 9:00 - 21:00


  1. haha your eyes are set on pretty stuff not only a cake shop but also everywhere. the moment we set up candles on that cake was great. and you blew it out haha. it was like child bday party but so much fun haha

    1. Oh it was so much fun!! And that pretty cake is the best part of my birthday picnic! Haha! I'm happy you enjoyed it too!

  2. my twin sister can make something like that. but she cant make good cakes though.. it taste nasty as hell. hahahahaa.. But she's definitely artistic.. unlike me.. LOL

    anyways .. it looks really good. u and taka seems sweet with one another.. ^_^

    1. Awesome! You have a twin sister!! That is so cool!! Is she a baker? So cool! May be she should try yogurt cream and fresh fruits haha (may be I don't know anything about baking cakes!)

      Haha! Taka is very nice. Haha! I have to say he's nice he reads my blog too haha! J/K

  3. NO she's not a baker.. She just does it for hobbies. Her cakes looks good.. but she haven't made a good tasting one yet.. She stopped for a while b/c she's finishing her masters.

    LOL>..< my boyfriend used to read my former blog .. But he said it's all about fashion and stuff so he stopped. Usually my friends read my blog (I have a tumblr blog as well) but they dont want to be publicized so I just keep it private. Hahaha

  4. The cake is iconic for you especially. It is artistic and very modern design


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