Thursday, March 14, 2013

❤ My First White Day ❤

March 2012 ~ My First White Day Gifts from Kareshi
Despite this hell of a week I'm having (juggling 3 overseas shipping for VIP Clients, 4 client deadlines and two Graduation Ball Gown all this week @_@) I wouldn't want to miss writing today. Today is WHITE DAY ホワイトデー Howaito Dē (March 14) ! A trivial and commercial holiday counterpart of Valentine's Day in Japan... In my own definition, it's payback time! Haha! Since Kanojo's gets to get a payback for Valentine's Day. Hehe.

Google screen-grab short definition of White Day

I'm not really an expert of these commercial trivial Japanese Holidays, but as far as I know, today was called "White Day" because a Fukuoka-based confectionery company, Ishimura Manseido originally suggested and coined this idea to give back Marshmallows to Kanojo's... Originally, it was called "Marshmallow Day" but eventually evolved to "White Day". Nonetheless, it's not limited to giving out Marshmallows mochiron... Hehe. But it's just a commercial excuse to get something special from Kareshi. hehe~ it's fun to play along anyways, it wouldn't hurt to join in the fun!

Marshmallow confections from Ishimura Manseido who coined the Marshmallow Day Gimmick in the 1970's

So much about my Cliff-notes explanation of White Day... I just want to look back and share my first White Day experience last year with my Kareshi... First part of 2012 for me and Kareshi was really rocky... I look back at my sad musings over life during this time and I'm just relieved that we got through it... Relationship is a constant learning experience and cross cultural relationship may be challenging at times... I didn't know anything about this Valentine's Day vis-a-vis White Day idea and Kareshi didn't know how sentimental Filipino's can be... Well, may be generally guys don't think about those things... But the best part is we learned more about each other.

March 2012 ~ UP Sunken Garden Taka came to visit Manila a little later White Day celebration
Taka came for a short visit to Manila for the month of March to have a time to catch-up... It was a super short weekend trip... But it's still a nice time to add in our memories together. He made White Day very special indeed!

Japanese guys don't really write letters... I may sound sweeping generalization but I think any Japanese guy could attest to that... So every time Kareshi takes time writing any letters for me, I truly treasure them... I'm in love with Kareshi's hand-writing. Haha! Sometimes it's so messy I'm not sure if he's writing in Kanji/Hiragana or it's just a blurry Romaji. Hehe. I love how he makes an effort to pick a stationery that I'll love... Like this one! Haha!

March 2012 ~ Kareshi's White Day Letter to Moi ❤
I don't wanna seem to over share but may be just this one... I just love how sincere Taka writes me letters... He always tells me about "My smile" which I don't really know why it's so magical (LOL) haha! But it's such a sweet thought "I wish I could make you smile more, so I can smile more..."

March 2012 (IG Post)~ Kareshi's White Day Gifts! I know I was so sad because I didn't get anything on Valentines Day and White Day but my son's special letters. But my BF made it up to me giving me these when he came to visit me. I love the cute colors and I was so touched how he prepared and thought about each things to give me. They're all thoughtful and sweet. Thanks luv... Sorry I was impatient.. Thank you for making it up to me.

It was so lovely that Taka took an effort getting me small trinkets of gifts that I would definitely like... Seeing that Hello Kitty cup and plushie keychain brighten me up definitely! Haha! Greentea KitKat was definitely a nice touch. I'm a sweet-tooth, he won't go wrong with that! Haha! 

My favorite White Day gift from Kareshi... My very own copy of  Hope for the Flowers ❤

But what I loved the most is the Hope for the Flowers book. It's one f my lifetime favorite book and as much as I love it so much... I always ended up giving out my copy... As simple as it may seem, this book brings so much hope and love in such a beautiful allegory of life... And Kareshi, gave me my own copy to keep for life... More than the book, it felt deeper. 

This year, Kareshi was having a hard time getting me a White Day gift since I got him a lot of nice fun gifts for Valentine's Day... He requested I make a blog of wishlist he can try to find... so if I can squeeze in sometime later at wee hours in the morning... May be I'll try to write a White Day wishlist for him! Haha!

It's been fun, despite the distance and the busy schedules... It's nice to think of giving gifts and making surprises for each other... but more so... receiving gifts LOL... I wonder what to put in my never-ending list! Haha! Laterz! (I hope!)

Happy White Day, Girls!


  1. Awwwww! I just loved reading this! I'm definitely all about romance and the little things. I had wondered what white day was...although i thought valentines day was for us girls to receive gifts too! :p haha

    I gotta Lil upset with Nath this valentines day because i got him all these presents and he forgot about mine :( all i wanted was a card with something nice written on it.... But he made it up to me the week later with this gorgeous card with a geisha on it (with the nicest things written in it),some roses, and a wedding magazine (because he knows how obsessed i am with them atm haha).

    he brought it all into me at work and i could have cried haha. Such a sook!

    Anyway (sorry for the essay lol). I'm sure Taka will pick out some super special things for you!! >.<

    1. Hey Em! I love your comments all the time... I'm enjoying our "girltalks" over here as well! Haha! Always fun talking about BF's! Haha!

      I really enjoy your "essay" haha! Don't say sorry! Haha! I know how you feel! Last year I just wanted Kareshi to leave a nice Happy Valentine's Day message but he doesn't understand why I want it. GUYS... They really are from Mars! Haha!

      I love Nath's gifts for you!! Especially the Wedding Magazine! Haha! I think Fashion Magazines are the "sure-thing-fave" gift for any girls! Haha! It was very nice!

      Valentine's Day and White Day was something different for me that I really tried to adapt and learn... But it's been fun especially I think I'm getting more chances to get more little gifts haha! (So Sneaky! LOL)

  2. Happy White Day, dear Tracy (: You two really look sweet together!

    Ganbatte finishing all the work! You can do it \o/

    With love,

    1. Thanks Amaya-san! Thanks for cheering me up! It was a hectic week last week! I survived!

  3. even my husband dont know how we filipino woman are very sensitive with this life events/occasions haha I've explained to him that you need to be extra with everything haha xx

    1. Haha! That's so true!! We Filipina's needs "lambing" hahaha a trait so hard to explain to a Japanese!! Hahaha!

  4. haha my messy writing. sorry for that. i appreciate your gift on valentine

    1. I like your writing! I like your strokes and your curved writing haha ♡ :-* ♡ I'm excited to get my White Day gifts! Haha! Don't worry I'll be patient! ^_^

  5. I liked it when you told me you liked the book. I think this was only time you just purely liked it because I am always poor at gift.


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