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Spellbound Birthday Dinner at Gayuma ni Maria

October 27 2012 ~ From my IG: I had this "idea" of a "Romantic Birthday Dinner" ~ the place was great, food was great, I even planned this dress for this! BUT EPIC FAIL (LOL) me and my date were too sleepy to feel "romantic"! Haha! OMG is this a sign of aging!? Hahaha! But it's still fun and great... Any time would be so much more fun and greater when I'm with Taka anyways.. ♥
(Look how sleepy Taka is LOL)

At first my kareshi wanted to try "Van Gogh is Bipolar" but unfortunately it was closed for dinner at this time. But nonetheless, it was fortunate that I got several recommendations where to have a nice dinner with romantic ambiance in Gayuma ni Maria which was also nearby. Actually, I had this birthday wish (BIG 30 Wish#18) to have a "Romantic Dinner" because in my 30 years of existence I haven't been into a "Romantic Dinner"! Haha! What a dork! So since kareshi came especially for my birthday, I made us a reservation in "Gayuma ni Maria". 

"Gayuma ni Maria" literally means "Maria's Love Potion"
"Gayuma ni Maria" literally means "Maria's Love Potion". By the name itself, "Gayuma ni Maria" is somesort of an aphrodisiac restaurant so it's the perfect romantic place. I've read that "Gayuma ni Maria" is owned by the daughter of the owner of the (former) popular restaurant here in Katipunan Area... "Gayuma" which closed down few years ago. I like this kind of ambient place, I like shabby chic places with a some boheme feel. It's always relaxing and homey for me. I'm glad, even if it's not as nearby as the old "Gayuma", I'm happy to find it resurrected. This is an interesting place to show my Nihonjin Kareshi, 'coz this is totally different from those ultra-modern places or those traditional Japanese ambiance of  restaurants and bars in Tokyo.

Homey Door Entrance at Gayuma ni Maria...

Very homey entrance of Gayuma ni Maria... It's like you're entering an old house... Gomen nasai for the low-resolution photos. The lights were dimmed there and I just got my phone camera for photos... as usual. Hehe.

Dreamy Ambiance Inside Gayuma ni Maria...
It felt and looked like we were in a dream... I like how it felt very cozy and homey inside. It's like we were in some dream or some fairy-tale. This is perfect for my ideal "Romantic Birthday Dinner Date". The ambiance and the lights were relaxing.

Since kareshi would just be in Manila for a few days... (3 days to be exact) everything has to be well planned and booked. It was so convenient that I got to make a dinner reservations at Gayuma ni Maria through SMS and they were very accommodating even on SMS inquiries. It made it easier for me to plan my birthday vis-a-vis  kareshi's Manila trip.

Because this is gonna be my dream "Romantic Birthday Dinner Date" I even planned what to wear for this night. I've been raving about my Maneki-Neko-inspired-dress for weeks... which I designed for myself especially for my birthday... Thinking about my Maneki-Neko Plush Toy that I've wanted for my birthday matched with my Maneki-Neko iPhone Case. Yes. I'm obsessed like that. Haha!

My Maneki Neko Birthday Dress!
I almost thought I couldn't make it! But I did! I'll blog about this dress I made soon!! Haha!
So after a long day picking up my kareshi at the airport... we went straight to going around Makati for lunch, traveler's-things-to-do like exchanging money and all, a little strolling and grocery shopping for my EPIC-BIRTHDAY-PICNIC (...YES, it was a loooong day!), we went home to prepare for my "Romantic Birthday Dinner Date". What's so funny about it, Taka arrived in Manila with a very bad hangover from his company party the night before his flight! So from Tokyo-to-Manila~ He's been struggling like a dying vegetable. But he was so sweet to still take me around and still managed to take me to dinner. Those are the things I really appreciate about him, how he be manage to make time even if it's so hectic for his work and still try even if he's sleepy or tired.
October 27, 2012 ~ (Still) From my IG: Spellbound dinner in Gayuma ni Maria~ finally I got to wear my "Maneki Neko" inspired dress! Haha!
(Taka looks so sleepy haha!)

I really like the small visual details I've come across with in this place... I like the vintage-looking floral prints and the shabby-chic wall collage in every dinner table booth...
This was the wall collage in our booth. I like the vintage and shabby chic feel to it...
Most of the recommendations I got from my friends with Gayuma ni Maria was their food. I found my friends saying the food is really good here. So after a long day, we were so excited to try it... Although I got a bit indecisive which one to order. They all seemed delicious and succulent...

