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Behind the "Rad Hatter"

"Rad Hatter" Written by: Liana Carine G. Barcia
December 4, 2012 BusinessWorld EntrepreNEWS: "30 and Under" 

"I still get high whenever I see Tiara by Tracy Dizon features in the local magazines and newspapers..." is still my album caption on Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Published Prints in my Facebook Page, Tiara by Tracy Dizon. I may have a wide social network, but I don't really get as much exposure relatively to other designers... I'm not as uber-competitive to hard-sell my creations. I always believed that good quality works speaks for itself... that's why I always feel so proud and honored to be featured in newspaper articles by great journalists who learned about me through word of mouth and the likes.

As Ms. Liana sent me a formal request for an interview, I was really very excited and very grateful... Just when the wedding season is at it's peak, I'm so lucky to have a feature yet again. Coincidentally, I have been making new bridal headpieces lately in time for this season. The timing is really good to me and my Tiara. Since it's been two years (almost 3 years) when Tiara debuted with our various collections... I thought it can be a good chance to have a new photoshoot of my new designs. I have to update my presskit aside from making my clients the actual models, too! 

Jane Austen Brides Maiden Collection: January 2010 Photography: Madz Barrido  Styling: Tracy Dizon •  Model: Shyrmain Macaso •  Make-up: Lhenvil Paneda  •  Graphic Design: Jasmine Antonio-Bejar
Ideally I wanted to have new collections every year, but I never got the time (it takes time to conceptualize and produce a collection too!)  since I've concentrated more on the wedding clients I was blessed to accomodate. It's still fun though and of course I couldn't be anymore grateful to work with prime wedding suppliers and very nice wedding clients! But this is the perfect timing to showcase my new works!
So... photoshoot we did!
Hello Tiara Babies! Get ready for your shoot!
At first, it was very challenging to look for the best creative minds to work around the schedule. "BER" Months (as I always say) are the busiest months and I couldn't be any more grateful for everyone behind and in-front of the wonderful photos for Tiara. Even if it was on a short notice, everyone still managed to squeeze-in a schedule for my Tiara!

JayJay Lucas, who was so generous and so supportive offered his studio and introduced one of his wedding photographers, Alecks Mutuc to shoot my creations. JayJay, together with his wife Feliz are one of the nicest and warmest wedding clients I've ever worked with. I feel so blessed to meet and somehow keep good relations with most of my clients and eventually work with each other again... It was really nice to meet nice colleagues like Alecks! I remember I kept saying sorry for the delays and she was just smiling and kept saying, "It's okay." We really had a great time laughing at myself for being stiff in my photos. It's so nice that from a former client, now I've come to meet another good friend and colleague! 

JayJay and Feliz Lucas Wedding
April 26, 2011 Manila Polo Club, Makati City

My vision for my bridal collection is a hodgepodge of quirky, whimsical and shabby chic vintage wedding pieces. I wanted it to appeal to Japanese Brides but still maintain Tiara's appeal to my Filipino Brides... Of course, it wouldn't be "mine" if there's no cuteness factor... As a whole, I want them to look like a fairy-tale-dream-come-true...

Japanese Western Style Wedding Pegs 

This wouldn't come to reality if it weren't for my everyone who collaborated with me! Alecs, Gelo, Diane, Chuzday and Aika! Gelo, Diane, Chuzday and Aika have been few of the best colleagues I've worked and grown to be my dear friends in the industry... 

Aside from the photoshoot of my "Tiara's" , I also kinda needed my own profile shot... Well, I really find it hard to "model" but I needed to... haha! Well at least I get to be dolled up! I was so amazed how Diane and Chuzday made me into this Kawaii Lolita Doll look-a-like. Haha!  I know they could rock it since I've worked with Diane & Chuzday in my MYX (U.S.) styling gigs. I'm really proud and thankful that, they joined worked with me once again. Hairstyling and Make-up is so crucial especially with Wedding Photoshoots... and actual Weddings!

Thanks to Diane Lorenzana and Chuzday Sagun for making me more Kawaii! Haha!

Aika has been my resident modelo ever since Project Runways days, I think it's fate that she was assigned to me from the start. She has always been my muse because for me no other model can rock my style in a sophisticated, sexy yet cute and innocent all at the same time. I think it's in her smile. She always has this glow that I truly love.

Aika at work! My favorite MODEL!!

Gelo is probably the one and only stylist I really do trust and believe who will jive with my vision (that's a big compliment coming from another stylist... well, semi-retired stylist haha)  that's why I was so complacent to pass on my former TV Styling Job to him... This time I'm so happy we got to work together, I was so I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D with the styling and the set design he made for my shoot. I didn't even had to supervise the shots because I know Gelo understands very well my vision! He even picked the best Happy Andrada Wedding Gown fit for my headpieces. It's such a relief to have Gelo as a stylist and production designer!

Gelo at work and up close view of his shabby chic set design! I love it to bits!
(Some photos grabbed from Aika)
Everyone who helped me with this shoot are gems. I'm always grateful for the collaborations I make with other artists and creative minds... Above-all, I'm so thankful for believing with my designs and my vision. It truly is a "creative and intellectual orgasm" to work unite ideas with other artists. 

