Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink Zatchel Satchel Overload!

Pastel Baby Pink Leather Satchel ~ £76

I have been drooling over a pink Satchel Bag for months (... and I still haven't gotten myself one! >_<)  It's been months since I've stalked these cuties and I think I should put it in my BIG 30 Wish#23. (OMG November is almost over and I still haven't finished my list?!). For those wondering what a Satchel Bag is: (~ aside from looking at the photos here) Satchel Bag is a rectangular bag with a shoulder strap, made of leather or fabric material generally used for carrying books. Satchel bags originated from Great Britain. It even go way back Shakespeare's time... Shakespeare described an English Schoolboy in his monologue, "All the World's A Stage"
"And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel 
And shining morning face, creeping like snail"

-excerpt from "A World's A Stage" by William Shakespeare
Personally, one of the popular peeps I remember wearing that cool vintage-looking bag is Zooey Dechanel. I follow her in InstaGram. I remember her carrying a red Satchel Bag with her monogram. Zooey Dechanel is one artsy chick and such an old soul. I love her vintage fashion!

February 5, 2012 ~ Grabbed from @zooeydechanel 's InstaGramHangin’ with @tennesseebunny last night! Missed you @Alexa_Chung!

Since then I have been stalking Satchel Bags everywhere. Haha!. I remember taking "stalker photos" at shops in Trinoma, while I was pulling-out items for my MYX Styling Job... But I want a pink Satchel Bag for me! Haha!

One of my IG Photos stalking those Satchel Bags in Accessorize, Trinoma!
Haha! I just love looking at those bags!

Yesterday, I have come across Schu's Facebook Ad with some of those adorable polka dotted Zatchel Satchel Bags! OMG! Actually, Schu is so awesome not only for their fashionable shoes but also for distributing Satchel Bags in Manila!

Grabbed from Schu's Facebook: Hey schu lovers! Are you interested in polka dot leather satchels? These ones are from Zatchels, UK (http://www.zatchels.com/). We will be posting more photos soon! For those who wish to order, please contact us! Then, we can include your name in the list! :)

OMG! Of course I fell in love with the Pink Polka Dot Leather Satchel! DROOL!! Of course I would be so in love with this print... Obviously. Since I even designed my own dress in this print! Oh this would fit perfectly with my Pink Polka Dress!

Pink and White Polka Dot Leather Satchel £91

See? The only thing missing in my dress is this Pink Zatchel Polka Dot Bag! Oh I want this so much! Not only because of it's print, but for it's functional purposes. This bag is fit for a designer... since I always carry my sketchbook around or a magazine or an idea file... My things would fit perfectly and wouldn't be crumpled inside my bag! I must have it!

Tracy Dizon wearing a Tracy Dizon Original and a headpiece by Tiara by Tracy Dizon in pink and white polka dot print! The only thing missing here is a Pink Polka Zatchel!

I went gaga over the PINK OVERLOAD I found in http://www.zatchels.com! Not only did they have the Plain Pink Satchel Bag and the Polka-Dotted Satchel Collection... They also had various printed Satchel Bags that are uniquely Zatchel! Here are few of my  favorite pink picks!!

Pink Fluoro Leopard Satchel £113

OMG! This is a bag fit for Betsey Johnson! Haha! That Neon-Pink Leopard print is so fierce! Any boring outfit would come to life with this fierce print! Personally, I love this because it simply matches my Betsey Johnson Planner

My most favorite planner I've ever had! My Betsey Johnson Planner! One thing I'll be sad about ending 2012 is ending this super fierce planner! Haha! It fits that Zatchel anyways!

I love flowers and floral prints! It's so dainty and girly! Of course it would be one of my favorite among the Zatchel Bags! This would fit with my vintage dresses definitely! Print on print love!

Pink Fluoro Floral Satchel £113

But what got me super super super excited was seeing Zatchel's Hello Kitty Collection! OMG! The ultimate kawaii Zatchel! Here we go with the Kawaii madness! Haha! 

Hello Kitty Town Satchel £110
Well there are more Hello Kitty's to choose from of course... Which deserves a whole separate blog for all my Hello Kitty readers. But since this is a Pink Zatchel Satchel Overload... This is my favorite pick! I can't get-over how cute this print is!

Too bad I can't buy them all because even one piece of a Zatchel seems like a treasure for me already. Haha! But I'd be glad to accept kind gifts for my post BIG 30 Birthday and for early Christmas too! Haha!  I just love pink and those vintage style pieces!

Head Office Address: Zatchels17 Charter Street, Leicester LE1 3UD, United Kingdom
Tel.No.:            +44 (0) 8455 212723      

SCHU (For Zatchel Pre-Order)
Website: http://www.chocolateschubar.com/
Facebook Page

For Pre-Order: (c/o: SCHU)


  1. hahaha i really want to get one for you, epecially hello kitty. let me look for in japan. haha your planner will end soon, ohhh it is so sad about....

    1. yeah It's ending soon!! Wish there's still like it in JPN!

    2. the pictorial is so cute.. i wish it's cheap to do it.. i like to dress up and take pictures with my betsey johnsn dresses.. It's fun

    3. Oh how I wish there's a betsey Johnson store here!! Jealous!

  2. omg! I so want that fluoro satchel! so hot!! xx


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