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Angelic Pretty in Pink in Shinsaibashi, Osaka!

January 4, 2013 ~ Pretty in Pink in Angelic Pretty Shinsaibashi, Osaka!
Shopping and window shopping in the prettiest and daintiest shops like Angelic Pretty is one of my must-stops every time I visit JPN. It brings out the five year old in me and I just want to bring them all home and keep them in my pocket! They're just too cute and just crazy adorable!

August 2011 ~ Angelic Pretty, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
My first visit to Angelic Pretty in Shinsaibashi, Osaka! I got myself a pretty skirt for my imoutosans!

My first visit to Angelic Pretty in Shinsaibashi, Osaka was the summer of 2011. Was I a happy girl to catch some fancy Lolita dresses on sale! I cannot contain my shopping itch! Haha! I even went there twice during my first trip to Osaka!

August 2011 ~ Yet again... Had to pass by and shop in Angelic Pretty in Shinsaibashi, Osaka!

I LOVE the Lolita Fashion and the Lolita Girls! As a fashion designer, I love getting design inspirations from them! I don't really exactly copy them coz Lolita Culture is a lifestyle in itself... I believe, you can't dress one unless you become one... that's just my belief though! But I love love love them! They're really the living pretty dolls of this century! They're so unique and their lifestyle is so adorable!

October 2009 ~ Blast from the past! A super poor resolution photo from the Philippine Fashion Week/Project Runway Season 2 Runway Finale Show and I'm rockin' that Lolita Dress in my own twist! Haha!

On my last winter trip to Osaka, mochiron, I had to pass by again Angelic Pretty... too bad picture taking is not allowed in any Angelic Pretty Stores!! Why?! Haha! The best shops in Japan are very protective of the store design it's really not allowed to take photos inside... Well good thing they don't mind taking photo right outside!

How tempted was I to take photo's inside but it was strictly not allowed! x_x

Well the consolation was Angelic Pretty's Window Display is pretty as it is inside! It looks like a life size Dollhouse from the outside! Oh brings out the little girl in me!
January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) Just like a DOLLHOUSE!!
January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) Might as well take all the photos I can right outside the Angelic Pretty Shop!
January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) I was trying so hard to take snaps of the interior of Angelic Pretty shop... Can you spot the Unicorn Plushie Bags I've been drooling about??
January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) Wish one of the Angelic Pretty Shopgirls passed by when I took a snap! Haha! The interior looks like the perfect tea-party-place! Love love love!

My son, Atreyu, has a funny Fear of Dolls and I was so naughty to make fun of his fear... He keeps telling me he's so scared of those dolls because they're smiling so freakishly haha! He keeps telling me, "They look like they're smiling angrily like... We're gonna get you!" Haha! He's so funny and he's funny make believe stories about these adorable vintage dolls displayed by the Angelic Pretty Store!

January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) ~ Atreyu was so scared of these vintage toys! Haha! They're cute!? Haha!
January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) Atreyu was most especially scared of that vintage rabbit doll! He keeps saying, "He's smiling at me but he's angry!" Haha! 
This time I didn't get to shop for anything because all I was eyeing on was that absurdly expensive Unicorn Plushie Bag, which I remembered costing  a lot! I've read on the Angelic Pretty website that it was priced at  JP¥ 12,390 円 (6k+ PhP) but may be out of confusion and my enchantment with all things cute and adorable... I remembered it costing like JP¥ 29,000 円?! Haha! Nonetheless, it was a super treasured piece that I ridiculously wish I could get for myself. Haha! I still can't get over this super cute Angelic Pretty Dreamy Unicorn Bag!!

January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka)  Whaaaaa! I'm still obsessing about you, Angelic Pretty Dreamy Unicorn Bag! Even if I can't use you... I wanna obssess about you!! The pale yellow looks adorable, too!
January 4, 2013 ~ Angelic Pretty (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) Angelic Pretty Plushie Cuties and those sweet candy treat displays!! I love them all!!

