Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to TOREISHI-ta Dori! LOL!

"Let me take you down... coz I'm going to... TOREISHI-ta Dori!" 
Since this is my blog, I reserve the right to own Takeshita Dori in my blog. LOL. Just Kidding. But I must say I get giddy even just by the thought I call Takeshita Dori after my Japanese name Toreishi. hehe. It's an overrated statement to say Harajuku is my favorite place in Tokyo. I keep saying it yet again and again like a broken record. But in a few times I've visited Japan, I still haven't seen Harajuku on a Sunday Morning. I read in "The Tokyo Lookbook" by Philomena Keet that most fashion girls and people strut their best Harajuku Fashion on Sunday Mornings in Harajuku. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Harajuku on a Sunday Morning since most of the time I fly back to Manila on a Sunday or my weekends in Tokyo gets too busy. This time... I really insisted I WILL SEE HARAJUKU ON A SUNDAY MORNING!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

KAITEN SUSHI! かいてんすしを東京で食べました!!

(... I should brush up my Nihongo. Hehe... and that Blog Title is one of the basics that I should have mastered already. LOL)
August 3, 2012 ~ After a very very LONNNG day I got to try Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo for the first time! Haha!
I love sushi! That's an understatement. More than any other Japanese dish (may be  Okonomiyaki is a close next) SUSHI is my favorite!! Haha! But coincidentally, it's so strange that I haven't tried sushi in Tokyo. I always end up having meals at Izakaya, coffeshops, McDonald's, Italian restaurants or at Ramen restaurants. Luckily, me and my kareshi have the same love for sushi... (of course he's Nihongjin haha) that one way or another he would most probably be looking for a Sushi place for lunch or dinner. Hehe.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

UNIQLO Ginza Flagship Store: All 12 Floors of UNIQLO but I still couldn't find my UT!

"Sunglasses Shirt"
Lulu Guinness for UNIQLO UT

So do I still need an explanation why I must have this UNIQLO UT designed by Lulu Guinness? Well I think I rather show why...

LEFT: Obviously this is ME. Haha! A lovely candid shot by Julles Roberto from way back three years ago at the PRP2 launch.... It's been years that I have been wearing this red-catseye specs. RIGHT: Whaaaa!! I'm going GAGA over Lulu Guinness' Catseye designs!! You all should be mine!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Curry Meal at BARBA 下北沢

I love the ambience of Barba! 
One noteworthy place we went into Shimokitazawa was this Curry restaurant ~dining bar Barba (BARUBA). I was craving for some curry and rice by the time we got to Shimokita and I was really so happy with the meal we had in this place. I love curry of course. But I also love the ambiance (and it has a smoking area conveniently for me haha)I really liked this restaurant for both the food and the ambiance... even the bathroom is themed with the whole ambience of the place. The fancy vintage looking chandelier did it for me. Haha! It truly fits with the "Vintage-Artsy" vibe of the Shimokitazawa area, indeed!

A Rainy Afternoon in Shimokitazawa

August 4, 2012 ~ Went to Shimokitazawa on a rainy afternoon... Too bad We didn't get to stroll around much!

Since it was my third trip to Tokyo, I wanted to check out other interesting places to visit in Tokyo. Shimokitazawa got my attention because of the "Bohemian Vibe", traditional mixed with modern styles and because of it's popularity with the youth (as I've read in most of the travel websites). I was easily enticed to see it seeing "Vintage" and "Secondhand Stores" attached with its' description. This place sounds different from the other fashion districts of Tokyo. Now I can really say Tokyo has various fashion districts for everyone~ from  high-end (Ginza), to avant-garde (Omotesando), to kawaii (Harajuku), to commercial (Shibuya) and now I've seen the vintage/bohemian fashion area in Shimokitazawa.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Secori Gallery: From a Young Nihonjin Designer's Point of View

Shinya is now a fashion curator of
a London-based 'nomad gallery'~
One of the best things I've gained in Tokyo are meeting fellow aspiring fashion designers like Yuhei and Shinya. I met them way back in 2009 (three years ago) while they were still finishing college in Sugino Fashion College. It was my first time in Tokyo then and I find it very memorable because I met friendly colleagues. Even if language was a bit of barrier between us, I still tried to keep in touch through Twitter~ Facebook~ Emails~ etc. Fast forward three years... I'm so proud to see my friends become young professionals in the fashion industry. One great admirable trait I've come to notice with my Japanese Designer friends are their passion and commitment to work hard  for their dream. Fashion being a seemingly "superficial" industry and a "popularity contest" to most, I saw a spark of hope for pure intentions and sincere aspirations with them. I never hear them "thirst" for some cheap attention-seeking antics nor never have I seen them "social climb" just to be noticed. They're merely hardworking and noble to become successful with what they do. Now that's admirable. Yuhei has become an apparel designer for a Tokyo-based apparel brand and even sometimes lend me some of his creations for my styling gigs on TV... (and we have some collaborations as well haha)
Shinya on the other-hand, took a very interesting fashion direction of becoming a "Fashion Curator" which I find very interesting and very noble path in the fashion industry. One of the most curious questions I kept asking Shinya was why and how did he decide to become a fashion curator.