Fun INSTAX Photos from Gelo! 

I wish all my photos were published! But may be it's meant to be published in more prints, newspapers and magazines. Nonetheless, I just wanna share this here because I'm so proud of these photos!

"Something Borrowed ...Something Blue... Something Old... Something New ..."
Headpieces by: Tiara by Tracy Dizon
Creative Concept by: Tracy Dizon
Photography by: Alecs Mutuc of Chestknots Studios
Model Muse: Aika Yamaguchi
Styling and Set Design by Gelo Arucan
Styling Assistant: Kahlel Urdaneta
Make-up by: Dianne Lorenzana
Hairstyling by: Chuzday hairstylist Chuzday Sangel
Bridal Gown by: Happy Andrada
Necklace and Earrings from Girlshoppe
Special Thanks to: Jay Jay Lucas of Chestknots Studios

Love this kulit photo! Haha! I think I look like a flower girl!
This was the only product shot that made the newspaper print!
I love this shot!
This looks like a cover of a magazine! Haha! Great job, Aika!
I wanted Aika to look serious. Haha! For more DRAMA!

My favorite Product Shot! Vintage Love!
Tiara in Fur and Swarovsky Crystals and Sinamay Loops
This Tiara Headpiece is so Photogenic!!

My Quirky TiaraBow!
One of my bestseller headpiece!
I was so awkward! Haha! I rather laugh than make any fierse pose! Haha!

I love our photos and I'm so proud to share it here with y'all! Haha! Finally, here it is! "Rad Hatter" Written by: Liana Carine G. Barcia December 4, 2012 BusinessWorld, EntrepreNEWS: "30 and Under" (Section 2, pp. 9-10 Special Feature) 

"Rad Hatter" Written by: Liana Carine G. Barcia
December 4, 2012 BusinessWorld EntrepreNEWS: "30 and Under" 

(Section 2, pp. 9-10 Special Feature)
Check it out ONLINE 

December 04, 2012

30 and under 
Rad hatter 

Headpieces are usually subtle accessories for the bridal gown, but Tracy Dizon's fun, memorable creations have been grabbing plenty of attention down the aisle and in the wedding industry.

"I can go low-key too," said Ms. Dizon, owner of Tiara, a headpiece design business, mostly for brides and debutantes. "Perhaps because of my stylist background, I know how to make my pieces complement [the gowns]. I have learned that art."

A fashion designer by training, Ms. Dizon earned her degree in clothing technology from the University of the Philippines - Diliman. She also competed in the second season of Project Runway Philippines and the 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest in Tokyo, in 2009.

Exposed to the different aspects of the fashion industry, while working as a TV stylist and as an accessories merchandiser-designer for a local retail clothing chain, Ms. Dizon has a pretty good idea of what people want. And though her clients are mostly wedding belles and cotillion queens, she can create pieces for any occasion.

Ms. Dizon described her aesthetic as "girly, quirky, and fun" and cited whimsical American designer Betsey Johnson as her ultimate influence. Yet her portfolio also shows that she is capable of creations on the more classic end of the style spectrum.

The designer's foray into fascinators began when she was chosen as a finalist for the Japan Fashion Design Contest. "Surprisingly, the entry they chose was my simplest one," she said in an interview. "And because it was so simple, I decided to add a little hat or headpiece."

Ms. Dizon shared that after the contest, friends and acquaintances began asking her to make them different kinds of headpieces, compelling her to hone her skill and technique. "The demand came before the supply," she said. But eventually, Tiara by Tracy Dizon was born.

After reading about Tiara in a local newspaper's prom feature, AC+362, a store in Greenbelt 5, invited Ms. Dizon to sell her products at their shop. "I heard that [the store] doesn't even accept walk-ins. They're invite-only, so it was really such a great honor," she said.

However, it was through Veejay Floresca, a fellow designer and a friend of Ms. Dizon, that the latter broke into the world of bridal fashion. Mr. Floresca asked her to design headpieces for a client's entourage. At the time, Ms. Dizon had never even seen the bride or any of the gown sketches. All she had to work with were a few small swatches.

"Amazingly, when it was all finished, the entourage looked very polished. Everybody liked it," she said.

Tiara picked up from there, with August to March considered its peak season. According to Ms. Dizon, the rise of the vintage trend, the popularity of Lady Gaga, and the 2011 royal wedding of England's Prince William to Kate Middleton all helped boost her budding business.

Tiara has also started to go global, with Ms. Dizon designing headpieces for a few Japanese clients.

Although her pieces are a bit pricy, Ms. Dizon explained that her topnotch supplies and materials, as well as her highly personalized service, ensure that her clients get only the best. "Above all, my priority is quality. I treat my headpieces as designer clothes, because I am a designer," she said. "It is an honor for a bride to choose you for her special day, so you have to make sure your services are prime."

For more information, e-mail march30girls@gmail.com or tsureishi@yahoo.com, or visit www.facebook.com/Tiara.by.Tracy.Dizon.

- Liana Carine G. Barcia

^Wheew^ What a long blog to write and photo edit! Haha! Thanks for reading! Thanks for supporting my Tiara !

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