PixieTracy's Instagram Photo (2/22/2013) ~Currently writing my blog about my #angelicpretty visit in #shinsaibashi #osaka ! #pink and #kawaii overload! I still can't get over this #unicorn #plush bag!! I kept nagging kareshi to get me this JP¥ 12390 円 (6k+ PhP) bag (I'm just teasing him haha!) I can't even fit my wallet and iPhone in it... It's just insanely #cute and I'd probably wouldn't be using this (I'd be so worried it would get dirty) haha! Wish I can take home everything there... The bags, dresses, shoes... THE SHOP GIRLS TOO! Haha! I just adore #lolita fashion!!
I love the clothes too, mochiron! I love the pastel colors and especially the pink! Although I have no occasion to wear them! they're just fun to look at! Oh how I wish I'm still young and still can wear these cutie loves! Well, I still look young haha! I can still get-away with it! Haha!

Pretty Lolita Dresses at Angelic Pretty in Shinsaibashi, Osaka!
Haha! I almost didn't want to leave that my Kareshi even offered me if I want to get anything so we could leave sooner. Haha! Well, truth be told, I want to live inside the store. Haha!

PixieTracy's Instagram Photo (1/11/2013) ~ I can't resist posting this! Even if I'm way over-age for #AngelicPretty It's a happy place seeing #lolitafashion ! I can't help drooling over #pink overload and #kawaii heaven!! I feel like a doll! Haha! I kept bugging @takaomi54 to buy me a ridiculously expensive and un-functional unicorn plushie bag (for ¥29,000!?) and also buy my the shopgirl inside Angelic Pretty too! Haha! #lolita #japan #japanfashion #cute #shopping more photos soon!! I miss our trip already!
Angelic Pretty Shop definitely makes me happy no matter what I get in it or none! It's a lovely and funny memory remembering... Especially when I kept bugging my Kareshi to buy me the whole store! Haha! I keep teasing him, "Please get me this store and also the shopgirls inside!" Haha! We still get a laugh reminiscing times I visit such lovely Lolita Shops! I love Lolita Culture and Fashion! They're just so pretty, dainty and just girly! I'm one of the biggest fans of it! Someday (well, I've actually started...) I'm gonna make a whole set of Tiara by Tracy Dizon for Lolita Girls Collection! That would be such a pretty happy thought!

Gomen nasai for taking so long to post! I've missed writing! But it has been busy with work for the past few weeks! Hope I can catch-up soon! More Osaka trip posts! I'm not even half-way!

Lolita Boutique Shop
Address: 1FC Shouto-Building 1-8-9, Nishihinsaibashi, Chuou-ku, Osaka-shi Osaka City 〒542-0086
Tel.No.: 06-6241-7317
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 20:00


  1. Glad to see your posts again! Yes Angelic Pretty is one of my favourite brands for Lolita too <3

    The shop is so pretty! I hope to visit their store one day :D

    With love,

    1. Thanks Amaya! Glad to know you've been reading my posts! Thank you! I hope you can visit it too! It's a lovely store!

  2. the shop is so cute~~!! so princessy, i can see Victorian themed furniture!!
    it seems that all shops in japan are so cool and unique,,, wish it is same here...

    ahhhhnn.. i can imagine myself salivating on every store display in japan because they sell so many rad items~~

    1. Yeah! It's like a Barbie version of Alice in Wonderland furnitures? Haha! Me too, I wish I can make as interesting of a shop like this here, but then again, where?? Haha!

      You'll definitely enjoy even just window shopping in Japan, they really take some efforts with their crafts!

  3. really wish you could have get that unicorn bag. it is for you haha. you never forget stopping by this lolita store haha

    1. Yeah! Wish we had more time in Osaka! There are so many shops I wanna check out!

  4. one of the cutest blog post ever!!!
    if you wanna take photos inside the shop, talk to the manager and have an appointment for your photo shoot it the shop :)

    1. But more often than not, only one Shop girl is at the shop :-) It's really not as easy as talking to a manager... Since there's a language barrier... and for a short trip, it wouldn't be so fun to "set an appointment" to go to Angelic Pretty, don't you think?

      As fun as it may seem... Japanese rules are a bit strict :-)

  5. Oh this pink place. Yea you really wanted that bag.


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