Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paint My World with Tria

Letraset Tria Marker Haven in Fully Booked!
I'm such a sucker for pens, coloring materials, fancy markers and anything writing and drawing materials actually. I always believed that handwritten notes and hand-drawn illustrations has more organic feel into it... It's more personal and more intimate... So I really splurge on good quality marker pens... And my BIG 30 Wish#15: LETRASET TRIA MARKERS!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quirky Dream Heads for Tiara

BIG 30 Wish#14: Blythe -like Mannequin Head for my precious
"Tiara by Tracy Dizon"
BIG 30 Wish#14: Blythe - like Mannequin Head for Tiara! I don't really often talk about my precious Tiara by Tracy Dizon ~ headpiece, fascinators and hats brand, 'coz I don't wanna sound I'm hard-selling myself. I just want my creations to speak ffor itself. Tiara is my precious baby next to my real-life baby-boy, Atreyu. Making designs for me is always like giving birth that's why I treat Tiara by Tracy Dizon as my precious baby. I'm so protective of her and I get really sensitive and vulnerable talking about her! Haha!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UNIQstyling with UNIQLO on a Random Day!

This was one of those random days where I found something interesting happening in Katipunan Road. Hehe. I was actually running my bank errands around Katipunan and living at a nearby village make my life so convinient. LOL. It's always fun in Katipunan!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Candy Make-Up!

I am so enchanted with Majolica Majorca Make-Ups nowadays! It's simply purteeeey!
BIG 30 Wish#13: I'm not really a make-up kind of gal... But I like make-up of course, but I don't really invest on them as much as I want to... I'm easily pleased with a pink gloss or a fuschia lipstick regardless of brand or whatsoever... Well, luckily, my skin isn't very sensitive that it can easily adapt to any kind of make-up. Haha!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journalizing with Cath Kidston

According to my IG this was posted 58 weeks ago, I'm not sure when was that though,
so my guess 1 year and 1 month ago... September 2011?
I have been collecting and writing on Cath Kidston Notebooks even if they sell for 550PhP!
BIG 30 Wish #12: Memories are the best gift you can give yourself. Ever since I can remember I think I've kept journals, diaries and memento & scrapbooks. I accompanied me in my saddest and loneliest times and it also brought me to trouble revealing my untamed thoughts to those unwanted readers. LOL. But nonetheless, it has become a part of my life... writing and "journalizing".

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toreishi's Maneki-Neko (Random Edition)

Here I am again posting my Maneki-Neko sightings in my random world. Haha. I have save and ample blog-worthy Maneki-Neko sightings so here it is...

Maneki Neko at Music Bang Set MYX Global 
(North America)
I used to work here at MYX Global (North America) as the show's stylist. I miss our set... and just realized recently that Maneki-Neko is on our backdrop set when Amber Davis used to do her spiels

Friday, October 12, 2012

That-Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny Polka Dot Dressy~

Ank Rouge Autumn/Winter 2011 Blue Polka Dot Dress
BIG 30 Wish#9: Haha. Sorry hard to make a rhyme. Just a short and sweet blog. Even if this dress has way passed the season... I can't stop thinking about it still. I love dresses... especially quirky vintage looking ones. I have been thinking about this dress for months. I even went to Ank Rouge in Shibuya 109 last summer and it was already sold-out. I still think about this dress though. I love this print!

Toreishi's (RARE) Life in Mono.

This would probably a rare chance to see me in B/W so as me and my imouto's decided to dress-up in B/W in MUJI... Here's a random snapshots while waiting for MUJI to open. If you know me enough you'll probably agree that this is a rare moment for me. Haha.

Seattle's Best Bonifacio High Street: Sitting and waiting for shops to open at Seattle's Best Boni-High. I was so bored, I decided to camwhore. LOL. I love my Paradigm Shift Shredded White Top... It's always very photogenic.

MUJI-ing with Imōto-sans

October 6, 2012 ~ My sisters and I visited
MUJI in Bonifacio High Street 
I think I may say I don't really go so often in Fort Bonifacio Global City because for one, I live in Quezon City. Haha. All the more I'd be having any time to join my sisters going here either. But because it was my youngest sister Theia's S.A.T. Exams last Saturday... which she took in British School Manila, nearby Bonifacio High Street, I accompanied her going there. Since it was a rare occasion that I'll be tagging along with my sisters (I forced my other sister Liley to come along too, LOL) I thought we might as well wander around and dress-up in coherence~"Omotesando-Style", practice some photography and visit MUJI.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

♫ ♬ Harajuku-Girls-You-Got-A-Wicked-Style♫ ♬

August 7, 2011 ~ Umeda, Osaka Harajuku Lovers G tagged along
with me on my Kobe/Osaka Summer Trip last year!
BIG 30 Wish#8: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances! This is the ultimate me! I love Gwen Stefani and EVERYTHING KAWAII! Gwen Stefani truly is one of my style icons (next to Betsey Johnson!) Gwen Stefani definitely transcended being a rockstar icon and now also has become an ultimate fashion icon. When she started her clothing line L.A.M.B. (Lamb. Angel. Music. Baby.) and Harajuku Lovers, I totally felll in love with her more! Among the celebrities making their own fragrances... I think Gwen Stefani is one of the most noteworthy, well deserved and cutest among all!

