Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: I Passed 日本語 クラス!!

So happy me! Haha!

Just a short hello filled with joy! Haha! Please congratulate me for passing my Module 2 日本語 クラス!!

Of course I was so ecstatic to get my Certificate of Completion! Module 3 will be next month and I'm looking forward to taking it in time for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December. Although I am really not good at learning languages... Well, one step at a time! All I can do is try!

For that, I wanna share my beautiful certificate here!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kitkat Overload

This KitKat Story has been long overdue... Sumimasen (>_<) Anyways better late than never! actually I have been KitKat craving and overeating this recent days. Well, it's by choice, I actually decided to try to gain some weight because I'm literally shrinking! Haha! Anyways that's another story. I was really working on writing about my lustful affair with special flavored Kitkats from Japan! Haha!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tracy's プリクラ in Tokyo

One of my most favorite memories of my Tokyo Trip last October was the simple joy I got from taking these プリクラ Photos! I didn't have much money during this trip but I felt a million bucks with every snaps I get haha!

If I had more time then I would have taken プリクラ photos... But 7 photos for my 8-day trip was enough haha! Recently I've been missing Tokyo or even Japan in general... I just miss these mundane moments in Shibuya searching for Purikura booths. Therefore due to this feeling of longingness... I wanna share my kawaii プリクラ photos!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cooking Japanese Curry

My new hobby of cooking Japanese Curry!

Recently, I have been fascinated with cooking anything.  I don't know if this is out of boredom being forced to be domesticated tending to Atreyu and managing household... Or I'm really getting older that I'm starting to develop a fascination over cooking meals and really making rice dishes.  I'm the laziest mom ever. I just drown Atreyu with Chicken Nuggets or some other fried food and probably my biggest vice is food delivery. 

That "Lucky-Cat"

There's a funny story behind Maneki-Neko between me and Taka. Whenever I remember it I burst in to laughter. 

It was during right after my Tokyo Trip that I felt so miserable because Globe bill shocked me with a whopping 36,000.00 PhP cellular phone charges in Tokyo. I felt so so so sad how much money wasted was this. BTW, I didn't even get to use the Globe roaming and they still insist on billing me this. BOOOOO. Yeah Globe sucks!!

I kept crying over spilled milk over it because it's really such a big waste of money that I didn't even avail. That could have been another worth of a trip to Tokyo... But all goes down to corrupt cellphone company.

I felt so miserable and Taka was really very supportive trying to talk to me and cheering me up. I keep saying... "I'm the most unlucky person in the world... Why me? Why me?" and he just tries to cheer me up. It was a bit sad because it was also my birthday and it's so sad to be sad on birthdays...

I randomly said... "I think I need that lucky cat."

and Taka answered baffled, "What type of cat is that?" (He was thinking what breed of cat could be the lucky one)

Then I sent him this photo:

I said, "This one! It's the Lucky Cat, right?"
And for a moment then, we forgot why we were feeling so gloomy because of Maneki Neko! Haha! Taka thought all the while I was talking about some special breed of cat while I'm talking about this Japanese sculpture.

Ever since then, we have grew some fascination over Maneki-Neko... It just makes us happy in a childish and silly kind of way.

I even got to collect some of our random Maneki-Neko fascinations... Here are some of them:

Maneki-Neko in a Milktea Shop in Katipunan Road, Quezon City

An Army of Maneki-Neko in Saizen Shop... (I love DAISO BTW)

Taka amidst his busy business trip in Zurich in November 2011 didn't fail to send me this cute flock of Maneki-Neko in Zurich, Switzerland. LOL

I'm seriously stalking this Maneki-Neko Stuffed Toy in Trinoma. 
I wanted to give this as Valentine's Day Gift for Taka.
But I'm still thinking about it. I'm hoping I will find a cuter one! But i always stalk this specific toy haha!
And of course... Taka brought the cutest candies when he came to visit me in Manila! This was supposedly for the kids but I hoarded it for myself! I love this Umesh-tasting candy! I love the wrapper most especially! Haha!
It's a funny story we have that I always cherish. It's a strange fascination with cats... Haha! I can imagine someday we live in a house with lots of Maneki-Neko's! That would be a joy!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: Happy Easter! Spring Awaits!

Happy Easter everyone!! After an utterly boring unproductive hot day...
I feel so energized today to welcome Easter!
Easter is new life!
Let's all reboot to have a new!
I love green teas in the morning~ and my Kawaii clutters!
Holyweek in the Philippines is one of my most unfavorite holidays. The extreme hot tropical summer officially begins and it's EXTEREME!!

Well, I'm just a simple home buddy nowadays... But I cannot enjoy full home-buddy relaxation when restaurant and fast-foods aren't available on the Holyweek. Yeah. Bite me. It's a small sacrifice I know.

But as a natural effect... I felt utterly bored. I never felt so happy and anticipating of Easter where I can finally grab a cold drink from across the street or just simple embrace the city civilization.

Moreover, I felt thankful. The anticipation made me feel a new zest. Like spring... I wanna make new beginnings and new plans ahead. Like shedding off old skin to make new... 

I really want to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan. I'm so jealous of Taka and all my Japan-based friends... I wish I could see them at sight it must be so beautiful. 

Well I have to be contented with this for now...

April 9, 2012 Good Morning Sakura! Taka sent me this lovely photo of Sakura on his way to work in Osaka last Monday. It felt deeper than it looks... Especially with what has happened in the recent times to Taka. I love this photo.
I love spring. Even if I haven't really experienced spring... I just love how fresh and rejuvenated we all can be. As the cold brutal winter ends, some may not survive, some may... but Spring seems so lovely and gentle cradling everyone of a promising life ahead.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Toreishi-San ha Nihongo wo Benkyoushimasu

Module 1: August – October 2011

August 2011: Coreen and I having fun in class!

