Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winter at the Kobe Port Tower

January 3, 2013 ~ Kobe Port Tower at night. The coldest moment of my life. Haha!
Today (March 20) is a Japanese Holiday (Vernal Equinox Day ~ Shunbun No Hi) celebrating the beginning of the new season, Spring... Oh yes! Time flies so fast and it's already Spring in Japan... How I badly wish I can miraculous have time to come to Japan for Cherry Blossoms!! As for Manila, we are now entering the Summer days when it feels like the sun decided to camp out right outside and just BURN. Haha! Yes, season flew so fast and I still haven't finished writing about my last Winter Trip in Kansai. Gomen ne~ for back logging for so long... I wish I have all the time in the universe to catch-up. But I solemnly vow to finish everything for posterity's sake and also to share to everyone who may be interested with traveling to Japan. Hehe.

Anyways, I never thought I would be missing WINTER but now that it's SUMMER in Manila... I kinda missed feeling the shivering-I-can't-feel-my-face coldness haha. I thought of randomly reminiscing the COLDEST MOMENT I've felt on my last trip to Kansai haha! Yes, it was a cold winter night visiting the Kobe Port Tower in... Kobe! (Where else?!)

January 3, 2013 ~ Hyogo Station, Kobe the coldest night during our trip and I was wearing really thick clothing haha! I look FAT! LOL!

Throughout our Winter Trip, we stayed in Kobe so I thought it can be an interesting sight to visit around Kobe. Since it's just a short train ride from our hotel... We stopped by on the coldest night of our trip! Haha!

January 3, 2013 ~ Getting off Motomachi Station going to Kobe Port Tower! We love JR train rides!

The short train ride was quite enjoyable since the train was almost empty! Since it was already night time, it was really too cold to go out... No wonder there aren't many people out riding the trains and walking outdoors! Hehe. We were so brave! Haha!

An empty train hehe! We can party inside all by ourselves!
Oh... There were few people... But still! Haha!
Walking to the Kobe Port Tower wasn't a short walk at all... Haha! It was one LONG COLD WALK! Haha! But it was fun with Atreyu and Kareshi still... We passed by Kobe Chinatown~Nankinmachi... and a few more minutes walk...

January 3, 2013 ~ Kobe Chinatown Nankinmachi at night... cold winter night! Hehe!

I just love the lanterns and the lights around the Chinatown area...The Chinese Lanterns definitely pops-out! And we're off walking furthermore... As we come nearer to the port side... It definitely became colder and colder! Like I can't feel my face cold! The sea breeze definitely made it feel even colder! After a few more walks we finally reached the bright tall orange tower!

January 3, 2013 ~ Finally reached the Kobe Port Tower! Tadaima!

And of course I couldn't stop taking so many photos! While my two boys freeze themselves in a corner... Haha! They couldn't even whine because it was too cold! Haha!

January 3, 2013 ~ Kareshi and Atreyu trying to make a pose in freezing cold in -3℃?! 
January 3, 2013 ~ My two miserable boys waiting for me to finish taking photos! Haha! The pretty colorful lights behind them are from Harborland Shopping District

There wasn't a lot to take pictures around since the Kobe Port Tower was already closed when we arrived... But it's still fun and interesting for me to capture the sights... for posterity. Yeah I'm so sentimental like that. Hehe.

Harborland - Motomachi - Meriken Park - Naka Pier
Kobe Port Tower Area Map
By the bay area is a nice romantic spot (may be for me? Haha) Harborland is a shopping area in Kobe with some park and shopping spots and restaurants... The pathway along that area has illumination that makes it very romantic for me... (Well, that's from another past trip) We didn't go here during this time though... It's just some trivial things haha!


Right across the Kobe Port Tower is one modern structure... Looks like a modern sailboat silhouette... Apparently it's another tourist sight, The Kobe Maritime Museum. Amazing modern architecture!

January 3, 2013 ~ The Kobe Maritime Mueum

Well, since I'm the only one who dared to click some snaps because it was really too cold even to click the camera... This was the only photo I had (with Atreyu) by the Kobe Port Tower... 

Since I'm the only who kept taking photos... This was the only decent photo I had at the Kobe Port Tower! Haha!
Before leaving the tower, we attempted to take some pics altogether... It was totally freezing cold! Atreyu even teared up of coldness! But it was a fun experience for us! Especially now summer is coming, it's a very nice memory to look back at... reminiscing the coldest moment on our last trip! Haha!

Photos from Kareshi's iPhone5! Haha!
Photos from Kareshi's iPhone5! Haha!
Photos from Kareshi's iPhone5! Haha!

Gomen ne~ I was supposed to post this yesterday in time for the Shunbun No Hi Holiday! But I needed more time to photoedit! >_< Hehe! Anyways, better late than never! Haha!


  1. haha i like the photo of an empty train with your decorations occupying haha it is so cute. it was the coldest in japan for me. it was like frozen...

    1. Haha! It was sooooo cold I can't even feel it anymore! Haha! But it was great to join with you and Atreyu! Haha!

  2. It looks really cold!! I think I will not survive winter XD Singapore is just wet rainy or hot sunny!

    Always love the efforts you put into decorating your photos!!

    With love,

    1. I totally know how you feel Amaya-san! It's almost same here in Manila! It was a big challenge to survive winter for me! I can't even imagine how seven layers of clothes! It was heavy! Wish you can visit JPN so you can try! It's one memorable experience!

    2. Thank you! It just seems fun to decorate photos as how I remember everything... MORE ANIMATED! Haha!

  3. Hahahaha! Oh my goodness, the decorated pic of the empty train just!!! I love it!. Looks like something I would do,and then nath and I would laugh at it for hours later (I would laugh longer than him cos im silly lol). Love that you took loads of pics! Poor boys just waiting all cold •﹏•.I'm sure they appreciate the pics now *^▁^*

    p.s. I'm back!! Lolz

    Love Emmy oxox

    1. Hooray for your comments here!!Welcome back!! Haha! It's always fun to OVER-decorate, Kareshi always tease me with my silly hobby!Haha!

      Looking at these photos makes me miss WINTER?! @_@ Huwattt? Did I just say that?! Haha!

  4. Ohh I dont think you can EVER over decorate a picture!!! haha. I bet the purikura is even better to over decorate with...sooo many cute pictures to use!!! We'll have to have a day dedicated to doing that, because I'll be in there for ever decorating and decorating haha.

    It can't be helped that we like pretty, cute pictures ^.^

  5. This was the coldest actually. My ear was almost fallen off.


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