Thursday, December 13, 2012

We ♡ Hue Renan!

November 29, 2012 ~ #OOTDing Renan's super fun and colorful tights!
 Leg Love by City Lady's "I ♡ Hue" by Renan Pacson
We love Renan's tights designs so much that our #OOTD during the Bizu One Rockwell opening deserves a whole blog-post. Haha! My sisters and I have been "stalking" Renan's tights since it launched last month. We are tight-freaks haha! I think we have so many tights and more often than not, one of us is wearing tights in any occasion... So when Renan invited us to be his models (haha did I just claimed I'm a model?! LOL) for the night, we gladly and excitedly agreed of course! Haha!

We ♡ Hue! 
I remember my sisters and I were deciding who would wear which and we couldn't decide haha! We want everything all for ourselves! LOL. How greedy haha! But we eventually picked the best for our styles haha! Renan's tights really fits perfect for those fun-loving teen-fashionistas like my sisters... Well, I'm not a teenager anymore but I do still love those! 

A super big thanks to the fabulous designer~ Renan Pacson! We are so proud to strut around your super fabulous LegLove! We ♡ Hue! 

Aside from wearing our favorite Renan Pacson Leg Love tights... We enjoyed every single bite of Bizu's Macaron de Paris... that we almost ate our Majolica Majorca Macaron Blush LOL haha! J/K... But they do fit with those pretty Bizu Macaron de Paris, right?

Pretty Macarons for the the cheeks and for the tummy! Haha!

We found the perfect place with a good lighting at the BIZU's Secret VIP Room... It was the perfect place! We love it! Who wouldn't?! I felt like a doll having a tea-party when we checked out the room!

The prettiest... Bizu One Rockwell's VIP Room!
I always boastfully tease and joke around how "perfect" my sisters legs and mine are as stockings models. Haha! Now... finally we did! Haha! J/K. I remember Liley joking, "Ate, if you need a job in Japan, may be you can be a tights model... since you'll probably have the skinniest legs there." Haha! I can't be a model, damn that job is too hard and I'm too stiff! Haha!

Tracy ~ トレイシーさん (Toreishi-San)

Obviously, I love pink and it's my comfort color. Haha! I just opted to wear this plain pink dress... So I can show-off my tights haha! I love my tights! It looks psychedelic!

Liley ~ ライリーさん (Rai-Ri-San)

Among us sisters, Liley's style is the darkest. Haha! She loves those galaxy-print skirt... It fits perfectly weel with Renan's fierce printed net LegLove tights!

Theia ~ テイーアーさん(Tei-a-San)

Theia is our youngest sister... obviously, she's the most petite among us all. Hehe! She loves those pastels very much... and of course she love those floral dainty watercolor print tights! Actually I love them too haha! I really wish Stacy was here to join us too! She's my other imoutosan in NYC, she loves tights too ... and needs tights for winter now haha... I should send her a pair and add her OOTD here from NYC too haha! We just love them so much!

Got my sister Stacy in NYC her own LegLove! 
Renan Pacson's  I  Hue for Leg Love
Renan Pacson (I  Hue) , together with Pablo Cabahug (Designer Series) and Bianca Valerio (Couture) were the designers behind the Leg Love Holiday Collection 2012. These beauties are available at SM Department Stores! So it's very accessible! 

Leg Love items are available in all SM Department Stores in the Accessories section.
LegLove Display in SM!
Gotta Love the colors!!
Haha! Again... I don't like this photo but it's our only complete photo! Haha!
With Renan Pacson and the gang~ Me, Atreyu, Theia and Liley
I'm so proud of Renan! Even back in the college days in UP, I knew he would really go a long way... even back then he already enjoyed the adrenalin rush of fashion design competitions and fashion shows... (While I get easily stressed out of time pressure and all haha...) Renan has always been a very happy and jolly person that truly reflects with his designs. I couldn't be any more prouder! I remember then we always chat about our work struggles and he introduced me to the bible of the fashion designers... "The Fashion Babylon". 2012 has been a very good year to Renan, bagging the prestigious Mega YDC win, being one of the finalist of LOOK of Style Awards and featured in the numerous fashion magazines in Manila. I'm so happy to see Renan shine and get the recognition he truly deserves... I knew and saw him every step of the way how he worked hard his success. Now he is also the Fila Philippines Creative Director and (I must admit I'm a bit jealous... LOL but) I'm so proud and happy that he designed for Leg Love! That must be the funnest project ever!! Despite all the glitz and glamour he's enjoying now, Renan still remains a very down to earth designer... Despite his busy schedule, he even helped me out with an alumni fashion show in UP last year and I'm just truly floored that he remains the same sweet "marz" I met in college.

And truly,  we will remain Renan's #1 Fan Girls haha! Not only me but also my sisters! Next time, I hope I can have myself a Renan Pacson couture made while strut in Tokyo! We ♡ Hue, Marz! ^_^

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  1. i always think macrons are your make ups of majorca. haha your legs are of course nice haha

    1. hahaa thanks for supporting my girly guilty pleasures ♡ ♡ ♡ haha

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    1. Thanks for reading! Bizu macarons is LOVE! I miss them already! Haha!

  3. ang ganda nang shoes mo.. >_< i haven't worn pink in a while... it's really cute!!!ur sisters are cute btw

    1. Thanks dear! I've missed you! haha! thanks for your comment! <3

  4. gawd just when i needed renan's contact no. , this post appeared. grbe big time nna sya ah #smcollab

    1. glad to help :-)

      so proud of my marz renan! ^_^ haha ^_^

  5. Your love on tights is amazing. Hope you can have it more.


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