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I ♡ those Cutie Kewpies!

Kewpie Overload at Toy Park Store at the Kansai International Airport (January 5, 2013)
I never expected this photo would (slightly) go viral on my Tsureishi Super Kawaii Tumblr! Haha! But I just love Kewpies, anyways!
Hello! It's been a while! I miss writing my happy thoughts and musings here! (As in!) A lot has been happening like.... MAJOR SPRING CLEANING!? Oh no?! Yes, Atreyu and I were buried under our huge pile of mess over the week while I tried to prepare Atreyu's 9th birthday and get my documents prepared for my Japan Visa application, yet again... (Seriously, if there's a loyalty card for Japan Visa, I should have it already. Haha!) 

Anyways, moving on... I just wanna start light and fun for this month with my Kewpie musings and photoblog... because I wanna put all things behind and just enjoy here. Hehe. I just love Kewpie! I love the Kewpie mayonnaise and the sesame dressing... 

Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressings at the Choto Stop Japanese Grocery in Little Tokyo, Makati (October 2012) I'm obssessed with this dressing!

But I'm so amused with the Kewpie baby mascot itself! Haha! Kinda reminds of 1940's/1950's American Illustrations of Stepford's Wives and vintage cartoons and characters which I really love! (I love vintage things) The first Kewpie (mini) doll I've got was from my first visit to Osaka summer of 2011... I found them at the Village Vanguard store and got some little Kewpies as Omiyage for my friends... I dunno but looking at any Kewpie always makes me smile and giggle, they just look happy! Haha!

August 2011 ~ Kewpie and trinkets from Osaka and some other random stuff hehe.

I'm such an illustrator/illustrations and doll geek that I spend hours researching about Blythe's History, Barbie's and just anything under the Pop and Toy Culture through-out history! May be because I'm an (fashion) illustrator myself (although I haven't been active in months) Anyways, let me share a brief history of Kewpie Doll... before I delve into my trivial trip photos of Kewpies haha!

Kewpie Comic Strip (ca 1937)
Kewpie Baby is as old as our grandparents! Would you believe?! Haha!

Kewpie Doll, may now be popularly known as a Mayonaise Brand in Japan (Kewpie Corporation), but Kewpie was born a little more than a century ago... 1909?!! Kewpie was born from the creative mind and hands of Rose O'Neill, one of the First American Woman Cartoonist in History. I feel so proud that Kewpie was created by a woman... and a Women's Rights Advocate even! (Oh yeah! Girl Power!) She claimed that Kewpies came to her in a dream, "I thought about the Kewpies so much that I had a dream about them where they were all doing acrobatic pranks on the coverlet of my bed". "Kewpie" was named after the little "Cupid" the Roman god of affection and desire... 

Rose O'Neill (ca. 1907), illustrator and originator of the Kewpie doll
June 25, 1874- April 6, 1944
Kewpies came to her in a sneaky dream! Now isn't that fun?! Haha!
"I thought about the Kewpies so much that I had a dream about them where they were all doing acrobatic pranks on the coverlet of my bed".
-Rose O'Neill on creating the Kewpie Baby 

By the year 1912, Kewpie was manufactured to dolls  in Germany and became a popular character over the early 20th century. Kewpie has become a popular mascot for a burger chain, Kewpee Burger, guest appeared on commercial goods and even a High School mascot of Hickman Highschool in Missouri. (Wow! Things I learn from Wikipedia! Haha!)  And by 1957, a Japanese manufacturing company, Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of Kewpie Mayonnaise changed their company name to Kewpie  Corporation as we know it today.

Kewpie on Vintage Commercial Products
Kewpee Hamburgers
Hickman High School Kewpies School Mascot

Okay... Are you getting Kewpie overload already? Gomen ne~ Haha! Well, I just have to be all geek about it, can't help it! Gomen ne~ Haha! Moving along, here are some photos from my last trip to Kansai with some random Kewpies... I just have to take some snaps of them anywhere I find them! Haha!

Omiyage Window Shopping in Kyoto brought me to finding these ever soooo cute Kewpie in Maneki Neko costume mobile charms! Even if my iPhone doesn't have a place from cute charms like this I still got myself one! Haha!
January 1, 2013 Kyoto ~ Kewpie as Maneki Neko!? ADORABLE?!?

I just love collecting postcards. Usually, I collect but send them off from my trips to friends, but this time, I couldn't let go of these Kewpie New Year Postcards I've found in Kobe! They look so cute and vintage! I feel so nostalgic!

Is this Kewpie as a kid? I didn't know she's a girl. Haha!
Little Kewpie Babies having a nice meal!
Why are they wearing appliances? Haha! They look cute anyways!
"O-Me-De-To-U" as written by that naked Kewpie Baby (Haha!)

A day before our flight back to Manila, we went to Kids Plaza, Osaka (I'll be writing about this soon for those planning a trip together with kids) and found some cute Kewpies toys by their gift shop, Neverland... mochiron we had to get one of each!

January 4, 2013 Neverland Store, Kids Plaza, Osaka ~ found this cute variety of Kewpies?! Aren't those brown Kewpies even look cuter?!? I tease Atreyu that's him! Haha!

And right before our flight back to Manila...  We found another group of Kewpie Babies by the KIX Shops... Toy Park Store. Yeah this is the same photo as the one top most... But surely, it's one of the best tip to find Kewpies! When everything else fails... You may find it at the Airport! How efficient! Haha!

January 5, 2013 Toy Park Store, Kansai International Airport ~ Kewpies yet again!! Whaaaa that huge one!!!

I'm actually so obsessed about them that I'm making Kewpie one of my design muse on the next coming collections! I remember Kareshi passing by the airport for a business trip over in Osaka and I kept bugging him to get me those Kewpies and sent me a couple of Kewpie photos to choose from haha! 

Kareshi sent me a couple of photos since he doesn't have any clue what am I needing these babies for? Haha! IN BUSINESS ATTIRE? Haha! I can imagine him looking like a sore thumb in a Toy Store hahaha! 
These Kewpies are so strange haha! Why would anything be wearing a Castle?!?! Haha!

He also tried to find me some at the Village Vanguard around his area... The things my Kareshi do for me that makes me the happiest Kanojo in the world... Haha! ♡

February 2013 ~ Kewpies at the Village Vanguard!
Perhaps in the next coming season, I could probably make some designs from the Kewpie obsession I've been having for the past months... I wonder what I'll be making from them! Haha! 

Rose O'Neill
American Cartoonist

Kewpie Corporation
Manufacturing Company


  1. haha this is even like wikipedia about kewpie. you have researched a lot about kewpie. i wonder how many kewpies you havd now. haha

    1. Oh I think over 10? haha! I'm gonna make something "artsy" with what I have here! Haha!

  2. Waaah the kewpies are everywhere! Lol but they're sooo cute! I didn't realise they were so big in Japan. I always think of them as vintage dolls. Ohh well be going to Kyoto, I'll have to keep an eye out for the neko one's there ^O^

    Lol @ saying the brown kewpie is Atreyu, hahaha! His soo lucky with his olive skin, I'm a bit jealous lol. And sooo sweet of Taka to take photos of them on his business trip, that's true love right there ♥ oh the embarrassing things we make our boys do... They should be use to us and our crazy obsession with cute things by now hehe (*¯︶¯*)

    1. Haha Atreyu gets teary-eyed when I tease him he's "brown" haha! Taka's so sweet to pass by a toyshop for me, I ca imagine him and still laugh at my own "imagine" sight haahaha! But I bet they're enjoying those cute things too hahaha

  3. Actually I don't where kewpie is originally from. You are expert about kewpie.


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