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KERA Lolita Models RinRin Doll and Yui Minakata wears Tiara's New Spring Collection!

Prettiest KERA Lolita Models RinRin Doll & Yui Minakata wears Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Tiara Blossoms!

Spring has arrived and I'm over the moon welcoming my favorite season! To start off, I was working overtime for many weekends and midnights to launch some Tiara by Tracy Dizon mini-collections! One of it is "Tiara Blossoms"

I love flowers and floral prints like forever! I've always loved those vintage florals and just anything that has pastel floral prints and realized that I haven't designed something like this for Tiara... So I should!! My love for Cath Kidston floral  designs and my admiration for Ado Chan Illustrations are some of the inspirations for this collection! I love those vintage florals but I still want to keep the kawaii and youthful feel with my designs...

RinRin Doll is my muse and main inspiration especially for these mini collections (there is another one up and coming!)Thanks to Misha Janette (~one of my favorite fashionable muse) RinRin Doll got a chance to see some of my designs I've made (for M) ! Now, it's so serendipity to work with RinRin Doll, too! I'm so tanoshi and super inspired even more to design this collection thinking about RinRin Doll as my beautiful muse! I find her vibe so femininely demure and graceful  it's such a pleasure to work with her feminine and girly ideas! I've always dreamed my designs can work around the Lolita Fashion since Lolita Fashion also accessorize beautiful petite hats and pretty lacey bows! It would be such honor! This has been something I've been inspired of doing since I've started Tiara by Tracy Dizon three years ago!

Tiara Blossoms Inspiration Board ~
Conglomeration of my design ideas for Tiara Blossoms Spring/Summer 2013! My constant love for vintage florals and kawaii culture and my living doll muse... RinRin Doll!

Making this collection's challenge was finding the daintiest floral fabrics available in the market... Me and my sister sourced fabrics for weeks scouring Metro Manila for some design prints I have in mind... There were many floral selections but not much of those I have in my vision for the collection. There's a thin line with the floral prints widely available   in the market looking like bed sheets or table cloth material and that's critical!! (>_<) During this time, I really missed fabric shopping in Nippori (Tokyo's Fabric Town) where most of my favorite fabric prints are widely available.

October 2011 ~ Missing Fabric Town of Nippori  where my favorite fabrics are found!
October 2011 ~ Some of the Memorable fabrics in Nippori that I've been trying to incorporate with
S/S 2013 Collection Tiara Blossoms!

But nothing is impossible with hard work and perseverance... and shopping sourcing skills (hehe) after a few more weeks we found the florals in my vision... I'm so in love with the pastel yellows and lilacs we found and of course the rest of the fabrics we chose...

Fabrics for S/S 2013 Tiara Blossoms!

I've developed this dainty girly detail with Tiara Bows using draping lace trims on it. The first guinea pig for this was yours truly with my BIG 30 birthday hat I've designed for myself... 

Yours truly~ sporting  TiaraBow's new design development... This lace detail seemed nice and fun detail to add... and now I did! hehe!

Well, I could go on and on about my ideas but I think it would be best so show some visuals so without further ado... Here are Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 Collection! Tiara Spring Bows

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 (Mini) Collection ~ "Tiara Blossoms"
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 Tiara BlossomsBlue Mist Flower
Blue Mist Flower ~ up close details
Blue Mist Flower 
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 Tiara Blossoms
Watercolor Rose
Watercolor Rose~ up close details
Watercolor Rose
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 Tiara Blossoms

Golden Daffodils TiaraBow
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 Tiara Blossoms
Lilac Lavenders TiaraBow
Tiara by Tracy Dizon's new S/S 2013 Tiara Blossoms
Pink Bluebells TiaraBow

And as serendipity as it is, just in time for the first day of Spring... RinRin Doll surprised me with a lovely photo with no other than Yui Minakata, another sensational beautiful KERA and Lolita Model wearing Tiara Blossoms designs! It's such an honor! I feel like I'm floating!! Arigatou, RinRin-chan! Thank you for sharing my design to Yui-chan and to the Lolita Fashion World! I'm looking forward to seeing you wear more of Tiara's, Dollface! 

March 20, 2013 ~ RinRin Doll on Instagram wearing Tiara by Tracy Dizon! 

I even got more ecstatic seeing Yui-chan's Blog! She posted a photo with RinRin Doll and they were both wearing Tiara Blossoms! I'm so happy! Thank you also, Yui-chan!

Grabbed from Yui Minakata's Blog with RinRin Doll both wearing Tiara by Tracy Dizon!
Spring has just started, but I'm so happy to welcome my favorite season with great things ahead! I'm super happy to work with RinRin Doll and more Tokyo-based fashion leaders! Really awesome and really inspiring! Hopefully, Tiara in Tokyo will soon be happening! Gambarimasu! 

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  1. Hats that really have the WOW factor! <3<3 I am starting to love Lolita Fashion as well, so I really hope to have one of your hats one day :DDD

    With love,

    1. Awww! Thank you Amaya-san!It'd be great to see you wear my works and spread it in SG! ^_^

  2. your kawaii design is amazing. go keep insprired and make moore kawaii pieces haha. i like your pic with your smiles haaha

    1. Haha! I'm just showing my hat hahaha! I feel awkward with photos hahaha

  3. Hello Hello!~ You are truly gifted!!!! AND I bet if may magsusuot ng mga product mo sa Harajuku or kahit saan, talagang mapapalingon ang mga tao! I love how ''chunky'' it is! That way, manonotice talaga yung head piece :)

    Thanks for showing some love on my posts too! More and more power ( and good oppurtunities)! lol

    ja ne~

    1. Thanks Emika! Haha! I really hope and dream to be a staple fashion accessory of Harajuku! *Dream*Dream*

      See you in Tokyo this month!

      Tracy ^_^

    2. I know you can! Just believe in yourself and continue doing what you love!

      Uwaaah~ you coming here?! Yes yes! WHen we both have a free time then let's go! :D

    3. Yup! April 26-May 13th ^_^ It's my 2nd Year Anniversary with Kareshi so I must come to Tokyo haha and meet friends too! Hope we can hang-out!

  4. I can't express just how happy I am for you hun! Such a wonderful opportunity for. Tiara by Tracy... And Tiara In Tokyo??! This would be amazeballs!! *^▁^* just imagine selling your hats and bows to all of the adorable lolitas ...weeeeee!! lol.

    The spring collection just looks fabulous! Especially the pink bluebell bow!!!! Omgomgomgomgogggg!! I am soooo in love with it! It's sooo kawaii! I would love to get one and wear it in Japan (and the hello Kitty one toooo ) I just might have to make an order hehe (*¯︶¯*)

    1. Awwww! Thanks Em! I really hope Tiara can move to Tokyo soon so Kareshi and I can finally be together (with Atreyu of course! Haha)

      The Pink Bluebell fits you well! You'll look like a pretty doll even more! :-) haha!

  5. The pieces here look so good. You should set up online shop too or have someone selling under your brand name.


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