Wednesday, February 13, 2013

❤♬ Now Every February... You'll be My Valentine... VALENTINE~♬❤

"Before you met me, I was a wreck... But things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life Now every February you'll be my Valentine, Valentine..."

-"Teenage Dream", Katy Perry
February 14, 2011 ~ My First Valentine's Day Card for (then) "Probably-may-be-future-BF"
 Now, looking back, for the 3rd Year... Taka has been my Valentine ❤

It all started with a Valentine's Day Card I made two years ago to a friend in Japan. Taka was (and still is) my favorite story-buddy. We often talk about travelling the world, he always enjoys my random stories about Atreyu, my odd and erratic stylist and designer job... And I just like to talk about my Haruki Murakami Novel obsessions to him... Even if he's not into reading fictional books, I just like to tell him about it. Now, looking back, it still smittens me remembering that "I-think-I-like-him-feeling". Yeah forgive the CHEESINESS! It's Valentine's Day! 

February 2011 ~ My Hot Mess and Haruki Murakami obsession 

If we even had a song... (if we're even cheesy like that) it'd be Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" just because every-time I hear that song, I always remember the line "Now every February... You'll be my Valentine... Valentine!" And true enough since my first "TRACY'S ULTIMATE ADVISE ON HOW TAKA WOULD GET A GIRLFRIEND" Valentine's Card... He had become my Valentine... for the third year in counting now. 

(Gomen nasai for the low resolution photos we were both using BlackBerry then)

He.He.He. Guess what? "Tracy's Ultimate Advise" was effective! Haha! He now has a bugging and nagging Girlfriend who's obsessed with making mementos of just about anything and everything. That is how we wanted it to be, build memories together.

August 2011 ~ My first visit to Kansai Region I used to make mementos like this every month. To keep all our memories together as our treasures.

Last year was our first Valentine's Day as BF/GF... It was disastrous! Haha! Cross-cultural relationships takes a lot of open mind and willingness to learn...(But sometimes we are both stubborn) It's not always easy! (Like those Nihongo Lessons I wanted to master but couldn't!) But I was actually excited to learn about the different Valentine's Day Practice in Japan and make my Kareshi those Honmei-Choko that I gladly obliged to make... But it was disastrous! Haha!

My disastrous Honmei-choko

Valentine's Day 2012~ Funny Valentine Card that I made like Romantic Film Strips
Valentines's Day 2012 ~ Romantic Film-themed Valentine's Day Card from last year.
May be I was in over-my-head that I'm living in a romantic novel... Like those Murakami Novels I've obsessed about then. It was way sky-high fairy-tale expectations! Haha! But I learned and gladly collected more memories to cherish and reminisce like this with Taka more than any other BF's I've had. Even if we are in an LDR, I couldn't ask for more but be closer to him. Despite the distance, we are as connected as any other typical couples are. I love how he's my motivation with every blog I make (I actually write my blogs to  keep him updated with my life and my works)... I am just glad. For the third time, he will be my Valentine.❤

August 2012 ~ I love this photo of us last summer in Sanrio Puroland, I think this was the most romantic photo of us for the year! Haha!  Hoping for more sweet dreamy photos like this with Kareshi 
Well, this time, I didn't attempt to make yet another disastrous Honmei Choko to spare him the risk of food poisoning! LOL! But I was so excited to get him interesting alternative gifts for the V-Day! Kareshi is so into coffee (WITH SO MUCH PASSION) he can talk about coffee for hours! Haha! So instead of making Honmei-Choko, I found him an interesting local coffee from the Philippines... Kapeng Barako! I'm really excited for this gift 'coz I enjoy him talking about his love for coffee... He sounds OLD! Haha! But it's a better alternative than my disastrous Honmei-Choko last year! Haha! 

Kapeng Barako: Strong local coffee from Batanggas, Philippines!

Ooooh... I found the funniest and bubbliest Valentine's Day Card! This is perfect because I always tease him with my shopping and it's the perfect funny card! Haha! (It has a sweet punchline message inside for surprise! Haha!)

