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PUBLISHED! Hiroko Takahashi: The Discipline of Circles and Lines by Tracy Dizon

My Feature Article for SUKI Japan Foundation Manila Newsletter
SUKI Volume XVI Issue 3 February 2013 pp. 8-9 ! (Centerfold! Hehe!) 
It was quite a great honor to be invited by such formidable and a very well known foundation promoting the Japanese Culture all over the world, The Japan Foundation [Manila] to write a feature article for their Official Newsletter, SUKI. Moreover, to write about Fashion & Art ~ somethings I'm very passionate about is quite a great pleasure to be a part of.
I was so ecstatic when The Japan Foundation Manila asked me to share my insights with their Lecture on Japanese Design featuring a great artist Hiroko Takahashi. Mochiron, I did my best to write  how I learned so much from such an inspiring artist like Hiroko-san. It is an honor to share my thoughts and hopefully inspire readers of the discipline, the passion and the learnings I've picked-up with Hiroko-san's Japanese Design lecture... Not only for artists but for everyone.

COVER PAGE of SUKI Japan Foundation Manila Newsletter
SUKI Volume XVI Issue 3 February 2013 pp. 8-9

I want to share my feature article here, it was really quite awesome... I hope you all feel inspired! Super ARIGATOU to JFMO!

Hiroko Takahashi:
The Discipline of Circles and Lines 
By Tracy Dizon

To a typical person, circles and lines are just shapes. But probably after learning about Hiroko Takahashi's design principles and ideas... How she infuses her art with modern and traditional craftsmanship in any daily objects... Any typical person who probably look at circles and lines with much deeper depth.
"The precise beauty of Japanese art and design is a world class discipline admired by many artists and designers from all over the world."
The precise beauty of Japanese art and design is a world class discipline admired by many artists and designers from all over the world. Having an opportunity to learn about how a Japanese artist practices her discipline with passion and dedication is indeed a great source of stimulation and inspiration.

Hiroko Takahashi is an up an coming Japanese artist with international attention and her works represent a new sensibility in Japanese art and design. Her design background is Textile Design which is very distinctive with her "Hirocoledge" creations and several design collaborations.

Young enthusiast Theia Dizon, Liley Dizon and Atreyu Dizon proudy showing-off their Hirocoledge Cranes
Photo by: Tracy Dizon
Hiroko Takahashi estanlished her own brand, "Hirocoledge", in 2006. Her design signature of straight lines and perfect circles are especially crafted by traditional Japanese Artisan using different materials and techniques.

"Hiroko Takahashi's: Lecture on Japanese Design" was most especially an inspiring, encouraging and interesting lecture. Aside from admiring her trademark perfect prints and patterns and how she expanded her art with various projects... Learning about Hiroko Takhashi's ideas and the design success she has made expressing her art would make any aspiring artists and designers validated to stay dedicated and committed to one's art and discipline. Personally, I was so impressed how passionate she was about her works and philosophy. One of the most memorable things I remember her saying was her purpose with her design is her expression of her art and not to sell -  because once you sell something , the creation will be devalued and people will only see it's superficial value that hinders people to appreciate the craft. I was really moved with her idea as an artist... I personally believe every artist should share this idea, so as to make everyone (not only artists) learn to value and respect the world's beauty even more.

During the lecture, I was even extra-eager to ask Hiroko-san what was her impression of Filipinos and it was amusing to know her creative observation. She mentioned about a typical Filipino tricycle driver who was so resourceful by using his t-shirt as an arm-band and head-scarf to protect him from the sun. May be to us Filipinos, we may think that silly or we may think that tricycle driver just lacks proper gears, but it's interesting to learn what an artist's mind can see. I feel proud that she observed "Filipino's Creativity" in our everyday life, through a tricycle driver!

"The passion and dedication that she has demonstrated is truly one admirable Japanese artisan trait that needs to be shared all over the world."

On a personal note, I'm truly grateful having to participate and learn so much from Hiroko Takahashi. More so, I am even happier to know that she's passionately sharing her ideas all over Asia. The passion and dedication that she has demonstrated is truly one admirable Japanese artisan trait that needs to be shared all over the world. It doesn't only inspire fellow artists but also stimulates the mind of any typical person to think and appreciate the beauty of circles and lines.

Filipino Designers: Renan Pacson (FILA Philippines Creative Director and MEGA YDC 2012 Winner), Dimple Lim, Tracy Dizon participated with Hiroko Takahashi's lecture on Japanese designs
Photo by: Theia Dizon

Tracy Dizon is a fashion designer focusing with her line of designer fascinators, Tiara by Tracy Dizon. She took up BS Clothing Technology in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Garnering her various design experiences as an ABS-CBN Costume Designer and Stylist, Project Runway Philippines Season 2 Designer Contestant and a Philippine representative to the 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan. She's also starting to expand Tiara by Tracy Dizon garnering some Japanese clientele in weddings and avant-garde designs. She's also immersed with traveling Japan.  

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    1. I hope she was able to read my article! I hope I can meet her again in Japan! Haha!

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