Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On-board Osaka Bound on New Year's Eve~

December 31, 2012 ~ Tracy and Atreyu on a cab ride to NAIA 2: OSAKA Bound!
Up until Atreyu & I came back to Manila, we were still in awe and couldn't believe that we traveled together in Japan. It's like our ultimate dream... It's even better 'coz Taka was with us on a very special holiday. I couldn't be anymore happier... but I must say  I couldn't be happier than Atreyu... Atreyu was in total bliss! It was the best Christmas & New Year surprise that we never thought would even happen anytime soon! This trip would definitely be memorable for Atreyu for a very long time.

January 2007 ~ Atreyu's first overseas trip! Hongkong! he was barely 3 years old! 
It was 6 years ago since Atreyu's last overseas trip... He was barely 3 years old then... But I knew then that he will be a little wanderlust like his Momma... At his young toddler age, he vividly still remembers where we stayed... (It was Marco Polo Hotel in Kowloon, Hongkong and he believes my youngest brother Marco owns it because he's named after Marco Polo Hotel! LOL!)... He still remembers the places we went to and the endless walking we had to endure... It is Hongkong!

This time he's even more active and more curious with the world... He always wanted to see Japan... He's so curious with little things like soda vending machines, operating the train ticket machines, seeing the Japanese groceries and checking out the video games of course.  Since my first trip to JPN, I've always wished Atreyu came along... And this time, I feel so fulfilled and complete to finally take him with me and Taka.

Flying to Osaka on New Year's Eve Day is one happy memory I will always remember and someday when he's all grown-up, he'd probably laugh at himself so hard with how funny and excited he was preparing for this trip.

Atreyu anticipating the arrival of our plane!

Our flight was set around 2:00 pm... and we arrived so dandy and early at 11:00 am. So of course we had a long time waiting at the gate... Well better to wait than late! 

Early birds! We were first at the NAIA 2 check-in counter!
Waiting at the NAIA Gate N1 while charging my iPhone~

I spent an hour or so charging my easily-drained-iPhone to make sure I could at least use it upon landing Osaka. Kansai International Airport has free and very much functioning WiFi... I'd need to let Taka know our arrival... since we have to rendezvous in Kobe. Kobe is approximately an hour busride away from Osaka.

Our fun and quirky passport covers! Thanks to my jetsetter friend, Jane for that super fun Air Mail Passport Cover and MamaCaw for my Pink Kawaii Japanese Passport Cover!
I'm such a clutter-brain Mommy, that I always have to find a table and a seat just to organize out travel documents. It always gets lost inside my bag. So what else can we do while waiting? Take photos of course! We have to entertain ourselves while waiting for several hours... We manage to take some #OOTD of each other...

Tracy's #OOTD

Atreyu's #OOTD: My Little Dapper Boy haha!
We actually were "Argyle Themed", Atreyu's always fun and cute... He wanted to look "dapper" he says. So he really opted to wear that blazer. He told me, "I wanna look like a 'Businessman'" (He got that from Adventure Time... haha!)

Eventually, Atreyu got so bored already... Having some few minutes delay... But the good thing about flying with a child is we are always first to go on board! No more lines! Haha!

We were actually the first passengers on board... Atreyu indeed is the most excited passenger of Philippine Airlines PR 408! We were on board right after the pilots and the flight crew! Haha!

Atreyu and our beloved lucky cat named "Okaeri Neko" were both cozy in our seats... We couldn't leave Okaeri Neko all alone at home on New Year! Atreyu wanted to sit by the window seat so he could see the clouds... So both of them sit by the window.

Atreyu and our beloved lucky cat named "Okaeri Neko"

I always want to seat by the window... but I want Atreyu to see the view... Although we were nearby the wing... We at least got some view. Atreyu can-hardly-wait that he kept asking every 3 minutes... "Are we flying already? Are we there yet?" (Atreyu, the engine hasn't started even yet! Haha!)

Atreyu got the Window Seat!
Our view from our window... Ittekimasu, Manila! 

