Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: December Madness!

Camwhoring photo during UP College of Business Adminitration's Binibining B.A.
Hello world. How is everyone? I'm forcing myself to accomplish this short blog entry since I've drowned myself with much pending blog posts and SOOO many things to do this Holiday Season. Compared to last year, I was more melancholic last year spending Christmas away from kareshi... It was a sad lonely Christmas last year... but may be since I've toughen myself already with LDR Challenges... I've gotten over feeling lonely this Christmas Season... Kareshi is always just an iMessage away anyways... Well, we have to make-shift what we can. 
This year I felt more hectic with things to do... Not that I'm complaining with work but with the CRAZY TRAFFIC, CRAZY PEEPS and just PLAIN CRAZY DECEMBER MADNESS nowadays... Everything else seems so frantic to manage. I find myself surprised how Monday just breezes through and realize... "It's already Friday tomorrow?" 

It's so sad to let things pass by... but hopefully, I could catch up before 2012 ends. I write my blog for my kareshi to let him feel connected with my daily life or at least if he can't be with us physically, he can still see snippets of the things I do. I find writing therapeutic, it's my stress reliever and my creative expression and may be I'm such a sentimental person, I just want to remember and keep the memories... It seemed a little hard to catch up with so many things going on. I almost brokedown in tears feeling sick and feeling over-exhausted and felt too abused by too many people feeling so "entitled" para... "Mamasko". I haven't even felt any taste of my hardwork these days, they all went to taxi drivers, mananahi's (who mysteriously went AWOL) and everyone else. 

Sorry for the sentimental dramas... All I wanna say is I want to catch up with everyone! I have so many nice things to share! December is madness with loads of festivities! 

During December... I always get invited with many fun events to judge! I love it! Haha! This year I judged two fun events:

It was my first time to judge in Binibining BA for the UP College of Business Administration
... and for the second year around I got invited to judge with UP College of Engineering's MASKIPAPS!

It's always fun to participate with this kind of UP Events... it makes me feel nostalgic of my UP College Days haha!

Anyways... I've also been juggling Tiara clients and gown design clients during this time... some of my faves are...
My first Winter Wedding design
A very fun a quirky pinstripes and hot pink themed wedding for Sofifi and Ceejay :-)
Aside from this, I have been cooking new designs ideas with Rainbowholic Kaila-chan... Still a working progress but we are so excited to do things together. Whaa! So many things to update!! (We finally reunited yesterday!)

December 19, 2012 ~ Instagram Post: Reunited with our other sister @rainbowholic @kailaroo ~ wish @stacydizon87 was also with us too! Such a fun time girltalking!

Aside from this... Christmas shopping and Christmas wishlists is a must write. My Birthday picnic I still haven't finished photo-editing. Whaaa! Can't a day be just 48 hours instead?? Whaaa?!

Of course I shouldn't forget about the UP Lantern Parade!! It's Atreyu and I's annual Xmas tradition together! I can't wait to share it to everyone... This is something I'm really proud to be a part of UP community.
December 14, 2012 Instagram Post: Like stars rained on us... #updiliman #uplanternparade
Well, there's still a lot. I think I need to lay down first now coz I've been medicating myself because I'm so sick nowadays with cough and colds... (and some occasional fever)... My body couldn't handle the physical and mental pressure. These are the fun parts, but there's always another part that I rather not ponder about. Haha! Like abusive taxi drivers, nasty over taxing lazy Post-office, numerous bogus clients and job orders... Whaa! okay nevermind.

I better rest now... I promise Ill catch up with everyone the soonest! Hay!! TIME... Please go a little slower! 


  1. that's good that ur working with kaila. i like her work too. ^_^ u guys are both fashionable.. i think it would work out

    1. Hi Merry Christmas! I actually sell my items in her online shop! This season is so busy! Wish I could finish all projects in one snap and post it here haha!

  2. Don't worry Tracy, your hardwork will soon pay-off. Experience is the best teacher as they say :)

    1. Whaaa MamaCaw!! Thanks for your comment... It's like a virtual pat on my back *love*

      Kaya natin ito!!

  3. aaahhh amazing. i miss december and spending the holidays back home..

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  4. I haven't make your christmas as nice as you imagined. I am sorry...


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