So… I started studying and formally learning Nihongo few months ago… August 2011 to be exact. It was exciting at first because Coreen and I just thought we could try it out so we could watch Japanese films in the local vernacular. Since we have lovely friends in Tokyo and we love the quirky & unique culture… it was no doubt we got interested to learn something new. 

Hehe. Plus my boyfriend is Japanese… it would definitely be interesting to learn his native language. Haha. (This should be the main reason actually haha) 

Even if we’re always late…
we are Fashionably late! LOL

I have to save this because I keep forgetting my Japanese Katakana Name haha!
So we enrolled for the first module! It ran for three months, every Saturdays. It’s facilitated by the Department of Linguistics Asian Languages in U.P. Diliman. When we started Module 1, I was so happy and I felt at home right away because Fara-Sensei used to be my foreign languages professor in Mandarin back in college. She’s really good1 I’m so happy to be in her class! 

Atreyu the semi-enrolled Nihongo Student haha

But three months can suddenly take too long for classes… Coreen became busy with doctor and business stuff especially on weekends so eventually I had to attend classes alone… But technically I wasn’t alone coz Atreyu comes along with me in class. He just quietly listens and try to copy the notes on the white board… He always cheers for me when I take quizzes… It was still fun! 

I wish I could spend more serious time learning and mastering the language… It was hard for me to memorize Hiragana and Katakana… coz memorization has always been my weakness… But I just keep writing and practicing anyways. I actually enjoy practicing but I’m so OC about it! I keep writing until it’s pristine! Haha! 

Must keep on practicing!! I suck!!!
I almost didn’t get to complete the class because I had to leave for my much awaited Tokyo Trip then became busy on the latter part of 2011 of clients and events. But luckily, I (barely) passed my final exams! I was able to qualify for Module 2 and I got to enroll for the next cycle this January 2012! 

Whooohooo!!  I passed!!

Module 2: January – March 2012

First photo in Nihongo Kurasu Module 2~
I always look forward to attending class
and taking photos after class!
I started Module 2 with much zeal and enthusiasm… Jona-Sensei seemed very fast phased and really hands-on. I was overwhelmed during our first class because I’m still a bit rusty with my Hiragana and Katakana. My classmates seemed more advanced and seemed so fluent already! It was so overwhelming!

I don’t know why 2012 seemed more limiting with regards of time. I had the same job and with even less going out… But I felt busier with Atreyu’s schooling. As much as I wanted to study longer times… My time came more limited.

I always try to write neat notes
but gets messed up during class!
But I still tried harder… I always make these neat notes in class but because the class was so fast I ended up messing it up all over again! I sadly skipped some class due to work and other matters. But I really wanted to attend even if I’m so slow learning…

But nonetheless, Module 2 was really fun! I especially enjoyed the film viewings we had… I especially love "Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo" It was a really quirky TV Series! I actually wanted to watch that series! But I failed to copy from Jona-Sensei!

Watashi ha terebi drama ga suki desu! (did I get it right? haha)
I love this funny TV series!!

I actually enjoyed Module 2 with much of what I learned because I got to learn how to roughly construct some sentences on my own. I wanna learn to construct some sentences so I can write a short love letter to Taka in Nihongo. I actually asked him to write me a letter in Nihongo and it would be my motivation to study harder… So I could decipher a love letter from my Kareshi haha!

Well I only know basic like reasoning, telling time, writing names… on my final exam I am so proud I have composed a whole paragraph telling about my experience in learning the Nihongo Language. It’s a bit rough and may be broken… but I’m so proud because I constructed it all by myself.

I wanna share it here of course haha please be kind.

日本語 の べんきょう が むずかしい; わたしわ 母 と ファション スタイリスト と デサイナー です から。わたしわ べんきょう の 時間 が ありません。しかし、わたしわ 日本語 クラス が すき です; これ わ おもしろい です から。日本語 クラス わ たのしい です; わたしわ 日本 ぶんか と ポップカルチャ も べんきょうしました。しかし なりよりも、わたしわ いま 日本人 かれし と 日本語をはなします。かれし わ たのしい です。わたしも たのしい です!(^_^)

English Translation:

Studying Nihongo is difficult because I am a mom, fashion stylist and designer. I don't have study time. But, I like Nihongo class because it is interesting. Nihongo class is fun because I learned about japan culture and pop culture too. But most of all I (can?) now talk to my Japanese boyfriend Nihongo. He is happy. I'm happy too!

During the last day of our Nihongo Kurasu… We had a nice cultural appreciation day when we were asked to make some interesting reports about Japan. I was so so so so excited about it haha! I met new friend who like Japanese Fashion too! Thonnica-San and Myles-San are two lovely girls I met in class and they always enjoy my stories. Haha I always have lots of stories about Japan…

Fun talking about Japanese Fashion of course!
It was really a fun! I learned about different stuff about Japanese culture… Some of my classmates reported about Kaizen, Japanese Bathhouses, Bento Meals, Dances… It was a lovely feeling sharing appreciation with my classmates.

Well, roughly I hope I can catch up and really pass my Module 2 Class… The Module 3 runs next month again. This summer, the department offers classes for kids too! I want Atreyu to join and he does too! I really hope I can enroll… But I’m kinda contemplating if I could make it this time. I badly-badly wanna go to Tokyo this May and at the same time Atreyu’s school fees is coming soon.

Japanese and Korean Classes for Kids!! Must be so cute to see kids learning foreign languages!

Module 3 I hope I can make it!!

I wish I could do them all… but nonetheless if I get to make it this cycle… I’ll definitely try. I hope I improve my Kanji! I’m so slow!!