Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressing up in MONO for Hiroko Takahashi with Imōto-sans

November 24, 2012 ~ Photo by: Theia Dizon at Little Tokyo
I love this pic! Haha!

It's been months since we've anticipated attending Hiroko Takahashi's Design Talk in The Yuchengco Museum last November 24th. I really enjoy dressing up with my sisters (~wish Stacy, my other imoutosan, was here too... but she now lives in New York.) Anyways, I have been figuring out how blog Hiroko Takahashi's Design Talk since I've taken so many photos and photo-ops haha! Well, let me just start with this... My sister's #OOTD and mine.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Zatchels Cuties!

Hello Kitty Town Satchel £110

... And of course I wouldn't miss out on blogging a whole set of Hello Kitty's! I always get excited posting a Hello Kitty blog since I have sweet kawaii readers who really enjoys it! Since I've previously posted about Zatchels' wide range of printed Satchel Bags that's uniquely Zatchels, I just wanna share to everyone their kawaii Hello Kitty Collection! These cuties are almost freshly cooked from the oven as it was just recently launched this November 2012! Perfect timing for Christmas! Whaaaa Wish I could have came to that Hello Kitty event! They're all so cute!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink Zatchel Satchel Overload!

Pastel Baby Pink Leather Satchel ~ £76

I have been drooling over a pink Satchel Bag for months (... and I still haven't gotten myself one! >_<)  It's been months since I've stalked these cuties and I think I should put it in my BIG 30 Wish#23. (OMG November is almost over and I still haven't finished my list?!). For those wondering what a Satchel Bag is: (~ aside from looking at the photos here) Satchel Bag is a rectangular bag with a shoulder strap, made of leather or fabric material generally used for carrying books. Satchel bags originated from Great Britain. It even go way back Shakespeare's time... Shakespeare described an English Schoolboy in his monologue, "All the World's A Stage"

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Making of that Kawaii M&M's TiaraBow for Rainbowholic!

☆ Early Christmas Giveaway Time! ☆
from Rainbowholic Kailachan!
... together with Tiara by Tracy Dizon

Actually, I wanted to make my dear-soul-sista, Kailachan a matching dress or at least make a "Tracy Dizon Creation" especially for her. Kaila has been a lovely and a fun muse of mine in making those fun and kawaii creations. Ever since I've launched my TiaraBows (Tiara by Tracy Dizon), she has been one of the loyal supporters and believers of my creations... Kaila has been a ray of light and a big source of positivism. Especially this year, I'm so glad that despite the distance, we have grown even closer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hippie-girl Tracy at 18! Blast from the Past!

As multiply will soon shut down it's inevitable to go back to memory lane. Well, today is one of those days when I saw few of my college days magazine clippings... Back then almost 12 years ago... When there was no yet and only few had digicams or DLSR even.

It's so serendipity when this "Vintage OOTD" was taken, it was my last days in Miriam College when I was transferring course and university. Yup, I was (and I'll always be) a Knoller from elementary, highschool and a year in college! Haha! Proud!

"Tracy Dizon, 18" for 17's Eye of Seventeen Magazine August 2001 Issue
I can barely remember how this interview went, but I remember I was applying for honorable dismissal already to transfer to UP Diliman for BS Clothing Technology Course during these days. This was actually taken on the summer of 2001 but magazines scour their material ahead~ 2-3 months ahead.

Somethings never change... After 12 years... I'm still that 18-year-old girl who likes to hang-out in the U.P. Sunken Garden and still loves heirlooms and vintage clothes. (Multiply poorly saved this scan and I can barely read the caption but as far as I remember...) I was asked where I hang-out,  where I got my clothes etc. It's so nostalgic that I still am that same girl.

Before I entered U.P. Clothing Technology, I was obliged to take some business course but went against the family norms and took a big leap. It was a hard road of finding my place... but never regretted that I followed my heart and chose my passion as my career. I almost gave-up but the universe pulled me back in when some roads seemed to be a dead-end. May be that's how the universe works... passion, determination and fate.

Haha. So sentimental!

I wonder where are these clothes are now! I should wear them for more blast from the past! Haha!

"When a person really desires something the universe conspires to help him fulfill his dreams."
-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

F.I.E.R.C.E. T o k o n e Misha Janette Tights!

