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A Little Peek of Kyoto Station

January 1, 2013 ~ Kyoto JR Station, we had a short stop-over at the Kyoto Station

Even if I probably had just some few hours of stop-over at the Kyoto Station (京都駅, Kyōto-eki), I must say, it was still a very much travelog worthy destination to visit and that's just based from a few hours of stop-over! Haha! Coming from Fushimi Inari Taisha, we had to transfer trains from Kyoto Station going back to Kobe. But instead we decided to have a quick lunch over at the Kyoto Station so we can have a little peek of the grandiose train station.

January 1, 2013 ~ Kyoto Station

Thinking about Kyoto, the first thing I'd have in mind are temples and nature, but Kyoto Station surprised me with such a modern and grandiose architecture! Now this is modern Japan! Designed by a great Japanese Architect Hiroshi Hara, the Kyoto Station Complex was completed in 1997. I find the contrast of a modern architecture stands high in very popular traditional and old world Japan quite interesting! It definitely stands high and mighty, it's really huge! I've read it's the second largest station in Japan next to Nagoya Station. It was really overwhelming! I thought I was in some Train Station connected to an Airport! Coz it really does feel like I'm in a huge Airport!

January 1, 2013 ~ High and modern ceilings of the Kyoto Station! So grand!
Kyoto Station ~ Stairway to the sky!? Haha! Goes up to 15 floors!
January 1, 2013 ~ View from the 10th floor! Kyoto Station goes up to 15 floors!

Since we got off at the Kyoto Station for lunch, we thought of having Ramen because of the cold weather! This is one of the most memorable meals I've had in my few trips to Japan... this is definitely the best Ramen I've tried in my life and even my Nihonjin Kareshi felt the same too! It was a lucky coincidence that we found this place. At the 10th Floor of the Kyoto Station Building (Isetan Department Store side) we found the Kyoto Ramen Koji (京都拉麺小路). 

Kyoto Ramen Alley ~ 10th Floor of the Kyoto Station Building BEST RAMEN IN JAPAN!!

I think it's also known as the "Kyoto Ramen Alley"... Basically, it's like a fancier looking kind of food court or "Ramen Street" that has several Ramen restaurants, cafe, a Takoyaki restaurant and burger restaurant... I thought it was just some typical place, but I must say it was really unforgettable Ramen experience I've tried!

Kyoto Ramen Alley ~ Several Rows of Restaurants like this... I didn't realize I would taste the best Ramen I've ever tasted!

At first sight it might seem like a bowl of greasy soup, but the aroma of the soup was so inviting! I think this was the first and only bowl of Ramen I've tasted that I finished upto the last drop! Kyoto Ramen Koji is a must for the best Ramen experience!

The Best Ramen I've tasted ever!!
BEFORE: Itadakimasu! Kareshi & Atreyu enjoying our Kyoto lunch! It was so good! We didn't even need to order sweet drinks for it we just had water but still enjoyed it!

Atreyu didn't try the Ramen but he got the Gohan counterpart... but it tasted great as well! He even finished the whole plate of fried rice all by himself! We had a great lunch here! Kyoto Ramen Koji is really  a must!

AFTER: Gochisou sama deshita! Kareshi & Atreyu all full and happy with our meal!

After our happy Ramen Lunch, we just had a little time to take some photos of Kyoto sights and it's a delight to see that the Kyoto Tower is nearby the Kyoto Station so I was able to see yet another tower in Japan!

Kyoto Tower~ view from Karasuma Exit of the Kyoto Station

Well, we miserable tried to have a photo with the Kyoto Tower but we didn't seem to fit in one frame... ORZ... >_<

Our EPIC FAIL Photo with the Kyoto Tower... We didn't fit in the Photo! >_<
Well at least we had a photo!

Wish we could have lingered more around the shops and the stores around here but since it was a holiday when we were there, most places were closed. So it was time to go back to Kobe! But at the ramp waiting for the train... I was so ecstatic to find some Kyoto Edition KitKat at the Kiosk!

Kyoto Finds at the Kyoto Train Station Kiosk!!! KitKat Kyoto Edition Flavors!! Itohkyuemon Hojicha (Hojicha- Roasted Tea), Shogoin Yatsuhashi (Cinnamon Cookie) and Itohkyuemon Uji-Matcha (Matcha-Green Tea)
Kyoto Finds at the Kyoto Train Station Kiosk!! KitKat Kyoto Edition Flavors!! Itohkyuemon Hojicha (Hojicha- Roasted Tea), Shogoin Yatsuhashi (Cinnamon Cookie)

To be honest, it is hard to find special edition KitKat Flavored Chocolates in random places in Japan. They're mostly, seasonal and regional... I mean, except may be at the airports, it is not easily available and accessible everywhere... So I was so surprised to find these at a random Kiosk by the train ramp, may be because Kyoto is a special region for special cuisines and special snacks and teas... Well, it was cool to find this for me, of course we had to get each flavors we haven't tried yet! The Cinnamon Cookie and the Roasted Tea were interesting flavors we haven't tried yet then! So those were the two we brought back home! They both taste unique!

KitKat Kyoto Edition Flavors finds in Kyoto! Happy to bring back home Roasted Tea and Cinnamon Cookie Kitkats!

Visiting Kyoto was a fun adventure for us, I love the meals and the treats we found the most! Aside from the interesting architecture, I'm so amazed that I've found so many interesting things at the Kyoto Station even at such short stay! I must say, this is really a good place to visit going to Japan! We were very tired but very happy!

Kareshi & a very tired sleeping polar bear on a train back home to Kobe from Kyoto! Ittekimasu, Kyoto! Hope to visit again!

JR Train Station


  1. That was the best ramen ever. i miss it too. you have taken aritistic photos of kyoto station. im sure you will be prized if there is a photo contest of kyoto station haha

    1. Yeah I love that Ramen so much! We're so lucky to find it!

  2. wooow~ awesome looking train station~
    it's great that they made the stairs attractive for the passengers to use it, but 15 floors of height?? i would never dare to climb up that fully~~ i'll be surely out of breath by the time i'm 6-7 floors high...
    japan's kitkat is so interesting~~ they all have those unique flavor :) tried a green tea choco before, when my friends brought some from their kansai field trip, it tasted and smelled bitter at first but surprisingly its addicting! :D

    1. Yeah Tea Flavored KitKats seems addicting ~ the after taste would haunt you and make you crave for it. hehehe!

  3. Kyoto station has one the biggest buildings in the world as a station.


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