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The Making of that Kawaii M&M's TiaraBow for Rainbowholic!

☆ Early Christmas Giveaway Time! ☆
from Rainbowholic Kailachan!
... together with Tiara by Tracy Dizon

Actually, I wanted to make my dear-soul-sista, Kailachan a matching dress or at least make a "Tracy Dizon Creation" especially for her. Kaila has been a lovely and a fun muse of mine in making those fun and kawaii creations. Ever since I've launched my TiaraBows (Tiara by Tracy Dizon), she has been one of the loyal supporters and believers of my creations... Kaila has been a ray of light and a big source of positivism. Especially this year, I'm so glad that despite the distance, we have grown even closer.

We share a lot of things we appreciate silly "Gurltalks"  ~ from kawaii things, Tokyo fashion stories to making fun of our BF's together (~ well mostly me ranting LOL). I  think I feel a sense of comfort with Kailachan since we both love kawaii things and we both are in an LDR. More so, we share a lot of dreams and just spreading the kawaii virus all over the universe! Haha! I always look forward to my Tokyo trips (not only to visit my kareshi) but to have a date with Kaila... It's more fun to hang-out with Kailachan in Tokyo!  I really hope next time I visit Tokyo, it would be for a much longer time!

I'm such a big fan of Kailachan's Rainbowholic Blog since we've met I always visit every now and then because it's always so cute and fun... (I had a much slower laptop then so  her blog takes long to load haha) Reading her blog has got me smiling in few of my saddest and loneliest times especially when I'm feeling I'm missing Japan very much. This is why I wanted to be a part of her colorful blog and her projects in anyway I can... So this is why I'm so excited to be a part of ☆ Rainbowholic's Early Christmas Giveaway ☆ ! It's such a joy to be part of her colorful life and colorful blog!  Somehow inspired me to share a little piece of my life too! Kaila is one of my design muse that inspires me to make happy and fun creations even more... Actually, at first I wanted to design this previous fashion illustration I've made for Kailachan... But the dotted-pastel-tulle fabrics were already long sold-out so I couldn't make it anymore. Hope I miraculously find them!
June 2012~ My First Rainbowholic Design! Don't worry we will make this someday, Kaila!

Instead, I thought about making her a special edition TiaraBow. Since most TiaraBows are candy-inspired... I really enjoyed naming each of TiaraBow with different flavors I can think of!

Dark Mint TiaraBow by Tracy Dizon
Black Licorice TiaraBow by Tracy Dizon

thought of making Ms.Rainbowholic the most colorful candy inspiration I know... What can be more colorful than those M&M' Chcolate Candies? (May be Life Savers? Nerds? Haha!) How I wish I can find those quirky fabric prints that will match my design idea!
My Design Mood Board making those M&M's TiaraBows for Rainbowholic!

Now the next challenge is finding the right fabric. It's the most critical part of in this design process since the fabric will define the design mood. Luckily, I found the right one fit for the design!

Life Savers TiaraBows? May be? what do you think?
At first I even attempted to create a Life Savers TiaraBow since it's packaging looks more  like a "Rainbow" but I couldn't find the right fabric fit for it. All I can find were Filipino Traditional Fabrics for Patadyong... So it doesn't look like a rainbow at all! >_<

Patadyong Fabrics! Epic Fail!! Not a rainbow fabric!

But after sourcing and scouting, I luckily found the right fit for the M&M's TiaraBows! I was so ecstatic to find these polka-dotted cuties! I even remember showing it to Kaila right when I found it!

My design notes with that M&M's 

I got it from a fabric store that prints their own designs. (Sumimasen no photos because it was not allowed) I didn't realize the yardage would be too small ~ just 45" Width. I thought I'll be able to make 10 pieces or so... But I only got to make less... After a week I came back right away to that fabric store and the M&M Fabric was already sold out! Whaaa! I didn't realize it would be such a rare fabric to look for! I hope they make that fabric again!! But I'm so happy to make this for Kailachan!

M&M's TiaraBow for Rainbowholic!