I've always been a stockings/socks/tights-girl. I love them and I need them on cold-weather places. I've spent hours choosing socks and tights in Takeshita Dori and in Shibuya 109... Haha!

What shopping joy did it bring me to see Misha Janette's IG post few weeks ago about a collaboration she designed! OMG! DROOL!
November 5, 2012 ~ Grabbed from MishaJanette's IG: ミーシャ初コラボタイツ!詳細は11日、靴下の日に公開!どう? my first collaboration tights I designed!! Details out on the 11th!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: Quick Hello

I'm usually ecstatic when Monday comes since I usually blog and write as much on Mondays until the midweek... But it has been busy these days... Had an awesome photo-shoot last weekend, did some Momma duties of attending PTA's and meeting clients over this busy weekend.

A Tiara Dream Come True~ Will blog more about it soon!
"BER" months are the busiest for fashion designer. I couldn't be thankful enough. I miss my musings here though... My blog is my happy place and I feel I get to keep memories of the things that make me happy here.

I just wanna say a quick hello before I retire to bed. Been having migraine and headache in-betweens, may be my eye-glasses needs to be adjusted or simply the bipolar weather is really killing me.

I just wanna share an IG-Photo I posted today, generally summarizing my day... Instead of blogging and writing on a Monday, I went to do designer duties and sourced out the perfect lace for a client-friend. I'm so happy to find the perfect fabric for a vintagey design. Hope everything works out great.

November 19, 2012 ~ pixietracy: Sourcing for the best pale mint "vintagey" lace today. #fashiondesign I love looking for the perfect fabrics for my vision *\(^o^)/*
Oh I miss my musings and my happy-thought-stories. Haha! Will write more soon. I have so much to babble about! Haha! Goodnight!

Let ME be ME.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Farmer's Market Trippin

October 28, 2012 ~ Farmer's Market, Cubao, Quezon City
Took Taka on a local wet market here in Quezon City!

I always try to find or plan something interesting when Taka comes to visit Manila. He's such a wanderlust that I worry he'll get bored coming here. I asked him what he wanted to see for this trip (we couldn't go out of town because he just comes here on a short time!) and he said he wanted to see the local wet market... the "palengke". [A "palengke" is defined as a type of public market common throughout the Philippines.] So the first place I thought of taking him is Farmer's Market in Cubao.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Nostalgic Ado Mizumori

I've always been a fan of illustrator artists... partly because I draw my own fashion illustrations myself, I've always been fascinated with different artists. If I'm like filthy-wasteful-don't-care-about-money-rich... I'd want to collect pieces and commission works from artists all over the world. Haha! Dream. What a pricey dream. Anyways...

An illustration by Ado Mizumori
So girly! I love it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends: Couturely Fierce Misha Janette!

Gomen nasai for not updating more regularly my "Favorite Fashionable Friends"... I actually have lots of friends in mind for my list but I since ~BER months has started... Designer duties calls! Swamped with work and other things to do... But I must post this blog for today...

Misha Janette
Grabbed from my Favorite TokyoFashionDiaries Blog

Friday, November 09, 2012

My Prettiest Perfect Birthday Cake

October 28, 2012 ~ BIG 30 WISH#19:
I got my prettiest birthday cake at Tous Les Jours! 

"Any birthday won't be a birthday without blowing out a cake!" ...That's how Atreyu, my son, always say about birthdays. In the past years I've celebrated my birthday, I wasn't really keen with getting a cake because I couldn't find the perfect cake with the perfect taste... Most cakes I know are just pretty on the outside but not so pretty on the taste and end up getting stuck in the Fridge until someone just throw it out or just eat it on a lazy day when any leftovers seems okay to eat as long as you don't need to cook or prepare meals.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Spellbound Birthday Dinner at Gayuma ni Maria

October 27 2012 ~ From my IG: I had this "idea" of a "Romantic Birthday Dinner" ~ the place was great, food was great, I even planned this dress for this! BUT EPIC FAIL (LOL) me and my date were too sleepy to feel "romantic"! Haha! OMG is this a sign of aging!? Hahaha! But it's still fun and great... Any time would be so much more fun and greater when I'm with Taka anyways.. ♥
(Look how sleepy Taka is LOL)