The Enchanting Gayuma ni Maria Menu...
The Menus in Gayuma ni Maria there was a special Halloween Menu since it was Halloween Season
...and I like the floral table cloth too! Haha!
The Love We Got...
I actually couldn't decide which dish from the menu I wanted since they all seemed attractive and inviting. The menu description are so enticing. Well, we finally decided on getting "Please be Careful with my Heart" for my kareshi and I got "Secret Lovers". They were both really good. I really liked how the spices were well blended with the dish...
"Please be Careful with My Heart"
This twice baked chicken in olive oil and garlic is the perfect cure for the heart that needs a little TLC
"Secret Lovers"
Rich braised beef pot pie with potatoes
Love Notes...
What I also liked about this place is the blackboard where you can write. Well, it's really no biggie. But as I saw Gayuma ni Maria's FB Page yesterday I felt nostalgic to see my Kareshi's and my doodles were still in it... It's nice to see that they're still there!
Gayuma ni Maria Blackboard~ We were here!
たか & トレイシー
"Taka & Tracy" doodles upclose 
While Taka was writing... He wrote our names while I decorated it! Haha! 
Well, everything was perfect actually... The only problem was were both too tired! I think we got too relaxed at the restaurant that we both got sleepy. Haha! As I was trying to talk and tell some stories to my kareshi... He couldn't stop himself falling asleep beside me!? Haha!! Well, I too was getting sleepy... with every bite I make I think I felt sleepier and sleepier! Haha! May be we were spellbound? Love potioned? Haha... But it was funny anyways. 

That's our very cozy booth and that's my sleepyhead kareshi haha
Check Please!
Well eventually, it was  time for the bill. Haha! Since we can't barely keep our eyes open we needed to come home anyways. But it was still a great experience may be we thought we were in a dream so we got sleepy. Haha! It's worth it and more! The bill was actually affordable for an ambient place!
I liked how it's placed in a little basket! Haha!
This indeed was the perfect ambient dinner date I've been too. But unfortunately it was me and my date who weren't "Romantic" haha! We're old. We get sleepy easily... especially Taka! Just kidding. It was all nice. I was so glad I took my kareshi in it, some place different from Tokyo. Enchanted and Spellbound~ I'm so glad I got another BIG 30 Wish granted! Next time I'll definitely try the Blushing Mermaid... I love salmon!!

Aphrodisiac Restaurant
Address: 123 V. Luna Extension (near Maginhawa st.) Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: +632441 4872
Mobile No.: +639432706244
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 00:00 Sun: 10:00 - 22:00
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  1. hi there!! miss u haha love the photo.. so sweet

  2. i never been to a place like that in the Philippines. it looks cute >-<!!!! anyways, i really like ur dress.. it's cool that u've designed it. heheh u and ur boyfriend looks cute togehter.. how did u guys meet?

    1. Oh you should come check this place out when you comeback visit manila again! It's really nice and the food is great! It's something I'm really proud of to show around tourist friends haha! Haha! I made my dress because I couldn't find that polka dot AnkRouge dress in Tokyo when I came to get one last summer... But it's okay at least I got do make my own dress! Haha!

  3. oh yeah.. lol i got caught up with my post that i forgot to say happy birthday.. LMAO>> !!!!!! hahah it's good that u had a good one.

  4. HAHHA .. i didn't say happy birthday directly.. lol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i'm such a dork.. lol

    1. Haha! Thanks! I appreciate it! And your comments are as good as bday greetings too!

  5. by the way you don't look your age.. i thought u were younger than me.

    1. Haha! Thanks! I often get that! I always get mistaken for a teenager LOL haha! At least I'm lucky to still look young! Haha! *\(^o^)/*

  6. sorry for sleepiness at that time but cannot forget that chicken... thanks for taking me there. i have never experienced this kind of magical feeling place to eat haha

    1. It was a good dinner! Haha! I'm proud I took you there to experience a unique ambiance! Haha!

  7. The chicken here is the best in the world to me. I miss it.

    1. Imagine that, I make this bog post like a fairtale, I carefully think about each sticker, filter and frames to use to make it look like a lovely fairytale and yet all you can say about it is "how you like the chicken there" what a waste of effort.


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