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Toreishi's #OOTD-ing Kansai ( Winter '12/'13 Edition!)

Toreishi #OOTD-ing Kansai in below 0°C?! My favorite #OOTD Photo in Kobe!

I have said this time and again... How critical it is for me to pack... This time it was thrice the effort since this trip was #1) with Atreyu #2) our first Winter Trip and #3) I am such a heavy packer! LOL! I must say it took me a couple more hours to dress-up and get ready going out on Winter. I found it even a bit stressful! I love layering... But layering in WINTER is EXTREME! 

Before flying for our trip, I asked advice from my sister, Stacy, in New York about winter clothes... She told me she wears 4 layers of tights on average going out... At first I found it extreme... but I didn't realize... I wore 7 LAYERS of TIGHTS on the average?! 

It even came to a point that it was too cold to take photos! I literally just kept my hands inside my pocket! It was too cracking cold to touch my camera nor my iPhone! Imagine that?!

This was our FIRST WINTER... Definitely, memorable and a whole new #OOTD-ing challenge and experience! But... as the saying goes... "TIIS GANDA!"  (~ "Beauty over Pain!") I can't compromise my fashion over comfort! LOL! Even if it takes me waking up 5:00 in the morning just to prepare my clothes and dress-up! Haha! 

If I could advise some Winter-Must-Have's... I could probably advise these:

1) UNIQLO Heattech is a MUST HAVE! I can't believe how useful and how effective Heattech is! From 7 layers of tights that I wear... I got to reduce my layers to 4! Light thermal wear like Heattech can really be helpful and useful so you wouldn't compromise  style...

2) A Scarf is a MUST... I always thought scarf may be just some ornamental item... or just some supplemental accessory but as I breathe the cold-air I no matter how bundle-up you may be, the cold will get into your face... 

3) Accessorize with interesting Bonnets and outer Coats... no matter how detailed the layering your wear... The only pieces that would matter is the top most layer! Haha! You may play around bonnets and tights... and if it's not too bulky... outer coats!

4) For Touch-Screen Smart Phone Users: You'd really need a cozy Touch Panel Glove! I swear this is a must! You wouldn't want to expose your hands every now and then from texting in the cold winter weather! This is a lifesaver!

January 4, 2013 ~ Cozy Touch Panel Gloves at Tokyu Hands, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
5) To add colors to any thermal tights~ Of course I'd definitely recommend... More, more, more colorful and printed tights! It's one hot item in Japan! Since being bundled up with so many clothes! It's one piece of clothing that would keep my winter wardrobe fun and fashionable! Colorful tights made my #OOTD's Happier!

Don't I just love those happy colored tights?! LOVE!! I ♡HUE Leg Love!
My very own MISHA JANETTE T O K O N E Tights!! I was saving this for a dressier occassion (like New Year's Eve?) but I didn't get to wear it! Haha! But I love love love this!!
Anyways... without further ado... Haha! Sorry I talk alot! I had too many things to say about my first winter... Here's my very much efforted... "TIIS GANDA" #OOTD's for this trip! Haha! Thanks BTW, to my imoutosans Liley and Theia for lending me extra-winter clothes! I love that I have sisters I can share fashion pieces with!

DAY 1: New Year's Eve on Board flying to Osaka!

December 31, 2012 ~ Last #OOTD of 2012... Since we were flying to Osaka from Manila, I still didn't know what to expect with the weather... I was already wearing several layers of clothes... but I had to add more upon reaching Kansai International Airport! It was a goodness gracious 4°C?! I was so shocked how my face was numb of coldness. But I managed anyways... in style of course! LOL!

And may be because of my hard-over-decorating-effort my photos... My favorite photo-editing app... SNAPEEE featured my DAY 1 Photo and made it to the POPULAR PHOTO on Snapeee! Whaaa! I can't believe I got almost 900 Likes now! Haha! It's a childish-simple-joy... But it truly made my day! Haha!

