Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kuris Kuringuru (Secret Santa) LDR Style

December 19, 2011 Instagram Post ~ This obviously is my favorite photo with@takaomi54 ~ it was our last photo together last October in Tokyo! I miss you everyday...
It was pretty tough last year (or perhaps everyday) not to be able to spend time and physically see a loved one during the Christmas Season. I remember feeling so lonely (even if Kareshi and I talk every morning and every night) just seeing mundane things like couples riding the bus together, seeing people Christmas shopping or simply seeing couples casually eating at  McDo. May be I sound like a pathetic clingy Kanojo... hehe... Yeah I am. But I felt validated when Kareshi told me he felt the same way... (this is actually one of the sweetest moment I felt in my life. LOL) 

Cross-Cultural relationship and more so, a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is challenging. There comes a point when we couldn't understand each other while we are talking about exactly the same thing... There were many sleepless nights and timezone-communication-problems. But so does any other typical relationships, right?

Christmas is something different for me and my kareshi. Since he is a Nihonjin, he doesn't practice the same Christian traditions and practices like how I was accustomed to. In as much as I, too, have so many things to learn about Japanese Culture and Traditions.  What I'm proud of is we are both open-minded enough and we both are interested to learn about each other's culture and beliefs. It's really a great wonder to learn about a whole new culture and tradition... some may be difficult to understand... but at the end of each day... We are happy to learn and somehow adapt to each other's culture and somehow make our own.

Sorry for the long intro... I just want to make a few reflective paragraphs since it's Christmas today! I just wanted to have a reflective moment haha. Yeah I'm introspective like that. LOL

December 27, 2011  Instagram Post ~ More Christmas gifts from @takaomi54 ! Soon I'll send out my gifts for you! We love them all!
Taka's KrisKringle Gifts from Christmas last year
Since Christmas for me is the time of warmth and belonging... I shared with Taka the "Kris Kringle Game" ~ (Secret Santa) that I used to play along with classmates in school, my old officemates and work colleagues. For me, it's not really the gifts that I get or I give that is important, but the spirit of having to exchange and play along with a group of loved ones or friends that makes these activities really fun. Personally, I love shopping and looking for gifts to friends and I really try to make it personal and I really strive to get them something they would really like.

Taka for some reason, thought it was a contest of who gets the better gift for each other. Haha! What a funny thought... Well may be it's my fault since I am very competitive, he thought Kris Kringle is a contest. Haha! I don't mind though, since if he gets me a better gift that would be good for me (LOL) and if I get him a better gift, I win! Haha! We already omitted the "Secret Santa" idea since we just play with each other... We just tried to think of original ideas to give as a "Something" each week.

December 14, 2011 ~ One of our "Original Ideas" of  Kris Kringle: "Something Summer" this was my gift for Taka
Well, this year, to ease our lonesome cold Christmas... We decided to play again our own version of Kris Kringle... Taka is actually so so so sweet to play along with my silly games even if he is so busy at work. Christmas season is busy time for him at work... And he doesn't really need to do this but to keep me happy and to cheer me up he plays along. This is how we try to connect with each other even at a long distance... may be we are like kids but it never gets boring with Taka always playing along with my ideas... without him, I have no playmate to share this with.

Well, since we have developed a competitive edge to our game, I will let you decide who did it better. We thought of very interesting "Something's" this year... and we raise our budget to 500 Yen a week so we have a little room for creativity and fun. Haha! Here it goes:

Week#1:  November 26, 2012 - December 2, 2012
"Something Maccha"
LEFT: Taka's Something Maccha                        RIGHT: Tracy's Something Maccha
Taka thought of this "Something Maccha" and it was fun, since we both like Green Tea. It was hard for me to find Green Tea items here in Manila... But it was fun. I also found an additional item but I didnt get to take a photo... but I think that Colgate Plax Green Tea is totally unique!
Green Tea Mouthwash!

Week #2: December 3 - December 9, 2012
"Something Black and White"
LEFT: Taka's Something Black & White          RIGHT: Tracy's Something Black & White
I thought about this "Something Black and White" because I know Japanese loves bblack and white... But I was actually late giving this gift coz I couldn't find the perfect Black and White Gift Taka could use... Until I realized, I could get him a nice necktie. I'm so proud of my gift because I know this is something that Taka would use at work. I love getting him those "office-related things" haha! As for Taka, he knows I enjoy MUJI things... and he was so proud he got me these cute calendars! They're actually so cute, although I have a hard time reading it because of my eyesight! But it's really handy! Haha! 

Week #3:  December 10 - December 16, 2012
"Something European"
LEFT: Taka's Something European                 RIGHT: Tracy's Something European
Taka I must say thinks about very creative ideas... He thought about "Something European" on our third week... This was so fun to find... it wasn't necessarily "Made in Europe" but just European theme is interesting! We both did great I think! Haha! I got Taka those Eiffel Tower Paper Clips for work and some treats from Europe like Danish Cookies, Swiss Chocolates while Taka thought about Italian theme... He got me some fancy pasta and HELLO KITTY Pasta!?! LOVE!! 

We still have another one left but since we love Maneki Neko so much... It should have another solo blog. Haha! But for this week, we are having "Something Maneki Neko" aint that cute? I'm excited to see Taka's while I already got him his Maneki Neko's... Will post them in the coming days!

Hehe. I can't believe it's 4:46 am already and I really pushed myself to finish this blog. It's one of my Christmas present to kareshi. I wanted him to feel how happy I am with our silly games and of course, I wanna share our happiness to everyone. Christmas can still be fun even in LDR... メリークリスマス, たか! あいしてる ❤!!

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night"
- "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore


  1. This was the cutest thing ever! So happy you two had a very happy holiday, even apart.

    1. Thanks Alice! Happy Holidays! It was fun playing it! Haha! Especially when it became a "Who-did-it-better" Contest! Haha! It's though to be in an LDR, but we just have to make it work ^_^

      Happy Holidays to you!

  2. That christmas was not good to you maybe. Gift was cheap and boring... I was so stupid.


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