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Why I love Japan Foundation Manila...

I'm no hardcore Japan-Culture expert, I just enjoy and talk about the things I personally know and experienced in my trips and design experiences in Japan. Well, I've loved Japanese Street Fashion ever since I've heard of Fruits Magazine and the very individualized street style fashion. I have been always amazed with the Japanese Fashion Designers with their avant-garde works... And mochiron, I have always been a kawaii girl. I'll always be thankful to the Japan Fashion Design Contest of the Sugino Fashion College and Doreme Fashion College for opening a world I never thought I will ever experience in my lifetime.
October 2009 ~ My first trip to Tokyo, Japan to represent the Philippines in the 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest with VeeJay Floresca and Nicole Mori-Weishaar
Few years ago... Like most people, traveling or visiting Japan then seemed to be a wild dream. Since I'm a single mom, I can't help but feel that even thinking about traveling to Japan such an over-indulgent thought. It was one stroke of good fate that lead me to Tokyo and fell in love with it since then.
Grabbed from Romir Sucaldito~ My 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest Design Entry.

I felt Japan welcomed me so warmly with the people I met and the complements I got meeting different people in Tokyo then. Since then, I enjoyed and appreciated the Japanese culture even more. When I came back from my first trip to Japan, I was so zealous to participate even more with Japanese culture-related things... Especially with Fashion! I wanted to participate even more with The Japan Foundation Manila's activities. I really enjoy JFMO's activities (mochiron!) Since it promotes Japanese Culture here in the Philippines (... and also worldwide, The Japan Foundation has various offices worldwide!)

I especially enjoyed The Japan Foundation Manila's Street Fashion Contest held few years ago for the Nihongo FiestaMy sister Theia was one of the finalists then. It was such a fun activity to meet other Japan Fashion Enthusiasts... like Rainbowhoilc Kaila-chan!

Grabbed from The Japan Foundation Manila's Facebook Page

It was during the Nihongo Fiesta few years ago that I met Rainbowholic Kaila in a Japanese Street Fashion Contest sponsored by the The Japan Foundation, Manila. Theia and Kailachan was side by side in the contest. This is where we met Kaila and considered her as one of our siblings too! haha!

February 27, 2010 ~ The Nihongo Fiesta: The Street Fashion Contest
My Imotousan: Theia and Rainbowholic Kailachan were two of the finalists!
Since I've recently represented the Philippines then in the Japan Fashion Design Contest, I even eagerly helped out the Japan Foundation in promoting their activities and talked about several Japanese Street Fashion in ABS-CBN's morning TV Show, Umagang Kay Ganda!I even to meet Shonen Knife in Umagang Kay Ganda!

February 2010 ~ Joined Japan Foundation Manila in promoting the the Nihongo Fiesta on the morning TV show: Umagang Kay Ganda!

And got a VIP Seats to Shonen Knife's concert in Mall of Asia. Hihi. I miss those days! I love Japan Foundation! They make cool Japan Gigs happen here in Manila! I wish I could come participate in more Fashion-Related activities of JFMO!

Shonen Knife in Manila! My favorite J-Rock Band!

February 27, 2010~ Some of the Nihongo Sensei I met during Umagang Kay Ganda: Kaori Nakamura & Mayu Suzuki (Hajimemashite!) I love Shonen Knife of course!
Those were all fun times of course... and last week we (me together with my imoutosans and my designer friends) really had and interesting time meeting and learning about Hiroko Takahashi's design and creative ideas. It was truly an inspiring talk especially for us young designers!

November 24, 2012 ~ Hiroko Takahashi: Lecture on Japanese Design
November 24, 2012 ~ Me and my imoutosans and fashion designer friends, Renan Pacson and Dimple Lim! We enjoyed the seminar lecture and making those cranes!

Once again, I'm so psyched to participate in the Japan Foundation's activities. Well, my fun experience is too long for me to squeeze in this blog (stay tuned for the Hiroko Takhashi's Lecture on Japanese Design blog soon!) I hope JFMO would invite more designers to come visit Manila! I know a lot of Filipino Fashion Designers would be very pleased to participate, too! (like me and my tomodachis haha).

... Or wouldn't it be so much fun to have an annual Street Fashion Contest from the Japan Foundation Manila! I'm sure a lot of young peeps would be very eager to join! With the explosion of Kawaii culture worldwide, I'm sure it would be a fun activity for Japan Culture enthusiasts!

I love The Japan Foundation Manila because it makes us enthusiasts closer to Japan... Not only we learn a lot, we can also meet other people sharing the same interest. 

Hiroko Takahashi Blog coming soon! Haha!

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    1. thanks sis :-) it's supposed to be an intro to Hirocoledge but it was too long @_@

  2. P.S. Hiroko Takahashi blog coming soon... haha you are annoucing about your "long story telling" blog haha. I can feel your passion about fashion and japanese culture. you know better than even me haha

    1. BECAUSE!! This was supposed to be the Hiroko Takahashi blog but my intro seemed so long that I should make it one separate blog!

    2. ... and yeah I even know more than you LOL :-p

  3. I have been following two malaysia blogs as well that both addicted to japanese street fahsion! What more is htey made a japanese fashion shop that's everyone's been craving for now! indeed japanese fashion is so fasyown! xx

  4. Naalala ko yang Nihongo Fiesta 2010 cna Ms. Benj Morato and Ms. Cyril Lumboy.

  5. Your passion about Japan in 2007 was nice but I killed it seemingly...


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