Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Nostalgic Ado Mizumori

I've always been a fan of illustrator artists... partly because I draw my own fashion illustrations myself, I've always been fascinated with different artists. If I'm like filthy-wasteful-don't-care-about-money-rich... I'd want to collect pieces and commission works from artists all over the world. Haha! Dream. What a pricey dream. Anyways...

An illustration by Ado Mizumori
So girly! I love it!

Actually, what triggered my curiosity is UNIQLO's UT Ado Mizumori Collection. One thing I love about UNIQLO's UT is it makes me learn about tidbits of pop culture from their different collections.  

Grabbed from UNIQLO Website~ It's always fascinating to learn about tidbits of Pop Culture from UNIQLO's UT Collections!

It somehow brought me back to my childhood memories seeing Ado Mizumori's Illustration on UT prints... I remember those childhood memories of Tsukuba Stationery, watching those vintage Girly Anime~ Princess Sarah (小公女セーラ) dubbed in Filipino and Candy Candy (キャンディ・キャンディ) written by Kyoko Mizuki and illustrated by the manga artist Yumiko Igarashi.
My childhood memories watching Princess Sarah (小公女セーラ) 
Candy Candy (キャンディ・キャンディ) written by Kyoko Mizuki and illustrated by the manga artist Yumiko Igarashi
Of course, they're not actually illustrated by Ado Mizumori but the colors and the strokes are somewhat similar. Those curly hairs and detailed clothing. It feels like playing with vintage paper dolls seeing them.

NHK's "Tanoshii Kyoushitsu" (たのしい教室)hosted by Ado-chan
Ado Mizumori, "Ado-Chan", is not only an illustrator, she is a multi-talented personality who also sings and acts in which she hosted her own kids TV show, "Tanoshii Kyoushitsu" (たのしい教室) in NHK in the 1960's upto the 1980's where she sang and painted with both hands. She's also a jazz singer and most of all, Ado-chan is one of the big inspiration of the kawaii movement in Japan. I may not have seen her show in my childhood but I'm sure she brings alot of nostalgic memories for many Japanese peeps inasmuch as it brings back good old memories of my childhood.

It's amazing how a simple print in a T-shirt can bring so many stories and memories. I'm really amazed. As I was doing my research about Ado-chan, I've come across with this very pretty and kawaii collaboration with one of my favorite sweets Fujiya Co's LOOK Chocolate and Ado-Chan... It's kinda hard to decipher Hiragana, Katakana and some Kanji (oh I'm so poor with my Nihongo haha but the picture paints a thousand words anyways...) 
Fujiya's LOOK Chocolate collaborates with Ado-Chan!
Oh how I love Japanese candies and treats! They always taste oishii and they always have pretty packaging. Haha!I'd really wanna try these chocolates for sure and collect those pretty Ado-Chan packaging!! I'm such a garbage collector and a kid haha. But they just look sa kawaii!

Grabbed this from Ado-Chan's Facebook Page!
It's actually kinda hard to find Ado-chan products online... her illustrations may be rare now nowadays
Well since I'm still determined to finish my BIG 30 Wishlist... I'm gonna have to throw this Special Edition Ado-Chan LOOK Chocolate for my BIG 30 Wish#20 This is just too cute not to have! Haha!

OMG!! I just realized that I saw this Special Edition Ado-Chan LOOK Chocolate in Choto Stop in Little Tokyo in Makati! Why am I so naive when shopping? I didn't realize I saw this there!!
October 27, 2012 ~ Whaaa I'm so NAIVE!! I didn't even get myself Ado-Chan's Special Edition LOOK Chocolate when we went to Choto Stop in Little Tokyo Makati!! I hope it's still there!!
And of course I conclude this blog in full circle. As I mentioned at the start of my blog that I came across Ado Mizumori through UNIQLO's UT Collections... UNIQLO is finally opening in Quezon City (SM The Block) this coming Friday, November 16, 2012!! I'm really excited about it because Ado Mizumori UT's will be on sale! Of course I want a piece of nostalgia of Japanese Childhood Pop Culture... For my BIG 30 Wish#21: I want an Ado Mizumori UT!! 
BIG 30 Wish#21: My Ado Mizumori UNIQLO UT picks! These are my top picks!!
More Ado Mizumori UNIQLO UT picks! I just love these pastels!
Yet another set of Ado Mizumori UT's! I just love the retro feel of her illustrations!
I actually picked that Ado Mizumori UT the when I tried on UNIQLO clothes in their roving UNIQLO Truck few weeks ago! That pink UT was one of my top picks even then! Haha!

October 18, 2012 ~ My LOOK #1 on WEEK #1
I love my pastels of Pink UNIQLO Cardigan and Ado Mizumori Pink UT matched with my Neon Green short dress!
I'm looking forward to getting my own nostalgic Ado Mizumori items! I hope UNIQLO (SM The Block) will have sizes for petites like me! I dunno why I get blanked out when I'm in any store and forget to buy somethings when I'm there... I should have gotten these in Ginza... I have a feeling it would have been even cheaper there! But I was too focused on finding my Lulu Guinness UT then! Too bad! Haha!

You'll definitely know if I'll be having this BIG 30 Wish#21 come true on Friday! For sure there would be a lot of people in the UNIQLO's Opening! Chaos! 

For further readings about Ado Mizumori... these links were very useful to me:


  1. I'm not much into anime or manga anymore but i love the designs of ado. It's so cute >_<.. I like UNIQLO a lot so im glad that they're opening one in san francisco. I' m also glad that it's expanding all over the world. I hope liz lisa also expands.. Hahah. I'm not much of a fan of liz lisa anymore but I want to buy their shoes and accessories. Most of the people that sell liz lisa in america sell fake. LIke sites like kumiko makiko. There's a bunch more.. haha the post got long.

    I like your glasses by the way.. looks cute !

    1. haha! believe or not... those are the only anime's I know! Haha! (PLUS my favorite short-lived-anime... "Super Gals" Haha! But I like exploring and learning about different illustrators... I'm amazed with their talents! How I wish I could seriously invest on mt fashion illustraions... May be someday I'll publish a book. Haha! Dream!

      Yeah I applied for UNIQLO last year (but I wasn't accepted >_<) but I learned they wanna be as global as GAP and ZARA... So they're really going global.

      Japanese brands are ❤! These eye glasses needs a major revamp actually haha it's so battered and dirty. Haha! Taka always cleans it whenever we're together because he can't stand dirty things hahaha! But I love it too I've had this for almost four years! haha!

  2. I also meant i dont like cartoon characters as much.. but honestly i've been getting into it recently.. cause of blogs like urs.. it makes cartoons cooler!LOL >_<

    1. Haha you know, I think I'm greatly influenced by my 8-year-old son haha! He always tells me about the "in stuff" with kids and he makes me watch cartoons haha! I enjoy some and I literally can't stand the others... I always tell him I can't sleep hearing cartoons on the background... "They're too loud" haha! But there are some cartoons that I enjoy visually... Haha! I'm such a kid! But it's nice... cartoons brings back our childhood. haha! ^_^ ❤

  3. haha of course you cannot miss that kawaii stuff. and i am very happy that ado-chan put a link of this blog on her facebook. your strong expression moved her haha

    1. Yeah it's so cool that she linked my blog! I love her! I must get all her UT's!! Haha!

  4. Once you write about Ado chan, she became very popular. You are always like a trend setter.


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