My Pink Platform Sneakers

I was so URESHI to finally receive Kaira-chan's PINK Platforms Package! Haha!
BIG 30 Wish#7 Here I go ahead drooling over Platform Sneakers!! Haha! Since I got my Rainbowholic Parcel... I've always been excited to go out and dress-up and wear my PINK platform sneakers!! Whaaaa! I super love it! Well may be except on rainy days~ But since recently, it's been sunny... I'm enjoying wearing it around the metro. Hehe.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: Tokyo Summer Days with Kareshi ♥

Tokyo Summer Days August 2012 ~ Fun times with Taka! It's always great to take snaps like these with him!

Finally! After more than two months! I've finally come to my last "Tokyo Summer Trip" Blog. Coincidentally yesterday was Japan's 体育の日 Taiiku-no-hi(Health-Sports Day) ~ Taka told me, this day marks the official last day of summer... >_<

It sounds very sad, actually. I can't believe another season has passed and now Autumn officially starts. But I think this trip was one of the best trips I've ever had... Even if Japan's Summer Days are even Crazy-Hotter than Manila *@_@* it really was a whole lot of fun. It was only Atreyu that was lacking in this trip. I hope someday, i can take him there too.

As I have been writing most of our adventures together, I just want to write this for Taka. I just want to show him how memorable this trip was to me. Before this trip, I've felt a little (errr... may be a lot) on the downside I just felt burnt out from working here, I felt really sad for half a year not being selected for UNIQLO last January. I got a job in TV Production again only to encounter disgusting un-professionalism   and unexplained "missing money" incidents. What a big sloping snowball of disaster. I don't wanna brood my drama's all over again of course... But after this trip I felt happy and creatively inspired all over again. It brought me back to my positive self when anything I dream of can be possible.

I just want to make a final recap of my favorite times with my Kareshi as I finally conclude my trip. Oh I'm feeling sad already! >_<

Kawaii Shopping at Sanrio Puroland

Kawaii Shopping Bag from Sanrio Puroland!!
Hello again. It's a "Hello Kitty" blog yet again! Haha! As I've mentioned in "The Happiest Girl in Sanrio Puroland", I'll be making a PART TWO since I was already over-photo-spamming. This would be short since I didn't get to take as much photo as much as i want to. Since I'm in Japan, I always have this feeling I can take photos without permission or at any stores... But I got to sneak-in few shots anyways. Haha!

Toreishi-san's Random Hello Kitty Collection

Since I'm feeling the Hello Kitty lovin this moment... Having to finally accomplish my two-month-old-way-overdue Sanrio Puroland Blog Post... I'm now in the zone for more Hello Kitty overload. Well, may be not overload... I don't really religiously collect Hello Kitty stuff. These are merely random special gifts and random impulsive buy whenever I find some irresistible Hello Kitty stuff. Hehe. (But really... I like Kuromi and My Melody more. haha.)

White Day Gifts from Kareshi
March 2012 ~ My Kareshi visted me here in Manila and brought me his White Day peace offerings (LOL) and some of my tomodachi's omiyage from Tokyo! 

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Happiest Girl in Sanrio Puroland!

August 3, 2012 ~ Memoirs of Sanrio Puroland! I was the happiest girl in Sanrio Puroland!
I think I suddenly forgot how old I am and thought I aged back to 10 years old going to Sanrio Puroland! I was even kinda feeling guilty about going there because I wanted Atreyu to see it too! i was kinda anxious going there even since I heard Sanrio Puroland is all in Nihongo... I wouldn't understand anything from it. But what the heck, I haven't been to any amusement park in Japan so it must be fun still to go there. I'm still excited though, I love Hello Kitty and I promised my dear-Hello-Kitty-lover-cousin I'll visit Sanrio Puroland for her and take some kawaii photos. It was exciting for me!

Friday, October 05, 2012

私は ファション 雑誌 が好きです! I want Fashion Magazines!