After a few hours Atreyu got a good nap but still kept on asking... "Are we there yet?" Eventually, he even doubted we were even moving and asked me... "Hey~ Are we even moving? Are we flying?" Atreyu has the funniest comments. Good thing he was a bit distracted with the in-flight meal.Oh what a joy for Atreyu! The in-flight meal served was Pork Tonkatsu and that is his favorite meal! It's the only Japanese meal he really likes...

Atreyu's favorite: PORK TONKATSU!
The typical "In-flight Meal" Photo... Haha! Oh yes... We can't miss that! BTW, I love the salad in this meal. Itadakimasu!

Almost nearing Osaka... Atreyu and I noticed the dawning sky view on board... It was marvelous. It was the last sunset of 2012 and we are seeing the one of the most beautiful night sky we have ever seen...

The last sunset of 2012... Our best view in our Osaka bound flight.
❤ One of the best sky-views I've seen. I'm so glad I saw this with Atreyu... 

We can already feel the temperature dropping and I got us geared up for our first winter. Oh boy... I hope I can manage the extreme cold weather!? Haha!

Atreyu got a little quesy and got some ear pain from the air pressure. He can barely smile for the photos! That's one thing I don't like about plane rides... The ear-air-pressure! @_@ NASTY!

But finally he didn't have to wait any much longer... We have already landed! But OMG... It was 4°C?! Too cold! Haha! But Atreyu seemed fine though... He was just excited with everything...

Train transfer in KIX! We have finally arrived!

Everything went smoothly upon arriving Osaka... Atreyu kept laughing at me grabbing our luggage from the baggage carousel because he thinks I'm to frail to do that... Haha! We had to put on some additional layers and oil ourselves because it was really colder than I imagined... But the best thing is we have finally arrived! Tadaima, Osaka!

Tadaima, Osaka! Atreyu's first time in Kansai International Airport! 
... Just a bus ride away to Sannomiya, Kobe to meet Taka! Our first winter night on New Year's Eve in Japan. We still can't believe it really happened.

... つづく


  1. hahaha .. ang cute naman nang son mo. nung 1st time ako punta sa japan. ako den na fascinated sa vending machines. LOL> _<

    buti kapa nakapunta ka nang osaka!

    1. Yeah haha! Atreyu is so funny and I was really amused... and I'm not saying that just because I'm his mom... LOL! He's really funny... He was so restless!

      Those vending machines makes you wanna buy things you don't really need just because of the lights. Haha!

      Osaka is nice! Although, I love and know the works around Tokyo better... I get anxious going around Kansai because on my last trip to Osaka~ Some creepy Old Nihonjin Man followed me all the way to my hotel and kept asking me to come with him! @_@ I was so traumatized!! But I love Osaka's food and relatively it's cheaper to go around Kansai than in Tokyo!

  2. each photo has each stroy. your pictures are always amazing. like it is talking. that is so nice. I like them all

    1. Well I made it look like a comics type may be that's why?

  3. Hey Tracy!! Oh my gosh this is one of my favourite blogs of yours hehe. Atreyu seems soooo funny!! And he looked EXTREMELY "dapper" in his outfit, what a lil spunk ^_^ Your outfit was gorgeous too! I love your tee! So funny that he kept asking if you were there when the plane hadn't even taken off haha. Cute that he was so excited! (Mind you, that will be me when Nath and I go...I've only been on a plane a few times but never overseas!) Nath has been to Europe before though.

    Does it take you long to get to Japan from Manila? I think it will take us around 9ish a few movies, food, some magazines and a nap, and I think I'll be right lol.

    Love Emmy oxox

    1. Thanks Emmy for your lovely comments! I really enjoy your comments! Yeah, Atreyu is so funny and over-excited! LOL!

      Japan from Manila is 4-5hours... But one time I tried a connecting flight from Manila to Hongkong to Tokyo... Took me 6-7hours! Haha! But it's okay... sight seeing at airports is fun for me... especially in Japan Airports!

      Oh you will be so excited! I can imagine! 9 hours plane would be great to complete TV Series on board... Hope you'll have a good selection of on-board shows! ^_*

  4. If we three had a flight together, it would have been really nice.


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