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Tiara Bows Cute Couture in Illustrado Magazine Feb/Mar 2013

ILLUSTRADO MAGAZINE February 15/March15 2013 IssuePhotography: Filbert Kung and Glenn Peter Perez Styling: Raizel Dy
Make-up: Anton Patdu Hair: Mark Daniel Familara 
Model: Jasmine Maierhofer
Baby Love! As a designer, I always dream of seeing my works published... I'm not really a "well-connected" designer... Even if I've had my fair share of 15-minutes of fame with Project Runway Philippines Season 2, it didn't mean I'll have my easy-access with fashion magazines (which I wish I have haha) I mean I don't get a lot of media exposure and all  that, but the feeling of excitement of anticipating my works on print still never gets old... (So please feature me more! Haha!)  

It's always a personal joy for me to see Atreyu so start-struck seeing my works published... I always wished that he'll be proud of me and that's why I'm working my butt off! Haha! Now, I have two best boys in the world that I always first think of sharing this simple milestones in my work, Kareshi and Atreyu... That's my motivation I must say. (hey so dramatic ehhh?) Okay enough of my drama-rama's haha! I just wanna share this super Cute Couture Fashion Editorial for Illustrado Magazine that Tiara became a part of thanks to Raizel Dy!

I was so excited to receive a text from a Mega Fashion Crew 2 Stylist contender, Raizel Dy, who was requesting to pull-out few pieces of my Tiara Bows. It was a bit wrong timing since all my Tiara Bow's were all shipped to Tokyo and sold at the Rainbowholic Shop. But good thing I had some sample pieces left with me that I was able to lend her!

I super love her styling pegs and I must says she's very professional and organized showing a very nice styling pegs presentation... Being a stylist myself (Well, I'm more active now with fashion designing though) I really appreciate the efforts she has made for a photoshoot... And soon enough, indeed, it really came-out as she proposed the style guides! I love it! It's super my style... CUTE COUTURE!! Thank you Raizel for making Tiara by Tracy Dizon a part of this super cute editorial!

I'm so glad Raizel sent me this photo before the magazine was out! It was something I'm really anticipating for! My cute fluffy bow in a very cute couture fashion editorial!!

I love the candy pastel colors of this editorial and the Baby Doll concept! Whaaa wish I have 100 more Tiara Bows in every single lay-out! Haha! Super adorable!!

Yellow eyelet dress from Liz Lisa; orange shoes from DAS; white ribbon headpiece from Tiara by Tracy Dizon Pink cropped blazer from Xernan Orticio; pastel blue dress with flouncy skirt from Korine Vinarao; white ribbon headpiece from Tiara by Tracy Dizon; blue glittered ribbons from Forever 21

I even enjoyed seeing that M&M's Tiara Bow make a small cameo with the styled production set! Oooh!! Hello there M&M's Tiara Bow! Looking so colorful! 

Pink sheer dress with patches from Herbert Custodio; yellow pumps from DAS

Here are the rest of this CUTE COUTURE Fashion Editorial for Illustrado Magazine... They're all BABY LOVE indeed!! Kudos to the fashion team who made this possible! I love it! I love the Liz Lisa pieces the most!!

Baby Love
Ring in the sweet and flirty spring season with dresses that are all about whimsy, cotton candies, hulahoops and ponies. Come out, come out to play.
Photography: Filbert Kung and Glenn Peter Perez Styling: Raizel Dy
Make-up: Anton Patdu Hair: Mark Daniel Familara Model: Jasmine Maierhofer
White peplum dress used as top from Geno Velasco; purple beaded skirt from Bryan Cinco; purple glittered ribbons from Forever 21 Pink sheer dress with patches from Herbert Custodio; yellow pumps from DAS
Blue sheer sleeved dress from Coexist by Camille Co; heart shaped dangling earrings from Forever 21 Brown floral dress from Liz Lisa; heart shaped ring and bejeweled necklace both from Forever 21; stockings from Liz Lisa matched with yellow pumps from DAS
Floral top and shorts from Liz Lisa; pink thigh high boots from DAS
Pink floral dress from Bryan Cinco; heart shaped earrings from Forever 21 ; shoes from DAS

I can really say there's really perfect timing for everything, I started making this fluffy Tiara Bows three years ago, but during that time I thought it was too outrageous for the Philippine Fashion... I've always dreamed of it to be worn by Tokyo Street Snap Fashionista... and now Rainbowholic Kaila-chan has been always accessorized with it in Tokyo and now it's in a super CUTE COUTURE Fashion Editorial in a magazine! I  I'm so happy my works are appreciated! Thank you!! I'm looking forward to seeing more Tiara Bows in fierce CUTE COUTURE fashion and fashionista's out there! (Errr... Lolita Girls may be? Please? ^_^)

Illustrado Magazine
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  1. It's great to see your work published in magazines. I am happy for you too! The model looks awesome, and your bows fit in very very well!


    1. Thank you, Amaya! It was actually so cool to see it! Hope I get more soon! Haha!

  2. wooow!! that is so awesome!! sugoii!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
    it must be like a surreal awesome moment when you finally see it on print~~

    the outfit coordination is so cutesy~~, me love it!! <3

    1. Thank you! It's always nice to see my works on print! It's timeless when it's on print! The styling is really nice! I like it! ^_^

  3. Wow! Awesome! Congratz getting your work published!

    1. Thank you! Hope there would be more to come~ hehehe!

  4. Yaay this is sooo fabulous Tracy! Might be just the thing to get your work in the spotlight! Very well deserved muffin, I'm so happy for you *\(^.^)/*

    I bet Atreyu and your Kareshi are super proud! (they better start asking for you're autograph now haha)

    Love Emmy oxox

    1. Thanks Em!! I hope so too! It's always soooo rewarding to see my works published! It's my simple joy! Haha!

      Indeed! Kareshi and Atreyu are so proud even more excited than me hahaha!

  5. I did not know about this magazine but yes, it is your style.


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