LEFT to RIGHT: November 2012 Issue Kera Magazine, November 2012 Issue PopTeen Magazine, November 2012 Issue TUNE Magazine, November 2012 Issue FRUiTS Magazine
BIG 30 Wish#5: I've always collected Fashon Zasshi (ファション 雑誌) through-out the years. I just love the lay-out, the spread and the interesting styling combinations I learn from Japanese Fashon Zasshi. I don't really adapt or copy them totally... But they're really interesting to look at. Actually, even at my age, I still dream and aspire to be a contributor at any Japanese Fashion Magazines... May be their English Correspondent? Haha! But I took up Nihonggo because I still dream I'll be eligible for a Japanese Magazine Job. Haha. Dream. Dream. Dream. <3

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kamikazari Love

I  want this PINK Kamikazari! 
BIG 30 Wish#4: Since I am a headpiece designer... I wanna experiment with different headpieces around the world... (Excuses-excuses! Haha!) I just simply love kamikazari~ kanzashi (I dunno what's the right word between the two). It would be nice to get one of these beauties for my BIG 30!! Haha!

Short Stop-over at the Electric Town of AKIHABARA (秋葉原) and Maid Cafe Girls

August 3, 2012 ~ Passed by shortly in Akihabara for Atreyu's request
As Taka and I promised Atreyu that we will try to accomplish everything on his "Things to do in Japan List". We made a short stopover to Akihabara after going around Ginza. Atreyu was very interested with this place having heard that Akihabara is popular for Anime, Manga and video games. In fact, it's the OTAKU capital of the world!! Atreyu is a video game freak (unfortunately... as all video game addict kids nowadays). But what I'm most proud of Atreyu is his enthusiasm to know and learn about different places in the world. I really wish someday... When it's more affordable, I could show Atreyu Akihabara at sight.

Atreyu's "Things to do in Japan List" and #1 is "Take a picture from Akihabara"

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sewing Machine Haven at the Manila Port Area

Post Script:
Please note that I wrote about this shopping area as a CUSTOMER and not as a SUPPLIER nor a STORE OWNER. I do appreciate your inquires and comments but please also note that THIS IS ALL I KNOW. I don't know what supplies are available, I don't know anything about your broken sewing machines; I am not a technician. Please Google Map it for directions I already shared what I know. I can't give you any advise about novice/ beginner sewing tips; I learned basic sewing from UP BS Clothing Technology, I suggest you enroll in a school, too. I will no longer entertain repeated questions and questions I really have no knowledge to answer. Thank you for your understanding.

I died and went to sewing machine heaven. 

Few weeks ago... My sister, Liley has been looking for a light-weight sewing machine to bring in school. She's also taking up Fashion Design but she is studying in CSB. I always let her use my PRP2-hard-earned PhP40,000-worth Brother sewing machine. (~haha so yabang ko naman! Sorry na!) But transporting my sewing machine from QC to Manila every week makes me worried it might be beaten up with all the moving. So she decided to look for her own sewing machine.

Under my UMBRELLA!

TSUMORI CHISATO's Umbrella Spring 2012 Womenswear
Haute Couture Parasol! Adore!!
BIG 30 Wish#3: Since it has been raining really hard nowadays. There are literally days when I wake up in the middle of the night because the raindrops sounds like there are stones thrown on our roof. Monsoon season takes half of the the year (or even more) in the Philippines.  I think I consume around 3-5 umbrellas in a year... So I thought since it's raining cats and dogs these days... I might as well throw-in some quirky and cute umbrellas on my birthday wishlist! How quirky could it be to have a stack of pretty umbrellas at home! That would be a joy for me. But most probably I'll be minding more if they get dirty or broken rather than shading myself from the rain. I don't care. Hehe. I rather be in a fashionable and cute umbrella... Even if rain pours down on me I'd still look fashionable and pretty. Haha! How shallow! LOL! I'm just kidding. But anyways, I'm really fascinated with these umbrellas I found from few of my favorite designers and quirky brands... Please feel free to send me these parasols... I assure you that it would be very helpful for me. LOL!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I want Ponies and UNICORNos!

TokiDoki Unicorno Blind Box Mini-Series! Whaaaaa!!! You're all so KAWAII!!
BIG 30 Wish#2: I can hear myself sounding so juvenile like a 5 year old spoiled brat. Haha! Sorry I can't help feeling like a kid. Haha! I think this is a severe effect of being a young mom... LOL. (Excuses-Excuses!) Kidding aside I just want this trinkets of cuties.

Monday, October 01, 2012


Kiko Mizuhara as Midori Kobayashi ~ ...and just because Kiko played as Midori I think she looks like me! LOL!
BIG 30 Wish#1: I fell in love with Midori Kobayashi upon meeting her in Norwegian Wood. Our similarity was so daunting and uncanny. Haha! I kept telling everyone and I kept bugging Taka how I'm so similar with Midori. I even made him read Norwegian Wood by force and I'm so proud he did like it. Haha!