Monday, November 19, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: Quick Hello

I'm usually ecstatic when Monday comes since I usually blog and write as much on Mondays until the midweek... But it has been busy these days... Had an awesome photo-shoot last weekend, did some Momma duties of attending PTA's and meeting clients over this busy weekend.

A Tiara Dream Come True~ Will blog more about it soon!
"BER" months are the busiest for fashion designer. I couldn't be thankful enough. I miss my musings here though... My blog is my happy place and I feel I get to keep memories of the things that make me happy here.

I just wanna say a quick hello before I retire to bed. Been having migraine and headache in-betweens, may be my eye-glasses needs to be adjusted or simply the bipolar weather is really killing me.

I just wanna share an IG-Photo I posted today, generally summarizing my day... Instead of blogging and writing on a Monday, I went to do designer duties and sourced out the perfect lace for a client-friend. I'm so happy to find the perfect fabric for a vintagey design. Hope everything works out great.

November 19, 2012 ~ pixietracy: Sourcing for the best pale mint "vintagey" lace today. #fashiondesign I love looking for the perfect fabrics for my vision *\(^o^)/*
Oh I miss my musings and my happy-thought-stories. Haha! Will write more soon. I have so much to babble about! Haha! Goodnight!

Let ME be ME.


  1. wow it really looks good . i love vintage.. but its expensive to buy vintage clothes in here. They overcharge >_<... anyways i hope to see more of ur designs

    1. Thanks for always keeping posted on my blogs! I miss blogging even if a week has just passed by haha!

      I'll definitely post more of my designs in the coming days! I know you love vintage you'll definitely love some of my new designs :-)

  2. im always proud of your photoshoot and designs becausse it looks professional, attractive and artistic. this one is also very great!

  3. This fabric is actually nice to me. It is very fine but you totally control it.


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