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Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends: Couturely Fierce Misha Janette!

Gomen nasai for not updating more regularly my "Favorite Fashionable Friends"... I actually have lots of friends in mind for my list but I since ~BER months has started... Designer duties calls! Swamped with work and other things to do... But I must post this blog for today...

Misha Janette
Grabbed from my Favorite TokyoFashionDiaries Blog

I have been so inspired lately with this fierce lady... Misha Janette Fleming. I think the better title to this blog is... "Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Muse" She really is indeed such an inspiring muse inside and out!

First time I've seen Misha Janette was from my super favorite show NHK's Kawaii International... I've noticed her from the start because of her very quirky style AND she always wears a very couture headpieces. Being a headpiece designer my wild imagination quickly thought of my Tiara's being worn by Misha Janette! Her fashion aesthetic is a little bit of everything I love and feel inspired with designing!

Grabbed from NHK's Kawaii International Facebook Page:
Kawaii International's First Episode!
Grabbed from NHK's Kawaii International Facebook Page
Kawaii International's Third Episode
with other 
hosts: Sekine Mari & Melody Yoko and guests gya
ru blogger Cheesie from Malaysia and a lolita model Rin Rin from USA
Grabbed from NHK's Kawaii International Facebook Page
Kawaii International's Second Episode
Misha Janette still stands-out even in a LBD!
Grabbed from NHK's Kawaii International Facebook Page:Kawaii International's Fifth Episode
Misha Janette in her "Akihabara-Themed-Look"
Wig:Plumb Shoulder piece:Beautik in Harajuku Laforet Bustier & Belt:"Kitakore" in Koenji Skirt&Tights:JAIRO Shoes : Tsumori Chisato
Grabbed from NHK's Kawaii International Facebook Page:Kawaii International's Sixth Episode (at Koenji)
Hat: Elianegigi Necklaces: got at SOHO in NY Inner Shirts: GARTER in Kitakore Black Dress: Tomo Koizumi Tights:AHCAHCUM.muchacha Shoes: Valentino Purple wristband: PHENMENON Black wristband: Takeshita street
If you must know, Misha is not only one of the kawaii host of Kawaii International but among her long list of the fashion magazines and media gigs she worked for are VOGUE Japan, VOGUE Girl, Numero Tokyo, WWD, The Japan Times, CNNgo (CNN), Kyodo News, NHK, VISA, Fodor's,, Textile View, and TRANOI. Not only does she "Walks the Walk... She even Talks the Talk" Haha! She truly is an amazeball-fashionista because she really lives and breathes fashion! Other than being a renowned Fashion Journalist and stylist in Tokyo, to add more in her list of "fashion-greatness", she's also the founder of high-fashion wig brand “Plumb” and of course let's not forget my favorite Fashion Blog: Tokyo Fashion Diaries . She also graduated from (every-fashion-designer's-dream-school) Bunka Fashion College, I just wanna say that and say that I'm so jealous but I adore you at the same time, Misha. Haha! With Misha's pristine curriculum-vitae and very distinct taste and fashion style, my vote is hers to be the next Anna Wintour! Haha!  
Grabbed from Misha Janette's FB Cover Photo: THE reigning Anna Wintour and the Misha Janette haha
On a personal note, I find Misha's writings very approachable and unbiased. It is so refreshing to read "nice" (nice meaning: not mean, not bashing, not snobby, not pretentious) fashion articles which really speaks smartly  about the global fashion industry... and especially the Japanese Fashion Industry (my personal favorite). I actually feel I learn a lot from her blog posts every time... While I feel so inspired with her OOTD's! I love how she mixes high-end brands with young designer pieces. I love how she genuinely supports young designers. As a young designer myself, I feel inspired with Misha and how open-minded she is when it comes with her fashion.

How I wish there would be more open-minded fashionistas/ fashion leaders like Misha (who would wear fashionable fierce hats haha so I'll have more clients LOL)

Since I've been talking about Misha for this whole blog like an-obsessed stalker (LOL OMG I'm not! Haha) I just wanna share how honored, proud and star-struck I am to see her wear one of my designs. I'm so proud I was able to challenge myself an make something linear and not colorful... Haha! I was totally out of my girly-girly comfort zone but I'm super proud it feels like my design still!

Grabbed from MishaJanette's IG: November 4, 2012~ "新しい帽子を手に入れた!my new friend, a hat by Tiara by Tracy Dizon"
Screen grabbed from MishaJanette 's Instagram!
It was actually a challenge for me to make something linear because I think I've gotten used to making girly curves and curls. But as I got my visual inspirations from random things I saw and thought about... From the Beijing's National Stadium to  some Commes des Garcons aesthetics to James Reyes' paper art (I even proudly showed James Reyes ~ how proud I am I got inspired from his random Instagram photo haha)... As it turned out, it looked like some ice crystals headpiece haha!  

My inspiration board for Misha Janette!
I hope I can design more pieces for Misha! It's always a delight to design for fierce fashionistas like her... And I feel very much fulfilled and more inspired to design more having seen her wear one of my Tiaras! Keep on being fabulous, Misha! You inspire me alot!

I hope next time I come visit Tokyo... I'll get to personally meet Misha Janette and we could talk about more hats for you! May be next year? Haha! See you in Shibuya, Misha! ❤ Dream  

Misha Janette wearing Tiara by Tracy Dizon at the Armani Eccentrico at the Armani Tower in Ginza, Tokyo
Photo by Mamie Tanabe for TfD

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  1. she is so fashionable and you work on her modeling. that is so cool. you and misha should be world wide and braodly known!

    1. haha! I am honored she wear my designs! Thank you for bringing the huge hatbox going to tokyo and sending it to her! haha!

  2. interesting post.. I like her a lot. Hahaha i love the hat on you. I didn't know u knew the design crew from princess and I. I used to love that show >_<.. hahahaa i like kathryn bernardo she's so cute and talented.

    Anyways , keep on blogging ^_^.

    1. oh was I wearing a hat? haha! that's Misha Janette! LOL! I'm so proud she wore one of my creations haha! Hope she wears more of mine haha!


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