Pretty Pretty Cakes at Tous Les Jours

It has been a whirlwind and chaos mode these past few days... My two siblings, Kevin and Stacy have finally fled and left Manille. I can't believe it's been almost one week already since they left and now they're new ~ "New Yorkers" haha.

On their last day in Manila, me and my other siblings wanted to have some nice last meal with them and looked for something they liked. The night before that, Stacy mentioned she tasted the prettiest cake with her friends... She described it as "The pretty rose cake". 

So I sneaked and asked her friends where they got that cake. Hehe... I learned that they got that pretty cake in a bakeshop named "Tous Les Jours".

Pretty Bakeshop/Cakeshop Tous Les Jours in SM The Block

Theia & Liley buying some treats in Tous Les Jours
So I Googled where is the nearest "Tous Les Jours" in Quezon City and had a quick stopover at SM The Block to find the "Rose Cake" and luckily, it wasn't hard to find at all and service is pretty quick as well too! I also learned that Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian Bakery from Gu-Ri, South Korea. No wonder it's not like those Western bakeshop/cakeshop/doughnut shop with extremely sweet palette. I must agree with Stacy that they have the prettiest looking cakes and they taste very sophisticated too! We really had fun just going to this bakery because the cakes looks sooooo pretty! You'll almost think twice if they're really edible cakes and not just some display. The French Macarons looks so pretty and they tastes pretty too! What I liked more about their cakes are they are affordable... even more affordable than coffeeshop cakes like those in Starbucks and the likes... Well here are some of the photos I stolen inside. Hehe. They didn't mind me taking photos anyways. hehe.

So many breads to choose from!! I wanna taste them all!! Haha!

The Pretty Cakes displays everything looks so adorable and fancy!

Here are some of my picks at the Tous Les Jours Bakery...

French Macarons and "The Rose Cake" that we got for my sister, Stacy.

Lovely Heart Cakes that would melt your heart! Haha!

Stacy was surprised that we pulled it off to find this cake she liked in just a day! I totally agree with Stacy that it tastes freshly made with fresh fruits and ingredients! 

We cut it in 6 equal parts as we are six bros and sis haha!
Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake for P498 <3

It was merely a meal-break from packing and last-minute shopping on Stacy and Kevin's last day in Manila... But it was at least extra-special with our fancy cake to top our "Last-Meal-Break" altogether. 

Our silly photos altogether six and Atreyu! We had a great mini-party!!

It was of course bittersweet when two of my  siblings left for New York. But it was still nice. 

Gomen nasai for being quiet for the past few days, it was crazy hectic and problematic with last-minute shopping and packing of my siblings, few client deadlines and I got a scare that Atreyu got Dengue Fever. Luckily, he was tested negative for Dengue and he just have some infection. Thank god! Hopefully, I can update more in the next coming days. I miss writing and I haven't finished my last Tokyo trip yet... >_<


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Village Vanguard: That Kakkoii Bookstore!

August 4, 2012 ~ I love going to this super kakkoii bookstore VILLAGE VANGUARD!!

One of the coolest shops I've seen in Japan is Village Vanguard! It was actually my Osakan-gurlfriend Tomoka who first brought me in the coolest bookstore I've ever been in the world. It was really great to be toured by an awesome tour-guide in Osaka! Haha!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Datenight with Rainbowholic Kaira-chan

August 2, 2012 ~ Takeshita Dori! I can't believe time flew so fast! I miss Harajuku!
It was exactly one month ago since my memorable and happy Tokyo Summer Trip... I can't believe time flew so fast that one month has already passed. What's so funny about it is even if my trip was just 5-days, up until now, I haven't finished writing my trip blogs and posting my trip photos! Haha! I wanna over-decorate them as how my eyes see things haha!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Atreyu's Omiyage from Taka & Mommy!

It's one of Atreyu and mine's life dream to travel the Tokyo together... May be someday soon... or may be next year... (Universe, please conspire!) I was hoping I could bring Atreyu along on this trip but since he had school... We just decided we just try again next time if we could do it. Atreyu is very understanding, he always worries "How much would it cost, Mommy?". He's really saving up for his own Tokyo Trip someday. I really hope someday soon I can take him with me too! I'm sure he will have lots of fun, especially in the places he's fascinated with!

To make it up to Atreyu, I asked him to write me and Taka the list of the things he wants us to bring him home and reminders of the things he wants us to do... It's such a cute letter, he even told me he made it into a comic-like note so that we would enjoy reading his notes. He's really fun and creative! He even made a drawing of the three of us, it's so heartwarming every time I see his drawings! So even if Atreyu can't come with us in Tokyo, he's still in our thoughts and we want to bring him the best omuyage that he will feel happy have! 

There were even small reminders like "Hi! Try to read it well!" and "Here are the things that you should buy". The doodles are even so funny looking! Haha!
Atreyu's page 1 of  "Things to do" and "Reminders" for Mommy and Taka
It's so cute... He even made some comic-like speech balloons saying, "Don't forget to get a postcard, Bro!" and  "Don't forget to buy Yakult"

Atreyu's page 2 of  "Things to buy" for Mommy and Taka

"Things to buy in Japan List"
~Mission Accomplished!

"Things to do in Japan List" 
~ Mission Accomplished!