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KUNG LUNG: Kakkoii Fun Shop in Nankinmachi Kobe Chinatown

Jannuary 3, 2013 ~ Found this super KAKKOII fun shop in Chinatown, Kobe!
Amidst the SHIN SHUN Sale madness, it was simply awesome that we ended up going around Chinatown (Nanjingtown) on our way to Center Gai in Sannomiya. I always wanted to check out the Chinatowns all over the world and of course I wouldn't miss checking out Chinatown in (Kobe) Japan! Mochiron, I think my Chinatown visit deserves a whole blog post... I want to start off my Kobe Chinatown adventure with a very unique and super cool shop that we found along the alleys of Kobe Chinatown... KUNG LUNG!

January 3, 2013 ~ Along the alleys  around Kobe Chinatown... we found this SUPER KAKKOII Store... KUNG LUNG!
KUNG LUNG, Nankinmachi, Nanjingtown (Chinatown), Motomachi, Kobe City

First of all, I wanna say that I wish I could have taken more photos than I did, but it was hard to sneak photos inside the shop since shopgirls were guarding us like a hawk. Haha! But at least I got some stolen snaps inside!

Kung Lung Store: COOL BRUCE LEE Costumes and Chinese Hats! 

What first caught my attention was the iconic Bruce Lee statue right outside the store! Bruce Lee being Chinese popular pop-icon, it looked so enticing to check-out the shop... There were A LOT of BRUCE LEE costumes indeed! Haha! Looks fun for Cosplaying! Haha!

BRUCE LEE STATUE! Haha! Passerby were attracted to have their photos taken with The Bruce Lee!
BRUCE LEE at Kung Lung Store in Nanjingtown

It was actually a spot where many passersby come and take a pose and take a few snaps. Everybody makes there fiercest Bruce Lee pose looking so tough. Haha! People were posing so funny!

This Japanese guy is feeling his pose as Bruce Lee very much! Haha! So funny!

I think it's a unique characteristic of this Kobe Chinatown to have a cool Pop-culture shop... I always thought of Chinatown as (a bit filthy) busy place with lots of Chinese food stores and groceries, super delish restaurants, lots of Cheongsam & Feng Shui stores and knickknacks... But I haven't seen a kakkoii shop like this (kinda reminds me of Village Vanguard)

Cute sultry pig in cheongsam as store display! It's so Pop here! Kakkoii!

I really wish I could have stolen more shots inside the store because the merchandise are so interesting! Kinky, funny, vintage and simply just trivial things from Chinese Pop Culture we found there!

What a naughty set of lighters! Why would anyone use this! Haha!

Found this cool toys that Atreyu enjoyed checking out! Some vintage looking swords and other weapon toys that boys enjoy...

There were cool vintage looking toys like this sword,  mascot heads and masks! Gomen nasai this was the only shot I've stolen inside!

There were also those Chinese Military style goods like bags, headgears and shirts... Mao Zedong items. I find them interesting because it reflects about Chinese contemporary culture, well, generally I just find integrating cultures to fashion items and accessories! 

Cool Chinese Military Uniform Fashion!
Some of the cool headgears from Kunglung Store!

I think it was a first time for me to actually see at sight those infamous Chinese Foot Binding Slippers... The Lotus Slippers! They are so small!

Lotus Slippers ~ Chinese Foot Binding Slippers! Gomen nasai for the bad angle! But they  were really small!

I actually felt I was in a Chinese Pop-culture museum! Haha! I really enjoyed this shop! The best buy I found here were these vintage Chinese postcards of beautiful Chinese Women! I just love the nostalgia feel of them! I'm such a sucker for postcards!

I just love these rare-find vintage Chinese Postcards!! 
It was fun to take home some fun stuff from Kung Lung Shop! Aside from the vintage postcards... I got myself those cute pin cushion I need for sewing haha! Those cute little Chinese kids! Atreyu found a cool wrestler's face mask he of course got it! He had a great time scaring off little girls haha!

Our little shopping loot from the cool shop, Kung Lung! 

We enjoyed window shopping and playing around with the toys there of course.   We had fun checking out this place! 

Atreyu & Taka making poses with Bruce Lee! Haha!
Atreyu checking out Kung Lung Shop
Okay as ridiculous as it may seem I must try on the BRUCE LEE Photo Stand! Haha!
This is my favorite place I found in Nankinmachi but definitely I enjoyed the other spots in Kobe Chinatown! More posts coming soon! But I must say I'm so proud and happy I found this place! I'll be checking this out everytime I come visit Kobe from now on!

Novelty Shop
Address: 2-9-11 Sakaemachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0023
Tel. No.: +81783325060

NANKINMACHI (Nanjingtown)
Kobe Chinatown 


  1. hahahaha you became bruce lee haha. it looks so funny. and i didn't know that sluty pig. where was it haha. you always more than me in japan haha

    1. Oh yeah! Atreyu and I came back the nextday so you didn't see me taking more photos! Haha! The slutty pig was just right outside! Beside the Bruce Lee Clothes! Haha! It's my favorite shop in Chinatown now! Bring me there again next time! Haha!

  2. cute sultry piggy and bruce lee! haha love the pix! xx

  3. uwaah~ some things are weird, some are super cool~!
    i don't really understand the japanese's fascination on Bruce Lee, 'coz i always see that Bruce Lee cosplay on various variety bangumi on Japan....

    china town in every country seems different but at the same time they feel the same~~

    1. Yeah! I wish I could haven't sneaked more snaps inside! It's a fun shop! Yeah, Japanese seems to have a fascination over Bruce lee! But he's pretty cool for an Asian to make it in Hollywood and immortalized icon... Probably because he's an Asian icon!

      Yeah! This is my third Chinatown ~ I've seen the old Chinatown in Manila and few years ago in London but Japan so far seems the cleanest! Haha!

  4. Bruce Lee HAHA XD I love how you always decorate all your photos!

    1. Haha! I'm pretty obsessed with over decorating my photos! It's like my DIY PURIKURA haha!

  5. I am also fond or Chinatowns.:) I wish I can come there too and he Bruce Lee costumes are awesome. Also, your pictures are very creative and fun looking, I think I will try decorating my own pictures too.

    1. Yeah Chinatowns are interesting! I made my first college history term paper aboutnchinatown too haha! Thanks! I enjoy over decorating my pics~ it's like how I see things in my pov ~ although it takes me super long time completing one single batch just decorating a photoset (>_<) haha!

  6. OMG! I really wanna go t KOBE!!! The fat pig is so cute I wanna take it home


    1. Yeah the sexy pig is the mascot for the Cheongsam Store haha! Still cute ^_^

  7. OH MY GEE! JAPAAAAAAAN! you're super duper cool Ms.Tracy! Kawaii! ^____^ It shows that you really enjoy your trip in Chinatown! HIHI. <3 This is really cool. :)

    1. Thank you! Hope you can still be updated with my blog! I'm gonna post more Chinatown blog in Kobe soon!

  8. Oh I remember this place and Atreyu was being a wrestler


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