At first my kareshi wanted to try "Van Gogh is Bipolar" but unfortunately it was closed for dinner at this time. But nonetheless, it was fortunate that I got several recommendations where to have a nice dinner with romantic ambiance in Gayuma ni Maria which was also nearby. Actually, I had this birthday wish (BIG 30 Wish#18) to have a "Romantic Dinner" because in my 30 years of existence I haven't been into a "Romantic Dinner"! Haha! What a dork! So since kareshi came especially for my birthday, I made us a reservation in "Gayuma ni Maria". 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Those Tsumori Chisato Kawaii Bangles

Y'all probably always see me wear this cute bangle. I love it so much! Haha! It was a lovely gift from a dear friend in Tokyo, Miyoshi... I miss her so much! I haven't seen her since last year! But whenever I wear my Tsumori Chisato bangle it reminds me of nice memories of Tokyo and my friend Miyoshi...

A (30th Birth) Day in a Life of Tracy

Good morning, birthday girl! Haha! Posted this photo on the birthday morning...
with Atreyu on my way to clients deliveries!
So, my month long anticipation of My BIG 30 has been concluded. Whaa! I miss October and my birthday celebration. Haha. It has only been 5 days since my birthday but I miss it already. Haha! As anti-climatic as it may seem... I spent my real BIRTHDAY on a low-key. I already celebrated my birthday with a very nice picnic and a "romantic" dinner with my kareshi so I'm just glad to celebrate my BIG 30 on a low-key... But mochiron, there are still a lot of unexpected surprise that made it extra-special. Well, let me walk y'all through my (30th Birth) Day in my life last October 31, 2012... 

Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy 38th Birthday Hello Kitty!

I didn't know it was Hello Kitty's 38th Birthday (November 1, 1974) until I saw it on my newsfeed on FB. Haha! I knew Kuromi's birthday is same as mine (October 31, 2005) But I'm way older than her of course. Haha! 
Happy 38th Birthday, Hello Kitty!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: All I want for my Birthday is... YOU!

BIG 30 Wish#16: My Kareshi's Online Booking Confirmation 
for a weekend trip to Manila!
BIG 30 Wish#16: To celebrate my birthday with the two boys of my life. Few months ago, Taka asked me what I want for my birthday. Actually, I think this is the main reason I wrote this daily wishlist of things that I want. Partly, I kinda felt sad ending my twenties... At the back of my mind... I felt I missed so many things in life that I don't know if I'll ever get a chance on doing in my 30's.I think I dreaded growing old... May be I have Peter Pan Syndrome. Haha! 

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Finn the Human Adventure Time Halloween Hat!

This was one of those Project-Runway-One-Day Challenge! Haha! Rush but fun! I got a message from Maxene asking if I could make her brother Elmo Magalona's Finn the Human Bonnet Hat... Well, the challenge was not the design but since it's for Halloween, I was afraid fabric stores might already be closed... PLUS it's my birthday today (errr... yesterday... October 31) I wasn't sure I could pull it off! Haha!

But I love Adventure Time! I couldn't pass on the chance! I was greatly influenced by my son, Atreyu... Who made me watch it together with him... That I learned to like it too! Atreyu was so excited to find out that I might be making one for a client... So I might as well grant him his Adventure Time wish! Haha!

My son, Atreyu as Finn the Human!
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Haha! So I went fabric hunting and found some options... I actually needed Atreyu's expertise choosing the right material for Finn the Human's Hat... I wanted to use like a towellete material but the shops didn't have it... I found some options but I had to consult my Adventure Time expert first for this expert opinion haha!

Finding the Right Fabrics...
I saw this white fur material... but Atreyu's Expertise denied it! Haha!
I asked Atreyu if this would do, but he said it's not the right material... because if Finn the Human wears something furry, he won't be "human-looking" anymore! Haha! That's so smart. Well, I'm relieved that I have an expert by my side while making this creation! Haha!

It was a relief to find Felt Fabric that's one of the most versatile fabrics I know... It can easily be shaped and tranformed into anything. Haha!

Found it!
Felt Fabric approved! Let's go FINN THE HUMAN!
Even if it was a 1-Day Challenge... I still wanted to make an inspiration board for Elmo... Since Moodboard Making is my favorite part of designing! Haha!

