Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Those Tsumori Chisato Kawaii Bangles

Y'all probably always see me wear this cute bangle. I love it so much! Haha! It was a lovely gift from a dear friend in Tokyo, Miyoshi... I miss her so much! I haven't seen her since last year! But whenever I wear my Tsumori Chisato bangle it reminds me of nice memories of Tokyo and my friend Miyoshi...

October 2011~ My last day in Tokyo last year... I miss Miyoshi!

It's such a sweet memory to receive a lovely (parcel) gift from Miyoshi last year with Coreen. Haha! I'm feeling kinda nostalgic and sentimental... I know. Haha! But I love love love this cute gift like forever! Haha!
May 2011 ~ Sending out our "Thank You's" to our Japanese friends! 
Gomen nasai for being "dramatic" and "sentimental" haha! I actually wanna talk about those cute bangles and Tsumori Chisato for my (late & postdated) BIG 30 Wish#17... Just for the fun of it, I decided to make my wishlist until the 30th. Haha! It can still be a good Christmas Gift idea... Haha! Well, I'm just having fun!

Anyways, moving on, I love Tsumori Chisato... I said it before and I say it again, I think she's the Asian Betsey Johnson... but more high fashion! I read somewhere that Tsumori Chisato is the Marc Jacobs of Asia... Either way, I like Tsumori Chisato and quirky-high-end sensibilities.

Well, for my BIG 30 Wish#17: I wanna collect all these Tsumori Chisato Bangles! Haha! What a wild dream. Haha! But they're totally super cute!!
TSUMORI CHISATO Glittered Flower Bangle for P2,315.06 (¥4,494) each~

As I was surfing around the web, I also found some other cute TSUMORI CHISATO Bracelets that are as kawaii as these lovely glittered flower bangles! I found these glittered heart bangles, too and it has more colors to choose from!
TSUMORI CHISATO Glittered Heart Bangle for P2,315.06 (¥4,494) each~
More colors!!
I like the white heart-shaped bangle among the five colors... Wish there's pink though! Haha! But these color scheme is actually interesting and very quirky. I like it!

I also found this set of super cute bangles! OMG! But sadly they seem to be already sold out... I wouldn't be surprised. They're so  cute and quirky! Tsumori Chisato is such a cat-person! Mochiron, it is inevitable she has something like this cute Cat Bangles!! OMG!! 
TSUMORI CHISATO Cat Bangle for HKD$220.00 (P1,169.57)
Too cute! I love cats!!
Well, it's always nice to see cute things. Haha. So I'm enjoying it. Haha! That's why I love TSUMORI CHISATO so much, she always make cute things! Someday, I hope to be like her!  Haha!


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    1. Hello! Haha! Thank you for reading my blogs! I hope you enjoy them! Yup, I was the stylist of pintada on the first week~ I used to be a TV sprod stylist and did some TV shows and films like lastikman, imortal and corazon (Ang unang aswang)

    2. ... But I think I've outgrown working on tedious and hectic life in TV/Film Prod. I'm working as a full time fashion design visavis milliner/hat designer now Thanks for your comment! But why did you delete it? Haha please keep them!

      I loved Maxene's HK piece too! It's one of my favorite works! It was so much fun to do!

      Thank you for reading my blog!

  2. I don't know what happened to my first post. I accidentally deleted it for some reason. I haven't watched those shows yet.. but i'll check out corazon ang unang aswang since it's recent.

    I haven't watched project runway philippines yet. I dont even know where to watch that.. We don't have anything besides TFC and GMA in california.

    1. Glad to see your comment again! Thank you! Haha!

      Corazon is the one I highly recommend! I hope you find them in DVD in CA :-)

      PRP2 was aired in ETC I think it's posted in YouTube but I totally made fool out of myself there haha! But it's all good! Haha!

  3. I only saw a clip of u on the show that i watched on youtube. SAYANG. i wanted to see the clothes you made. i'll roam around ur blog some more so maybe i'll find it.. It's ok if u make a fool out of urself .. at least u were having fun ^_^ thanks for the add.

    1. Sige I can make a blog about my short-lived life in PRP2 haha! It's always nice to reminisce those nice memories anyways! When I'm done with my birthday blogs I'll do that! Haha! But you can roam around my blog while it's not up yet! Haha! :-)

  4. Ohhh wooowww!!!How super cute are these bangles!!! Thats also very sweet of your friend in Tokyo to give you one, and nice that it reminds you of her ^_^

    The kitty one is cute! I def think you need to add one of those to your collection when they're available again!

    ps. "The Asian Betsy Johnson" haha I love it!! ox

    1. Yeah!! OMG I so love these! But I still haven't figured out where to buy these in JPN! Japanese girls are so much fun to be friends because they're so sweet and they love kawaii things too! Haha!

      You should check out Tsumori Chisato's boutiques she has the nicest pieces!

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    1. miyoshi and yuhei got me one as a gift 2011 coreen has it too they gave her one too


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