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Toreishi ♡'s Winter Purikura in Kobe & Osaka!

January 4, 2013 ~ Shinsaibashi, Osaka! And to my joy to take another プリクラ booth! PURIKURA TIME again! This time with Atreyu & Taka!
One of my favorite things to do during trips in Japan is taking lots of プリクラ ~ Purikura in Japan! I always want to take プリクラ even almost everyday of my trip! Haha! How Self-indulgent and so vain! Haha! Gomen nasai, I'm just am obsessed with them... and by the power of technology, good lighting and great DSLR camera, プリクラ always makes me look picture perfect! Haha! Kareshi told me I look "even-prettier" in プリクラ haha! (Take note of the "even-prettier" haha or else I'll beat him up if he just find me pretty only in Purikura! LOL)

As I said time and again, I wish I can just bring home a プリクラ Booth back in Manila and I'll just have an instant photoshoot of all my Tiara by Tracy Dizon Creations in it! Haha! Isn't that the best?? Look at my プリクラ Photo with Rainbowholic Kaila-chan last summer! It's picture perfect campaign ad already!

August 2013 ~ Summer プリクラ with Rainbowholic-Kairachan!

One of the "Things to do" I wanted to accomplish and experience during our Nihon New Year Winter Trip is have some Purikura with kareshi and my son, Atreyu. We had some sad poor-quality neanderthal-purikura machines here in Manila... (Yeah, I really mean it, I once paid for a "purikura" and when it printed out there was all the designs but our photo was GONE! @_@) So I just  want to have some nice ones like what Kareshi & I always have during my trips... I even put it on my list of things to do!


Atreyu always tell me he's jealous of our purikura photos without him... But we always draw him in our purikuras because we always wanted Atreyu to be in it... (Actually, it's Kareshi who always draw him in our プリクラ) Wish Atreyu were with us always on trips to Japan!

Taka & Tracy's Purikura's with "Atreyu" haha!

This time I'm so happy we got to take プリクラ with my two boys! It makes me happy just looking at them, but I must say I'm a bit of a control freak planning our looks so we match well together on  プリクラ's haha! Yeah, this is what 7 years of being a professional stylist has brought me... Haha! We didn't get to take "プリクラ EVERYDAY" but it was close at least! It was more challenging to pass-through the New Year Sale crowds but I'm so happy we got some in Kobe and Osaka at least!

SHIN SHUN SALE MADNESS: Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe
January 2, 2013 ~ DAISO in Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe!!PURIKURA for ¥200 JPN!! Whaaa!!

I was beyond H-A-P-P-Y to find this プリクラ Machine in Sannomiya! Despite the CROWDED Shopping Streets EVERYWHERE... I'm so happy I didn't have to fall in line with this プリクラ Machine! 

January 2, 2013 ~ SHIN SHUN SALE CROWD in Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe!

What made me happier is when we were about to throw in some coins inside the machine, it was just ¥200 JPN?! I haven't seen a プリクラ Machine as cheap as that since 2011! Haha! Usually, プリクラ Photos are around ¥400 JPN usually... So... CAN I TAKE THIS PURIKURA MACHINE BACK HOME TO MANILA??

January 2, 2013 ~ Purikura in DAISO, Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe! Atreyu was enjoying editing our photos!

The two boys enjoyed editing our プリクラ! I love how we have coordinated colors altogether! Haha! Because "I ordered them to do so!" Haha! Must wear RED, BLACK and WHITE! Haha! But seriously, this was one surprise to find randomly in a DAISO Store, where no one would really bother to take Purikura Photos in! Haha! Good for us we found it!

January 2, 2013 ~ Purikura in DAISO, Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe! Atreyu was enjoying editing our photos!

Well, I'm glad it turned out well... This is actually my favorite プリクラ for this trip. May be because I love our colors and mochiron... for ONLY ¥200 JPN! No lines, just waiting for us to take photos! Haha!

January 2, 2013 Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe PURIKURA!!

The next day, it was a Mommy & Atreyu day since Kareshi has some stuff to attend to, but since Sannomiya is the nearest shopping area from our hotel, we just had to take another one! These were all designed by Atreyu. I even almost got angry because he placed a MASK on my FACE! Haha! BOYS WILL BE BOYS! So scheming!

January 3, 2013 Center Gai, Sannomiya, Kobe PURIKURA!! Mommy & Atreyu... A.K.A. (Atreyu's Wrestler Alter Ego...) Matsumoto

Atreyu enjoyed that funny face-mask! Haha! He was scaring little Japanese girls while we wear walking around the shopping area! Haha! But it was extremely cold this day! It felt -3° Celsius! (Wish I could wear a wrestler face mask too! Haha!)

OSAKA WEEKEND: American Village, Shinsaibashi, Osaka

I was so looking forward to coming to Osaka, especially with the food and the shops! American Village in Shinsaibashi in Osaka is like the "Harajuku of Osaka" for me, the shops are awesome and there were lots of プリクラ Places! Mochiron, we had to try one!

January 4, 2013 ~ Purikura waiting area @ American Village, Shinsaibashi, Osaka... Yes, those were only the two odd boys out of all girls passing by for Purikura Photos! Haha! Atreyu seems lost. Haha!