Inspiration Board for Elmo...

If there was even longer time, I would have looked for a flannel fabric so it would be fluffier! Haha! I find the Jake Cap cute too! Who wants it? Haha!

Challenge Completed!
Hooray!! It's done!! I hope Atreyu and Elmo would be happy about it! Haha!
Delivery Time! Haha! #ootd
My Fairy-Kei Birthday and Delivery Ensemble! It's so fun dressing up! Haha!
Of course I wouldn't miss out posting my #ootd! I delivered this on my birthday! Haha! So I looked extra-dressy! LOL!

Grabbed from @elmomagalona !! I love Adventure Time so I was so happy to make this
Finn the Human Hat for Elmo! Haha!
It was whole lot of fun making this for Elmo and for Atreyu! Haha! I love Adventure Time so the CHALLENGE was a success! Haha! Happy Halloween, y'all!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Halloween Headpieces!

It all started with my Fashion Designer-Oneesan, Kate Torralba's New York phonecall last week... I still couldn't thank her enough for the trust and for believing in me that she endorsed me to Maxene Magalona to make her a matching Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Headpieces for her and Renz Fernandez. Above all, I was sooooooo happy to make these pieces just because I'm totally a Hello Kitty lover myself! Haha!

Feeling kinda catty while making Maxene's Matching Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Headpieces!
October 24, 2012~ IG Caption: Haha right after our photoshoot yesterday I went straight to fascinator production for a rush client job order wearing my couture make-up LOL my hat maker kept laughing at me for looking too couture! LOL

It was so fun making them actually... I enjoyed picking the perfect fur materials and the most stunning looking fabrics fit for Hello Kitty's Bow! I actually wanna embellish Dear Daniel's Ears more but I restrained myself... It's a boy's headpiece! haha!

Making the Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Headpieces...
Choosing among the cutest fabrics fit for Hello Kitty! Of course Hello Kitty is the MUSE!
Hello Kitty sat by me the whole time haha! She's supervising what we were doing. LOL!

Inspiration Board for Maxene...
Of course I have to make a kawaii inspiration board! It's always fun to conceptualize cute ideas!!
I always enjoy making inspiration boards for designs... It's like a conglomeration of ideas! It's actually my favorite part in creating my pieces!
It's Finally Done!! So CUTE!
Finally it's done!! Haha! So cute!!

Delivery Time! Haha! #ootd
Well, I just have to put this delivery-time #ootd don't I?
I just like looking fashionable while working!
My next favorite part of creating designs is actually delivering them to clients! Haha! I feel like a parent taking her child to the first day of school! Haha! Like a big feeling of relief and sense of pride. LOL! So dramatic!

But it's true... It's actually priceless to see clients looking so pretty and satisfied... I always have this vision in my mind how they would look like and I feel like a fulfilled parent whenever I see any client in-sync with my vision as a designer...

Oh BTW, today is my birthday! (errr... may be by the time I get to post this it would be 'YESTERDAY was my birthday') Haha! Yes, my birthday is Halloween! But since I celebrated the whole weekend, I just fell asleep this evening. Haha! But the good thing was... I woke up with a very nice WhatsApp picture message from my gurlfriend Coreen...

Thank you Coreen and CoRics for this photo!
I'm so happy to see Maxene rockin' my creation! I remember her saying she thinks she's Hello Kitty... Haha! I must agree!! You really are the real-life Hello Kitty, Maxene! Super fits you perfectly!

Grabbed from @maxenemagalona !! You're the real life #hellokitty , Maxene! You rocked it!! #tiarabytracydizon !!
Grabbed from @maxenemagalona ! Maxene Magalona and Renz Fernandez as Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!! I love #hellokitty and #deardaniel !! I super enjoyed making Maxene's and Renz's matching ear headpieces!!
Grabbed from @maxenemagalona ! Rockin a #tiarabytracydizon matching #deardaniel #hellokitty ears!!
 This was a super fun gig to make and I'm so happy my fashion-oneesan, Kate Torralba and of course to the real-life Hello Kitty-chan... Maxene trusted me to make this! This was a really fun design to make, like a cherry on top of my formal and dainty wedding gigs... I got to make something I really like and so fun!