Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tracy's Dear Diary: OMG I have A LOT of Catching-up to do! Happy 2013!

January 1, 2013 ~ Happy New Year from Kyoto! More photo overload to come in the next coming days!
OMG! Words aren't enough to express how much I missed my blog and my computer!! Hello World! It's 2013!! I finally got myself a time to sit down and update EVERYTHING and yes... I am not even half-way through everything... Right-after our Kansai Trip on New Year's Eve, I went back straight to Tiara work... I'm not complaining at all! Haha! But I really missed writing... It's like my relaxation... Talking to myself and overdecorating my photos!

Winter was nasty for my skin too! I went back with lots of rashes all over my body! Buhu... It's hard to be "fashown" with seven layers of clothes ha! Haha! I needed to extra-moisturize my skin and lips coming back to Manila! But I'm fine now... It's a first winter for me and Atreyu so it was an adjustment!

Winter Rash ~ My neck was so itchy and gross! buhuhu >_< 
The downside of winter... It's so dry and so nasty with human skin!! 
I can't wait to start my Kansai Winter Trip Blogs soon! It surely was a very blessed year having to spend a special holiday with Taka and Atreyu. I couldn't be anymore thankful with the chance to be with them both... (But most of the time they had too much fun that they left me out... BOYS WILL BE BOYS!)

January 1, 2013 ~ Trainride going back to Kobe from our temple visit in Kyoto... Taka & Atreyu are so cozy with each other! Huhuhu! Sit beside me too you two!! Haha!
I must admit I got very cranky several times because I felt so unrewarded without my relaxed blog-time! Haha! Now I realized... I have come to ween-off smoking and found another addiction... blogging. LOL. My dearest Kareshi has been the worst victim of my crankiness. Gomen nasai... It's a girl thing. Sorry my dear kareshi. LOL. Now that I have acquired my laptop again... I'll be all happy and jolly again! Haha!

I tried to do some manual diary writing... but my apartment got too messy with stickers and cut-outs! Haha! I can't afford to be messy now especially in the middle of client deliveries. Huhu. But it's okay... I just love writing very much! 

I had to resort to manual diary writing... But there aren't enough stickers and washi tape to decorate them like my virtual photo diaries! Haha!
I'm also in search of another supplemental 2012 Planner since my new TSUMORI CHISATO PLANNER is too small (But I love it anyways!)

My Betsey Johnson 2012 is still the best planner I've ever had! Haha! I will miss it dearly TSUMORI CHISATO 2013 Planner is just a monthly one so I need another Weekly supplement! Any Quirky - Kawaii suggestions?
I am so excited with a lot of things to come for 2013! I can't catch up anymore! But I'm overwhelmed with good vibes! First off, I participated with Rainbowholic Kaila-chan's Birthday (January 2013) Giveaway! Since that Hello Kitty Ears & Bow headpiece garnered a lot of attention since Maxene Magalona worn it last Halloween... I decided to make some more few pieces and sell it exclusively in Kaila's Rainbowholic Shop in Japan!   

Rainbowholic Giveaway for January 2013! Woot! Hello Kitty Love from Tiara by Tracy Dizon!
Lovin my Hello Kitty Headpiece? Share this photo in Facebook! Check out Kaila's HUGE Giveaway!
Tiara Hello Kitty Bow + Ears now EXCLUSIVELY Available at The Rainbowholic Shop
Please check out Kaila's BIG Giveaway! She's has been working so hard for this for all her very loyal readers from all over the world! Yet again, I'm even so happy to be a part of her giveaway and she also tapped into a lot of awesome kawaii cool brands! 

In other happy news, I'm so proud and happy to be featured in The Japan Foundation. Manila's newly developed Facebook Page for Japan Culture enthusiasts... Kultura Nippon!

Kultura Nippon owned by The Japan Foundation, Manila

Please follow it on Facebook for a lot of interesting features about Japan Culture and I'm so happy they featured a few of my travel-blog-posts in Tokyo! 

I'm so honored to be part of Kultura Nippon's Japan Culture sharing! I always enjoy sharing my trips especially in Japan! Check it out HERE
Not one... but TWO of my Travel Blog was featured! My favorite activity... GROCERY SHOPPING in Tokyo was also featured! Check it out HERE!
I feel closer to Japan everyday! 2013 Goal: Tiara by Tracy Dizon (and Tracy & Atreyu, too) in Tokyo! Let's go!! Let's go pixiedusts!!

So many good things coming and it's just the 3rd week of January! Definitely more updates to come! I have tons of Tiara by Tracy Dizon great news and milestones coming! I'm gonna be hosting my first giveaway for fun for my Tiara by Tracy Dizon 3rd Year Anniversary and whole lots of updates! I couldn't be anymore grateful! I just wish I could savor everything in slow-motion! Haha!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. Sorry you felt left out somehow... 2013 would be your year. im sure you will enrich your career this year so please keep yourself up. Work hard, try hard, and play hard. happy new year

    1. Well, it's okay.. You two are boys... Boys are always leaving out girls!! HUHU so mean! Haha!

      Thanks for your support always! You inspire me to do my best~ you and Atreyu <3

  2. i love the hello kitty bow!!:) can't to see more happenings for you this 2013!! cute overdecorated photos btw!;)

    1. Happy New Year Hot Momma Ava!! You know I really admire you for continuing on school and juggling motherhood~ I know how it felt! It felt like you're WonderWoman! haha!

      Wish you good vibes and more supermomma powers conquering it all this year! Haha! (I love overdecorating my pics haha it's an addiction!)

  3. Wow.. those are cute! Im so glad that you went to see your kareshi. I miss Japan.

    Anyways, I haven't used Japanese for 2 years. Im surprised I still remember after all these years. My japanese suck now.. But I'll try to study harder!!! Hahaha..

    1. Thank you! You should visit JPN! And go shopping!! Haha! Study hard! You can do it!

  4. I always made you feel left out. I am sorry.


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