The プリクラ at this area was indeed girly! Even the designs and colors of プリクラ Photos were all pink and dainty haha! But we still tried it! Haha! 

January 4, 2013 ~ Purikura @ American Village, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
So girly 
プリクラ Photos! Haha! 

This is too girly for me! Haha! But I loved the color of my hair though! Wish my hair is as light brown as that! Haha! And Kareshi decorated Atreyu with a creepy EYE on his FOREHEAD! CREEPY?!? Haha!

January 4, 2013 ~ プリクラ #1 @ American Village, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
January 4, 2013 ~ プリクラ #2 @ American Village, Shinsaibashi, Osaka

I was actually looking for the Puri-Madonna プリクラ Machine of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu but I didn't find any inside the place. There were tarpaulin of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's though, but I couldn't find it... Oh well! We got a girly-girly one instead anyways! Haha!

January 4, 2013 ~ American Village, Shinsaibashi, Osaka  We went inside this プリクラ place because I thought there were Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Puri Madonna プリクラ Machine... But didn't find it inside! Haha! Atreyu would've loved the funky eyeballs designs!

KYARY PAMYU PAMYU: Hep 5, Umeda, Osaka
But speaking of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Puri Madonna  プリクラ Machine, my プリクラ Photos wouldn't be complete without me taking my "Solo プリクラ Photos" haha! It's such a misadventure for me doing this especially  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Puri Madonna プリクラ Machine! I ended up having this weird over-sized background photo of myself (like some pop-star) Haha! OMG so awkward! Haha! 
January 4, 2013 ~ HEP5, Umeda, Osaka Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Puri Madonna プリクラ OMG This is so awkward with this HUGE photo of myself at the background! Haha!

Good thing, the other copy turned out a bit decently... But Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Puri Madonna プリクラ's makes my eyes HUGE haha! I don't like it haha! looks like alien's eyes! Haha! Wish I could operate these プリクラ Machines better haha!

January 4, 2013 ~ HEP5, Umeda, Osaka Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Puri Madonna プリクラ  Haha! At least I had one decent Purikura photo! Haha!
I could only wish that Kansai International Airport (KIX) also has a プリクラ Machine! That would be so great so I could take Purikura photos first thing and last thing I'd do in Japan! Haha! I think that should be taken into consideration by all Japan Airports! It would be a good business for tourism! Haha!

Well, that's about it for my new Winter Purikura collection! Always a blast checking out this kawaii photobooths! I really wish I can bring back home here in Manila! It's still one of my wildest wishlist in my life! Haha! 

You should check out my past Purikura adventures here: Purikura Happiness, Tracy's プリクラ in Tokyo, Mission Accomplished! プリクラ Everyday in Tokyo... Hope to have more PURIKURA Adventures this year! Haha! 


  1. gaganda nmn ng pictures! ang bongga lng!! my lists din aq pg out of the country kami pra wlang mamiss haha xx

    1. Haha! The Power of Purikura!! SUPER USEFUL NG LISTS noh?? When I don't have it ang bilis bilis lang ng trip you wouldn't keep track of everything! Haha!

  2. PURIKURA!!!
    meron rin dito sa Pinas eh pero mahal :(
    I'm also obsessed with Purikura :)
    hope the two of us can have purikura someday :)

    1. Purikura's in Japan are at bit expensive though... 200PhP or something! But it's worth it because of the quality! Here it's pangit naman like defective ones! Haha!

      Yeah when I get to buy my own purikura machine we will have photos haha!

  3. Purikura is also on my to-do list when I go to Japan XD It's an unending list of things to do X)

    1. Yeah you should! PURIKURA first thing in every daily trip! haha! Harajuku & Shibuya has alot and in Osaka~ Hep5, Umeda (it's a Mall with the HUGE Ferris Wheel!) has ONE WHOLE FLOOR OF PURIKURA MACHINES and in American Village in Shinsaibashi is just like Harajuku so many Purikura's too! ^_^

  4. purikura~~(*≧▽≦) choo~ kawaii~~
    the one w/c makes your eyes go bigger is kinda weird sometimes, but sometimes too its meccha cute and funny(ofcourse with the additional powers of decos and bg)

    kuuuhh~~ this would be on my 'must do' list when i get to japan someday (i hope it'll be sooner) my anime-manga-jpop dream~~~

    1. Yeah! The one the makes eye bigger seems weird! Haha! I don't like it so much either! Haha! You should try it in Japan! They ay fun!

  5. Wow! all photos are cute and colorful! Wanna try it someday. <3

  6. Stumbled upon your site while browsing about the hello Kitty Town.

    Will be checking out your fascinator creations. I got married last year and I used a fascinator as an alternative to the veil.

    More power and will be visiting more often :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading my blog! I hope you enjoy my stories and misadventures!

      I love hearing from readers! Please do come more often! I'll be writing more soon! :-)

  7. All your purikura are so so so pretty.... Love it!

    1. Thanks Joyce! It's a fun activity to do in Japan don't you agree? ^_^


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