January 10, 2013 ~ WOW! First time for me!! I was in Snapeee's Japan Kawaii Popular Photos! Haha!
 DAY 2: Happy New Year from Kyoto!

January 1, 2013 ~ I knew it would be much colder in Kyoto since we planned on visiting the outdoor temples of Fushimi Inari Shrine... I actually wanted to put on my favorite Kamikazari... (for more Kyoto~traditional~nature feel #OOTD) but I couldn't even attempt to remove my bonnet!

I wanted to wear this but it's too cold!! haha!
I think not only did going to Kyoto for New Year cleansed me... It think it also brought me super GV Good luck! Well, this news deserves a whole new blog post here... But I'm so happy I won the #LegLoveMoment #Contest by Leg Love by City Lady! My effort for my "fashowns" is finally paying off! Haha!

DAY 3: Shin Shun Sale in Kobe!

January 2, 2013 ~ If U.S. has Black Friday Madness Sale... Japan has Shin Shun Sale (New Year Sale) I didn't expect to encounter swarm of crowd in Kobe! But anyways, what matters most is that this day was 7°C... I got to wear a thinner coat... I was so relieved coz it really fit my whole look. Haha!

I got to wear my fave Betsey Johnson bag while strutting the fancy shops of Sannomiya, Kobe! Haha! I didn't find any sale though since we strolled around Chanel, Tsumori Chisato and Louis Vuitton... Even if those store are in 80% sale... it would still cost a fortune! But i definitely fit those fancy shops! Haha!

I loved the window display design of Barney's New York, Kobe... Love the Rock 'n Roll feel! With the Rolling Stones at and Mirrorballs! I love it so much! Fits my Black, white and red colors! I love houndstooth patterns BTW. This is my fave look BTW... The linear patterns of my tights and the houndstooth pattern is interesting! Am I a tights geek or what?! Haha!

DAY 4: Kobe Port Tower in -3°C?!?

January 3, 2013 ~ Was the coldest day in our trip... It was a friggin' 3°C Degrees at lunch time! That was the hottest for this day... It even went below 0°C?! OMG! Well this time as much as I wanna do my fashion... I ended up looking so bloated! I wore the thickest sweaters I have... Anyways it didn't matter this time... I had to close my coat anyways! But I wore a different tights this time... How about a metallic one? Haha!

DAY 5: Shinsaibashi, Osaka Weekend!

January 4, 2013 ~ Osaka weekend is my favorite! I wanted to wear more colorful or at least more fun colors! I'm always excited I get to wear those fun Leg Love tights again! I felt a little lighter that I got to use my pink platform sneakers! Haha!

DAY 6: Ittekimasu Nippon! >_<

January 5, 2013 ~ My last #ootd before flying back to Manila... It was a dreadful moment for me walking to Hyogo Station catching the early 6:00am Airport bus to KIX ! We were up and about at past 5:00am! Whaaaa cold!!! Once we got to check in for our flight I loosen some of my coats and layer haha! It was a bipolar adjustment once I got back to Manila with Heattech underneath my Polka Pants!

It was definitely a new and different experience for me to travel in winter... Since I get easily cold... It's an accomplishment! I even bagged a win from Leg Love and made it to the popular photos of Snapeee! WOOT! WOOT! I finished a whole bottle of baby oil to keep my skin moisturized and lots of Chapstick too! What's surprising...? Atreyu wasn't half as cold as I was! What?! 

I think it would be fun to make Atreyu's own #OOTD blog post as well... Let me check if I took enough Atreyu #OOTD's haha! That would be fun!


  1. It was cold even for me. this winter is very hard so you are lucky because next time you come to Japan in winter, it should be milder haha. i cant believe you had 7 layers of tights. how come 7 layers can fit in legs haha

    1. Whahahaha! You are in utter confusion haha! SEVEN Layers fit my legs because they're too thin! Haha!

  2. You wore like 7 layers of heattech tights and everyone was jealous because your legs were really skinny


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