Together with my special fascinators for NHK World Kawaii International Host, Misha Janette, my kareshi brought those M&M TiaraBows back to Tokyo after his short trip for my BIG 30 Birthday last October. They were all special package ~ my kareshi even hand-carried them in flight to secure their good condition. (brought with love and care LOL)

Taka, Tracy and Atreyu
October 29, 2012 ~ NAIA Terminal 2 Departure Area ~ Taka was so helpful with handling my creations to Tokyo for my kawaii muses: Kaila and Misha Janette! Itterashai Taka! 
I have to thank my kareshi for helping a lot in handling my creations, he even hand carried my hatboxes so it won't be damaged. I'm so happy that my pieces are well loved! Haha! After a few weeks, it finally arrived to Kailachan!

Grabbed from Rainbowholic: November 16, 2012 ~ Super cute Limited Edition Rainbowholic TiaraBows by Tiara by Tracy Dizon (@pixietracy @tracydizon) ☁☁ Only three fluffy bows!! ☁☁ other designs are available in my shop Rainbowholic Shop( / please check out her FB for other designer hats and headpieces ❤☁❤

I love how Kailachan made my gift and letter for her look more kawaii! Haha! It's really a talent to have an eye on kawaii things! I love those vintage-Lisa Frank Stationeries I wrote on for Kailachan... I have it since I was in elementary! Haha! almost 20-year-old! Haha!
Grabbed from Rainbowholic: Finally read the kawaii mail from my favorite designer friend /sister-from-another-mother @pixietracy ☁❤☁ going to have a bowholic giveaway for early Christmas! Thanks you for the sweet message Tracy-neechan!! 

I'm really so happy to be a part of her fun and kawaii projects! It makes me very happy too and not only that, I'm so thankful for Kailachan's support and how she promotes my designs! I am honored and greatly so joyful! Thank you for making me a part of your fun giveaway! I hope your readers will like my pieces too! 

I was so surprised when I opened my Tiara by Tracy Dizon Facebook Page yesterday to find a whopping 200+ new likes! Thank you all! Good luck to everyone! How I wish we can give more to everyone! Those are all awesome and super kawaii gifts! Kailachan really makes a special effort for her readers!

Here are the super kawaii prizes from Rainbowholic Kailachan! I grabbed some of her photos and the easy steps how to join! Please join!! It's so much fun! Haha! GAMBATTE!!
Grabbed from Rainbowholic Kailachan:
For the FIRST prize, you can win this KPP Loot bag + Tiara bow! 
Grabbed from Rainbowholic KailachanMameshiba Pamyu Pamyu goodies!
Grabbed from Rainbowholic KailachanKyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Latest CD, FASHION MONSTER! ファッションモンスター〜 New and unused of course ^^v
Grabbed from Rainbowholic KailachanSuper cute handmade fluffy tiara bow! Kailachan is selling similar fluffy bows over at Rainbowholic Shop as well. Check it out?
Grabbed from Rainbowholic KailachanFor the second winner, this super GIANT RainbowPocky + matching Tiara bow!
[How to enter?]
1. Like Rainbowholic and Tiara by Tracy Dizon!
2. Like and share this photo. Kindly tag @Rainbowholic and set the shared post to "public".
3. Comment below with a "♥". ^^v
4. Comment on the blog entry itself (please follow the format) to officially enter!

[FIRST] winner will win all the Kyary stuff + Tiara bow from the comments list (
[SECOND] winner will win the GIANT rainbow pocky from the Facebook shares. It's really BIG!! *o*

Winners will be chosen randomly. 

Giveaway ends on 12/10/12 JPN time.

Make sure to read all the easy rules over here to join!


Facebook Page
TiaraBow available at the RainbowholicShop


  1. eeeeep!!:) such cute stuff!!:D especially your drawing!

    1. Thanks Ava! A great compliment coming from an artist like you! ^_^

  2. hahaha what a kawaii freak again haha, but of course i like it. you are the biggest fan of kawaii-ness haha. btw i like your gadget collecting flags haha

    1. you should put it in your blog too! it looks cool haha!

  3. everythings looks os nice and colourful!!! love them! xx

  4. the cutest bows ever! I WANTED THEM SO MUCH THERE SO CUTE!
    and you're design, so beautiful!

  5. I think this kind of fashion is in trend now but you already looked at it in 2012.


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