Monday, January 28, 2013

Toreishi + Atoreyu's New Kind of New Year's Eve in Japan!

Taka + Toreishi in Hyogo-shi, Kobe! Akemashite omedetou!

Atreyu and I are so lucky to experience to spend (the most important holiday in Japan... ) the New Year's Eve in Japan just in the nick of time... Literally! Since we arrived Osaka on New Year's Eve Evening! Nihon New Year is a whole new experience for Atreyu and me... I've never experieced New Year's Eve elsewhere in the world but in the Philippines... It's reallly a new cultural experience and learning for me. More so, I couldn't be anymore thankful we are celebrating New Year Year with Taka... There's nothing better spending holidays with my two best boys... Now that's the best.

December 31, 2011 ~ LAST YEAR: Atreyu and his Cousin Edge playing with some sparkling firecrackers! Happy New Year!
In the Philippines we are accustomed with a very very very loud and bangin' New Year's Eve. Firecrackers EVERYWHERE! Parties in The Fort, some midnight countdowns and the whole "partey peeps"~ Pinoy Style ~ ^_^

Before coming to Japan, I imagined Japanese New Year looking like this photo...
December 31, 2011 ~ Tokyo New Year's Eve filled with Balloons! It thought New Year's Eve in Japan will look like this everywhere! LOL! 
Every New Year, I always see this kind of New Year's Eve Photo in Japan... Not so much like the Philippines' fireworks explosion but still fun and festive. Those balloons seems a refreshing sight to see... (But Kareshi said he has never seen this kind of New Year's Eve in Japan! Haha!) So much more I wanna dress up nicely for it! Haha!  But I overlooked the fact that it's gonna be so cold! 

Actually, I was really hoping to dress-up a little bit festive. Hehe. I have totally no idea it's gonna be so unbearably freezing cold! 

I wanted to wear this for NEW YEAR'S EVE! Haha!
December 29, 2012 ~ IG Post: Super goo
d buy from Forever 21!
This gold sequined dress is 50% off!
.... And of course my Misha Janette T O K O N E Tights!
December 25, 2012 ~ IG Post:
Woot!! Merry Christmas!! So excited for my Misha Janette tights!! Kareshi got it for me for Xmas!! So excited to wear it soon!

BUT NO!!! I ended-up wearing all my scarves and bundling myself up in layers of clothes upon arriving Kansai! LOL! So much with my imaginary festive and glittery fashion for New Year's Eve! Haha... This is how I ended up wearing...
THIS! Covered in LAYERS! LOL!!

Upon arriving KIX... We headed straight to a busride going to Sannomiya, Kobe. It's an hour long bus-ride going there from KIX... I didn't get to take much photos in the busride because I didn't wanna disturb the old people in the ride... I just got to sneak a few snaps...

December 31, 2012 ~ Busride from KIX to Kobe and some view of Osaka at night...
Finally we arrived in Kobe and met Kareshi by the BUS STOP. I love how easily it is to meet anyone in Japan that you don't need to worry you won't find them... Hehe. We had to ride a short train ride to Hyogo Station. Atreyu was so excited of course... It was his first train ride in Japan!

Atreyu was so excited to ride the train! 
Taka didn't take a seat because he had to hold the luggage we have LOL!

The thing with New Year Holiday in Japan... Since it's a very special hoilday... Hmmm... Well, most restaurants and stores are closed from December 31st to January 1st. BOOO. Haha! Since we arrived in Kobe around past 9:30pm... The only open establishment was  ~コンビニ... Konbini (konbiniensu sutoa = convenience stores) ... I love the convenience store in Japan!  Even Konbini celebrates New Year!
Happy New Year Cards in Lawson! I got some to send out for everyone! Haha! Some nice omiyage from Japan!
Even knick-knacks are celebrating New Year... those are Snake-like figurines I think (?)
In Japan, Christmas knick-knacks and trinkets gets scrapped-out quickly right after Christmas in time for New Year! I found these at the SALE racks... Hello Kitty Christmas Bags!
Atreyu found a Xmas Milky bag! Haha! He loves those!

We tried to look for any open restaurant for dinner but the only open restaurant around our area was ガスト兵庫駅前店 (Cafe Restaurant Gasuto in Hyogo Station) It's a Family Style Restaurant... Like Jonathan's in Tokyo, they both remind me of the American diner... Denny's. I like it because it's a bit homey... The food is not actually Japanese... but seems not too Western as well.... May be Western-Japanese Meal combination?
Cafe Restaurant Gasuto, Hyogo-ku, Kobe homey family restaurant... OPEN 24 hours! 
Atreyu contemplating whar he will have for dinner... and yes... FRIED CHICKEN AGAIN!
We are so old. We are actually sleepy... On New Year's Eve!? LOL!
We just had these photos as memories of the New Year's Eve... Haha! Aside from my over-decorations, it was just a simple last dinner for 2012 for us. It was nice. Nice simple dinner for the three of us... Atreyu was yet again happy, he got himself his usual Fried Chicken... Yes, that's all he eats and Tonkatsu... We're in Japan and he still eat fried chicken! :-/
Atreyu and  his Fried Chicken Meal. He didn't want me to take a photo  of it and he just wanted to eat it already! Haha!

But of course I couldn't miss taking photos of mine and Kareshi's LOL... Photo freak is me. Haha!
I just love the seafood salad in vinaigrette anywhere in the world! Haha! 
I dunno why I always order this... It's diced Tuna and  Nori with rice... 

Kareshi always likes pasta... So he got himself some baked zitti of some sort...
Kareshi's last dinner of 2012... Pasta! 

After our dinner, it was almost midnight... We walked back to our cozy hotel but the temperature even dropped to 0°C-2°C?! Whaaa! First night in Japan and in extreme coldness?! 
Our cozy hotel lobby... Kobe Luminous Hotel was a nice place we stayed at... Oh was I glad to arrive here after a cold walk outside!
We could have headed to the nearest Temple/ Shrine for New Year's Eve countdown... But since Atreyu and I had a very long day flying from Manila to Osaka then a bus ride to Kobe... and since the shocking cold winter is extreme... We just headed back to our hotel and had a good bonding time together with Atreyu and Taka. Greeted everyone, "Happy New Year from Kobe!" and a good night sleep. It was nice. 

A Simple greeting from us from Kobe... Happy New Year from Kobe from Toreishi, Taka and Atoreyu!
After all, we planned on heading to Kyoto early morning for New Year's Day! A very different New Year's Eve for Atreyu & I...  A very quiet and mellow night New Year's Eve from Kobe!


Akemashite omedetou, everyone from Kobe from Toreishi, Taka and Atoreyu!


  1. the hotel looks so romantic dear!! How i wish i was in the philippines lat new year too! missing the banging fireworks hehe. So quiet and lonely here haha but anyway we're planning to be there this 2013 hopefull fingerscrossed! xx

    1. Haha! You surely are homesick for the PH! I actually enjoyed the quiet New Year's Eve contrast to a bangin' New Year in Manila! Let's meet when you visit PH!

  2. i like the hotel. it looks nice ^__^!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in japan. i always enjoy the scenery there even though i always ended up shopping.. =(

    1. Isn't JPN one of the best place to travel?! Hey, don't be sad! I'd rather shop anytime than tour around... hahaa! I just do sight-seeing because I don't wanna spend too much LOL hahaha!

  3. It was a really cold winter but we had nice time there.


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