Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SUGARUSH! Macarons, Truffles, Crème Brulée Heaven at Bizu One Rockwell Opening

November 29, 2012 ~ Sugarushed fun night at the Bizu One Rockwell Tower Opening!

It's modest to say that I, together with my imoutosans, went to heaven... sweet-tooth-heaven that is... and wished we could have stayed there forever! Haha! I couldn't thank my fabulous friend and MEGA YDC 2012 Winner-slash-LegLove by Citylady's "I ♡ Hue" Collection Designer -slash- Fila Philippines Creative Director... Renan Pacson for inviting us to be his muse for the night. (LOL! That sounded fancier than it is haha!) Since we (my sisters and I) are fun-tights-lovers and we are Renan's #1 fan girls haha! Renan and I were friends back then in college days and it's so heartwarming to still keep in touch and still support each other in the things we do now... Especially with such fun event like the Bizu Patisserie & Bistro One Rockwell Branch Opening!

I got to sneak a shot behind the bushes haha at the Bizu One Rockwell Opening!
Atreyu, Liley and Theia at Bizu One Rockwell 
Thank for inviting us, Marzzz!! It was such a fun night!! haha!
I'll always have a heart for sweets and pastries... and this place seemed like heaven... sweet-tooth heaven indeed! The opening couldn't even be more dreamy and whimsical with their "Nutcracker"-themed Christmas to welcome the Bizu customers! With all the fancy treats and those cute ballerinas and toy horse Christmas display... It felt like we were in a fancy dollhouse! Haha! What a perfect Christmas theme fit for a posh and fancy place like Bizu!

Bizu: "The Land of the Sweets!" Nutcracker-inspired window display! 
Toys & Sweets! Perfect for all kid at heart!
Bizu One Rockwell

The sweets are superb! I remember Atreyu in sugar-rush saying... "Mommy, if you taste their macarons it would make you smile.",  encouraging me to taste all the macarons in Bizu. He was indeed the happiest child in Bizu...

Lemon Macaron is my fave!!
"Mommy, if you taste their macarons it would make you smile." 
Indeed, Bizu's Macarons de Paris are the best macarons in town... they're very opulent in flavor with the richest fillings! They indeed made us all smile! We especially loved the newest flavors: Rose Lychee, Hazelnut with Truffle, and Dark Chocolate... But we also loved the classics: Blueberry, Coffee, Raspberry, Rose, Lemon, Pistachio and Vanilla! Whaaa! We can't get enough of those! We were all happy Macarons de Paris crazed peeps! 

Renan and I were having that "Macaron Shot" haha!
Yeah we love those macarons!
Macaron overload!! Haha!

Aside from those scrumptious Macarons de Paris... We filled all our tummies with all these food porn goodies! Drool! Glutton much? Haha! My favorite are those with seaweeds and salmon + caviar... But all were superb and definitely made from the freshest ingredients! 

Fresh Strawberry Chiboust
Crème Brulée
I didn't get the names of these but they're my faves!
Chocolate Truffles
I think I had 10 rounds of this! Haha! OMG!

I think I had 10 plates of random picking and taste-testing... It was definitely a sugar-loaded night! Just look at how many plates I'm eating at all at the same time here! Haha! This is the moment when I'm so grateful of my skinny built that I never had to worry about getting gaining weight because of these sweets! Oh am I lucky! Haha!

I have two plates and 4 cups of pastries! Haha!
Look at our table and Atreyu's having SUGAR RUSH!!
My favorite part of in Bizu One Rockwell is their "Secret VIP Room"! I've never seen such a whimsical VIP Room like that... I definitely felt I'm a pretty doll in a tea party in it!

I'm in the Secret VIP Room!!
The prettiest VIP Room of Bizu One Rockwell!
It's actually overlooking the poolside right by the window....
Anyone would definitely feel VIP here!!
In fact we loved this place so much that we took our OOTD pictures in it! Haha! Check out the next blog post for this!
Me and my imoutosans Theia & Liley all wearing Renan's 
"I ♡ Hue"  of LegLove by CityLady next blog!
Aside from enjoying the best sweets and pastries of Bizu, it's so fun when me and my sisters get to dress-up! Haha... as you can see we love dressing up... and we love those "I ♡ Hue"  of LegLove's vibrant colors even more so, Renan designed them! Awesome!
November 29, 2012 ~ Whaaaa! I don't like this photo of us coz I look stupid LOL... But this was the only decent photo we had all together during that night! Haha! 
Just looking at these photos makes me crave for Bizu yet again! Too bad I got a cold today and I should avoid sweets... But definitely it was really a fun night with Renan and my sisters (and Atreyu too!) great food, great ambiance... great night! For the best Macarons in Manila... definitely Bizu!

... Some more photos from the Bizu One Rockwell Opening! 
Sights at the Bizu One Rockwell opening!
Sights at the Bizu One Rockwell opening!

Patisserie & Restaurant
Address: Ground Floor, One Rockwell Tower, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Telephone Number: +6328126451 +6328126027


  1. tights and macarons.... starange combinations but two of your most favorites. I am jealous of those sweets heaven even since i like sweets and snacks

    1. Wish you were here to join us too~ you would have enjoyed those salmon and caviar pastry... yeah we love those salmon!

  2. ahhhh! bizu's sweets are so cute! love their macarons!

  3. Beautiful (and cute) pictures! And I love your outfits too =)
    And those macarons!!

    1. Hi Lunie-chan! Thanks for your comment! Yeah those macaron tastes superb as it looks! They do really make us smile when eating it haha!

    GONNA ADD TO MY SWEET VISITS, since I love sweets :)))
    Macarons! OMG! my first try of Macarons is at The Max which cause 88php for 3 pieces only T^T but it was really sweet!!! and it also smells good :))
    those SWEETS!!! I wanna taste em:))
    Fresh Strawberry Chiboust!!! I WANNA TRY!
    sana dito po tayo mag meet :)

    1. Yeah Macarons are pretty steep but it's really worth every cent especially when it's made well... Bizu's macarons are the best here in the Philippines! Haha! But I think it's 58/60PhP a piece :-)

  5. sweets, sweets everywhere~~
    uwaahh,, i shouldn't have looked at it at this moment..
    now i'm craving for sweets and its the middle of the night...
    k. i 'm just gonna sleep and dream of those delicious sweets~~

  6. I did not know about macaron even before you introduced it to me. And now it is hugely popular.


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