Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When my world stopped today.

Currently in a major hiccup. Hoping iPhone could be revived tomorrow. My beloved iPhone don't give-up on me now, you're my favorite travel companion anywhere in the universe...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Toreishi + Atoreyu's New Kind of New Year's Eve in Japan!

Taka + Toreishi in Hyogo-shi, Kobe! Akemashite omedetou!

Atreyu and I are so lucky to experience to spend (the most important holiday in Japan... ) the New Year's Eve in Japan just in the nick of time... Literally! Since we arrived Osaka on New Year's Eve Evening! Nihon New Year is a whole new experience for Atreyu and me... I've never experieced New Year's Eve elsewhere in the world but in the Philippines... It's reallly a new cultural experience and learning for me. More so, I couldn't be anymore thankful we are celebrating New Year Year with Taka... There's nothing better spending holidays with my two best boys... Now that's the best.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On-board Osaka Bound on New Year's Eve~

December 31, 2012 ~ Tracy and Atreyu on a cab ride to NAIA 2: OSAKA Bound!
Up until Atreyu & I came back to Manila, we were still in awe and couldn't believe that we traveled together in Japan. It's like our ultimate dream... It's even better 'coz Taka was with us on a very special holiday. I couldn't be anymore happier... but I must say  I couldn't be happier than Atreyu... Atreyu was in total bliss! It was the best Christmas & New Year surprise that we never thought would even happen anytime soon! This trip would definitely be memorable for Atreyu for a very long time.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Toreishi's Kyoto #OOTD #LegLoveMoment Win! WOOT!

Funny story... I didn't realize Leg Love by City Lady (one of my favorite Pretty Tights Brand!) was having a fun fashion #LegLoveMoment #Contest giveaway during my trip... But I was really casually wearing Leg Love that I kept posting I was wearing my good friend, Renan Pacson's Leg Love designed tights on my trip!

January 1, 2013 ~ IG Post: "First #ootd of 2013! Underneath that pink coat are 6 layers of tops and 5 layers of tights and it was still COLD!! Whaa!"
So when I realized they were having a fun contest I posted again to join... of course I wanted those Leg Love gift bag!

One of my #LegLoveMoment #Contest entry! I'm truly indeed a Leg Love Super Fashionista Fan! LOL!

And last Thursday, I was so surprised to receive a Twitter mention alert from no other than @LegLove congratulating me that I won! OMG! I'm so happy!?! Who wouldn't be?!

Actually, this is the first time I won something online. LOL! I'm so excited to get my #LegLoveKit nextweek! Starting my 2013 right?!

Thanks Leg Love! You'll definitely see me wearing more of your pretty tights especially now that I have a new Leg Love Kit to pick up! More more Leg Love by City Lady coming soon!! Don't we just love those pretty tights, right?!

Come on, congratulate me! LOL! I'm such a happy girl now!

Toreishi's #OOTD-ing Kansai ( Winter '12/'13 Edition!)

Toreishi #OOTD-ing Kansai in below 0°C?! My favorite #OOTD Photo in Kobe!

I have said this time and again... How critical it is for me to pack... This time it was thrice the effort since this trip was #1) with Atreyu #2) our first Winter Trip and #3) I am such a heavy packer! LOL! I must say it took me a couple more hours to dress-up and get ready going out on Winter. I found it even a bit stressful! I love layering... But layering in WINTER is EXTREME! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hat Love: Misha Janette wears Tiara by Tracy Dizon!

Misha Janette wearing Tiara by Tracy Dizon at the Armani Eccentrico at the Armani Tower in Ginza, Tokyo
Photo by Mamie Tanabe for TfD
Gomen nasai for repeatedly posting this on my Twitter, Tiara by Tracy Dizon Facebook Page and all my social networks. I'm just like a stage-mom to a child feeling so proud to see of my Tiara-babies worn by one of my favorite Fashion Journalist / Stylist / Designer (and more) Misha Janette of Tokyo Fashion Diaries

Tracy's Dear Diary: OMG I have A LOT of Catching-up to do! Happy 2013!

January 1, 2013 ~ Happy New Year from Kyoto! More photo overload to come in the next coming days!
OMG! Words aren't enough to express how much I missed my blog and my computer!! Hello World! It's 2013!! I finally got myself a time to sit down and update EVERYTHING and yes... I am not even half-way through everything... Right-after our Kansai Trip on New Year's Eve, I went back straight to Tiara work... I'm not complaining at all! Haha! But I really missed writing... It's like my relaxation... Talking to myself and overdecorating my photos!