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Konnichiwa, Hello Kitty! (Kansai Winter Edition)

Hello Kitty random find in Kansai! (I'm giving one of this away! Coming soon!)
Gomen nasai~ I have been neglecting my regular kawaii photoblog... (I actually have several pending Hello Kitty posts that I haven't finished writing yet... So sorry!) But I promised myself to catch up and take lots of SUPER KAWAII HELLO KITTY for our Nihon New Year Kansai Winter Trip! I always enjoy looking for Hello Kitty anywhere... And where else could I find the cutest random Hello Kitty stuff but in JPN! I enjoy posting photo-blogs like this! This is for all my fellow Hello Kitty lover everywhere in the world! haha!

Post X-Mas Hello Kitty on SALE
First Hello Kitty sighting was still a remnant of Christmas... These two poor little Hello Kitty Xmas Bags are set aside on the SALE rack of a convenient store in Kobe nearby our hotel... Huhu... I feel sympathetic for them that I wanna buy them. Haha. What an excuse to buy them? Haha! Belated Merry Christmas, Hello Kitties... Hope you were both sold to 
December 31, 2012 ~ Our first Hello Kitty sighting  (Kansai Winter Trip) and last Hello Kitty sighting of 2012... Poor little Hello Kitty Xmas Bags on sale rack at the konbini!
Poor little Hello Kitties! (I wonder what's inside?) I really hope they were sold out and not disposed! NOOOOO! 0_0

Akemashite omedetou, Hello Kitty-chan!

It was so much fun to see Hello Kitty everywhere on New Year's Day! I most especially loved the Hello Kitty racks in most コンビ二 ~Konbini (konbiniensu sutoa = convenience stores) It's like you can get kawaii dose of Hello Kitty in every corner of Japan! Haha! I took this photo at the nearby Lawson Konbini from our hotel in Hyogo-ku, Kobe. It's such a joy to just stay and check out all the Hello Kitty merchandise. I like how Hello Kitty is so fashionable and all dressed up for New Year!

January 1, 2013 Lawson Tsukamoto-dori, Hyogo-ku, Kobe ~It's so fun and cute that even コンビ二 ~ Konbini stores like Lawson have kawaii Hello Kitty shop racks like this! It's always a joy window shopping and shopping-shopping in JPN!
January 1, 2013 Lawson Tsukamoto-dori, Hyogo-ku, Kobe ~ This Hello Kitty is so sophisticated wearing a black bow! I like it!
Hello Kitty Pochibukuro & Hagaki
New Year is such a big holiday that brings a lot of customary practices in Japan... Just like the "Aguinaldo" on Christmas in the Philippines or "Ampao" for the Chinese New year, in Japan it is called, "Otoshidama". It's the tradition when adults give money gifts to children on New Year. What I'm fascinated about this custom is the practice of handing over the money placed in a pretty decorated envelopes called... "Pochibukuro". I so adored this super kawaii Hello Kitty Pochibukuro, I thought it was just a bookmark but... it's a super cute envelope apparently with small stickers! Whaaa! It's too cute!
This cute Hello Kitty is a Pochibukuro... It's a pretty envelop called Pochibukuro!
There were a lot of New Year Hagaki (Postcards) everywhere! Y'all must know I have a love for postcards all over the world! What's so interesting about these New Year Hagaki is the postal fee is free! Like you can just send them (within Japan Postc-offices) and you don't need to pay anything anymore! Don't I wish all postal services have these kind of holiday promo for everyone! haha! Mochiron, what caught my attention was Hello Kitty in the middle of all the pretty postcards! 
Hello Kitty Postcard! In the five times I've been to JPN, it was a rare time to find a Hello Kitty Postcard! Even in Sanrio Puroland I didn't find any! So I got these of course!

Good news is I reserved few of this postcards to share with my up-coming Tiara Turns Three (Third Anniversary Giveaway  and Omiyage Giveaway!) I'm excited about it because it's actually my first time to host a giveaway! 

SUPER KAWAII Hello Kitty Omiyage from Kansai!

Hello Kitty in Kyoto!
As I've recently posted "Street Shopping in Kyoto", I was so fascinated with some home-made Hello Kitty (and other kawaii Sanrio characters, too!) Lollipops! They really love so pretty, I wouldn't want to eat them!
January 1, 2013  Fushimi Inari Taisha Market, Kyoto ~ Found these SUPER KAWAII Hello Kitty Lollipops! I wouldn't want to eat them! TOO PRETTY!

Of course, tourist spots like the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto wouldn't be complete without Hello Kitty souvenir items like these! I love that Hello Kitty is wearing a traditional Kimono since she's in Kyoto! Always well dressed at the right place!