Valentine's Day 2013 ~ For Kareshi!
I filled my Valentine's Gift Parcel for Kareshi with lots of sweets!  It's not really a hard task for me since I'm such a sucker for sweets! I just want Kareshi to feel extra special even far away I could send him all nice treats to make him smile on Valentine's Day! Atreyu gave Kareshi a bag of Haribo since he also wants to send a Valentine's Day Gift for Taka (yeah they're BFF's like that haha)

Sending our V-day Sweeties to Kareshi in Tokyo! Hehe. So fancy with that Ferrero Chocolates and some more other sweets! (BTW, he hasn't seen these gifts yet! haha!)
... And before I got to go the post-office  to ship-off my V-day gift, I even got him some fun pairs of socks! Haha! Because I love socks and tights so much! I actually think it's a fun gift suggestion for BF gifts! Haha! Elements Goldtoe (same company with my fave Leg Love by City Lady) has some fun prints! Hahaha! It's still Valentine's Day theme!

Valentine's Day BF Gift Idea: Get him some fun and fancy socks!
More V-Day Gifts for Kareshi! Haha! I hope he like these for fun! Haha!
Finally! After much preparation... I've finally managed to pack them and ship them of to Tokyo! I actually do this few weeks ahead so it would reach in time... But it's always problematic though, post-office is always delayed, but I hope it wouldn't get lost! Coz I've sent all my lovin in it!

February 8, 2013 ~ In JPN, the it's the girls who gives the guys gifts on Valentine's Day ... UNFAIR! J/K haha! It's okay... Girls will get their gifts on White Day (March 14th) anyways haha! So today, I sent out my V-Day gift for my kareshi hope it arrives on time in Tokyo! Hope you like it, Taka! 
We may be physically far  from each other now, but I'm floored. For all the good times we shared and annoying times that we fight, for all the mornings I start with Kareshi's  "Ohayou" greetings... For making me live like a teenage girl making these cutesy love letters and playful gifts... for completing me and Atreyu... I couldn't thank the universe enough for bringing me closer to you, Taka. You made me believe that good things do happen to good people. Thank you for being my Valentine for the 3rd time... Please be my Valentine for the rest of my Februaries to come! ❤

❤Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! ❤


  1. Awww! So cute! Thanks for sharing about your love to him.

    1. ❤ Happy Valentine's Day! Haha! Just sharing some lovin'!Glad you enjoyed readin! ❤

  2. You two looks good together!!! this is so sweeet!!! <3 Im getting giddy whenever I read eache paragraph by each :) Heehee

    1. Aww Thanks for your nice comment! I hope kareshi will be giddy when he reads this (he hasn't read it yet because he don't want to know the gifts I sent him yet!) Haha! Thanks for reading my blog too!


  3. awww so sweeet! hope you guys will have a happy ending! :)

    1. Thank you! I hope so too! (I hope I get more clients in Japan so we can move there someday! Haha!)

  4. Waah! Those are a lot of gifts for your kareshi, omg! ; o;
    I didn't gave my kareshi not even a little gift! I feel bad now, seeing all of this! ; u;
    Also, you make such a cute couple x33

    1. Haha! I have a secret plan... haha Because during WHITE DAY... Kareshi MUST give me 3x's the value of my gifts haha! That's why I invest gifts LOL! Just Kidding! But... I am just happy to send him little things as gifts, he's working so hard and living alone in his dorm in Tokyo and he needs some of these gifts to feel less lonely and tired! Haha!

  5. thanks for your niceness and love. of course this valentine gift is special and great. i like them all. the coffee is one of the most exicing haha. thank you so much for this nice valentines blog

    1. I'm glad it already arrived! Sorry it was late for Valentine's Day but I hope you still enjoyed my gifts!

  6. I remember me saying those same lines 'every February from now on you'll be my Valentine'... after 4 years of Valentines together he then asked me to be his Valentines forever... and the rest we made history ( :) ) I am truly happy for you that you found Happiness and Happiness found you :) :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your lovely love! That song is really sweet! Hope you'll be happy forever! Haha! Thanks for your well wishes too!

  7. I liked your coffee. I still appreciate your gift.


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