January 1, 2013  Fushimi Inari Taisha Market, Kyoto ~ Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty in a Bookstore
I love hanging-out at any bookstores in Japan, not only because for the fashion magazines, but just because I find so many cute things... and of course I found a cute Hello Kitty children's book. There were a lot of Hello Kitty planners, diaries and more... but (PLEASE NOTE) I stole a shot of all these photos in Japan... it's not usually allowed to take photos at stores hehe. Yeah sneaky me! LOL!
Hello Kitty Moving Book!

Hello Kitty in Konbini Finds!
Since it's winter, gloves are easily found at any konbini... Well, most gloves are just probably arounf 150-300 Yen... But since this simple black gloves has a Hello Kitty Bow design on it, it's sold for 800 Yen. Hehe. The power of Hello Kitty!
Heart-in Konbini, Hyogo-ku, Kobe ~ The power of Hello Kitty... Makin' a simple black glove cost 800Yen from 100-200 Yen typical glove cost! haha!
Oh these Hello Kitty bath sponges from the Family Mart are so adorable! So many Hello Kitty in different forms! Haha! Don't they just look so fun?
Family  Mart, Hyogo-ku-Kobe ~ Hello Kitty Bath Sponges!
Hello Kitty Candies
I think I also got this from a konbini, but totally  forgot where! Probably in Sannomiya, Kobe!  
Sweeth-tooth hoarding! 
Hello Kitty 2013 Diary
Gomen nasai! I almost forgot to post these cute Sanrio 2013 Diaries! There are just so many to choose from! 
(Almost forgot to post these!) Kawaii Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody 2013 Diaries! 

Furry Hello Kitty in Kansai Interenational Airport! (Osaka)
Before leaving Japan, we strolled around Kansai International Airport (KIX) and mochiron, we found yet again so kawaii Hello Kitties! This time Hello Kitty is all furry! Looking at these furry Hello Kitties makes me wanna lay beside them! Haha!

Oooooh so FURRY HELLO KITTY!January 5, 2013 ~ Kansai International Airport, Osaka
January 5, 2013 ~ Kansai International Airport, Osaka
Ooooh more fuzzy Hello Kitties!! They are so adorable! 
These furry Hello Kitties reminds me of my Tiara by Tracy Dizon Hello Kitty Headpiece design! Haha! (I'll be giving away one of this! Soon!)
Tiara by Tracy Dizon Hello Kitty Headpiece: My own outtake on Hello Kitty! Will be posting giveaway this week!
So there... These were some of the Hello Kitty sightings I've found in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto (Kansai Region) from my last trip. Which one's your fave? Mine is the Pochibukuro! I always have it in my diary and it always makes me smile for no reason... May be cute things have an effect on me like that! I actually enjoy these kind of photoblog! Haha! I'll be posting Maneki-Neko sightings (because we just love Maneki-Neko!) and Ado-chan, too! 


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    1. Thanks Momma A! Hello Kitty bring-out the Little Girls in everyone of us! Haha! Happy V-Day! ❤

  2. ahhhh too cute :) you're so lucky to have access to all these cuties!


    1. It's actually fun during trips, I try to restraint myself from impulsive shopping! Taking pics of cute things are fun! Haha!

  3. You have this cute, really happy tone in your writings and I can feel the joy just by reading! I've been toying with the thoughts of a trip to Kansai this time around instead of Tokyo, so your blog helps!

    1. Thanks for your comment and for reading my blogs! Kansai is also nice (but I like Tokyo more haha) I (hope) I can post more Kansai travel posts! So I can share some tips for you! ^_^ Hajimemashite!

  4. Hello Kitty Overload!
    Thank you for sharing us this wonderful post and hope that you could give some away :))
    ang cute! SOBRA!
    sana manalo po ako sa giveaway nyo :))
    I wanna win 2nd Prize

    1. Thanks for your comment Gillian! I hope you win too! Good luck! ^_^

  5. kuhhhh.. hello kitty madness~ <3
    i'm so jealous of japan, its seems like everywhere you look, you can find cuteness everywhere~~
    soon japan, soon..... :))

    1. It is really fun indeed! I di hope you can visit Japan soon!

  6. So much Hello Kitty! This post reminded me of when I went into a Sanrio shop in L.A a few years back and I just had an overload of all the Hello Kitty stuff, that I didn't end up buying anything because there was just to much want of everything! wish we had more Hello Kitty stuff in the U.K!!

    1. I know exactly how you feel of not buying anything because there was so much haha! I actually have that dilemma all the time in Japan! Haha! I'm actually interested with Zatchels in UK, since they have HK edition of Zatchels! Adorable! Ironically, Hello Kitty is English... There should be more HK stuff in UK!

  7. I love Hello Kitty! I would definitely go here if I go to Japan!

    1. You'll find lots of Hello Kitty everywhere in JPN for sure!

  8. You should get yourself more hello kitties for now, it is always fun actually.


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