Saturday, April 13, 2013

☼ In the Heat of Summer Sunshine! ☼

April 11, 2013 ~ OOTD-ing in College of Saint Benilde the other day, supporting my sister Liley in her school exhibit~
Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tiara Blossoms Bow, old summer dress from Bench, Andy Warhol Tote by Loop, F21 Yellow stockings and my fave pretty Platform Sneakers! Hehe!

Hello! Hello! It's been a while since I've posted something recent up-to-date... I miss writing a Diary-A-Day-in-a-Life musings... I've finally found time to catch up with my writings here. I really wish and promise to finish and write every trip adventures Kareshi, Atreyu and I had last winter  as our mementos of our times together so it really means alot to me to finish everything... I used to make an scrapbook memento every trip and times we've spent together... 

August 2011 ~ How time flies! This was my trip to Osaka/Kobe Scrapbook almost two years ago! So nostalgic!
August 2011 ~ My first Osaka/Kobe Trip!
But making actual scrapbooks always makes my apartment a whole lotta mess! I remember scraps of papers and stickers all over the floor up until the outiside corridor of my apartment! What a disaster! But it surely was a special album to treasure .. Although sadly, some of the receipts and photo's fade away... And photo printing costs alot! I've come to adapt our memoirs here instead... Well I hope someday I can catch-up and make mementos again... The actual ones! Haha! But it's also a whole lots of fun, to share it here in my blog because I didn't realize our trip memoirs could be a good read for other friends too! So enjoy everyone! Glad to share them with everyone!

Anyhow, time has been crazy fast, don't you think? It's already the second quarter of 2013?! I haven't even had the chance to catch up with my planners and weekly and daily schedules... I think I stopped catching-up by the third week of March when everything is just on overdrive workload... and some I-wish-I-can-forget sad times but I really must catch-up and I'm enjoying April for being that kind of an easy, slower phased month... I can finally catch-up with backlogged blogs, heal some wounds and recuperate, do some "spring" (technically it should be "summer" cleaning since there's no spring in Manila >_<) cleaning and breathe and relax.

I need to catch up and update all my planners?! I'll do this after this blog post. I swear. 

I swear I really need to start fixing my schedule and work on schedules and checklists once again... I promise I will finish all our Nihon New Year Kansai Winter Trip Adventures before I go-go-back to Tokyo by the end of the month! (So more fun stories here! Hooray!) 

March 26, 2013 ~ Reapplying for Japan Visa yet again... I should have a loyalty card already LOL!

The past few weeks was a bit quiet since most of my family flew back to Guam... But what I like about that is one thing, one thing I'm obsessed about in Guam... Sun-tanned Hello Kitty! Since Jenni Epperson blogged about Guam and those sun-tanned HK's haunted my head forever! I've been wanting to get those cuties! And I'm like a child so happy to get some of them c/o my sister! Haha! 

Hello Kitty on Summer Vacay too! Tropical Hello Kitty at ABC Store in Guam!

Now having them at sight made me feel the summer sunshine mood! Even Hello Kitty gets tanned! Haha! I don't need a tan though, I'm already tan! haha! But isn't she the cutest? I have never seen any cute characters with a nice tan!

"Hafa Adai!" from Guam!
Super happy wth my sister's Omiyage for me from Guam! Hello Kitty gets me in the mood for summer sunshine! Haha!

The heat is crazy the other day, I really couldn't believe I'm seeing a "Feels like 42℃" temperature. Are we still alive?! The heat will kill us?! WHAAAAAA! Extreme HEAT! I heard the news last night saying there's a developing heat wave in Luzon. OMG. We will all meltttttt!

April 10, 2013 ~ Basically this is how hot it is here for this whole week. I wanna dieeeeee!

Summer has already arrived in Manila. I'm not a beach person so it's not really a thrill for me to welcome summer that much... But one favorite sight I like to see during the summer days are those pretty yellow flower called "Golden Shower". If there's anything near the Cherry Blossoms in the Philippines these are the prettiest tropical blooms I enjoy seeing... Wish there are more of these around... Someday when I get to have a yard in my dream house, I'll plant few of these and my home would look so jolly with yellow petals~

April 11, 2013 ~ Golden Shower Tree nearby our village, my favorite summer flower~ the golden shower! I love it when they're in full bloom! Wish there are more of these around~

With this heat, it's actually so hard to dress-up nowadays. It's just too hot! Plus most of my clothes were already packed for my next trip (haha excited much)... But to show some support to my sister, I got out of the house and checked-out her school exhibit in CSB.

April 11, 2013 ~ Liley and me checking-out the exhibit in her school College of St.Benilde

I like her school, 'coz the architecture of her building is so modern... Plus the lighting is soo nice haha! My university's facilities back in the days wasn't even half as fancy as this! Haha!

Reminds me of my college days when this kind of sight I see everyday of my life. Haha! 

Moving along, another thing I'm head over heels about now is ICE CREAM! OMG. I've never craved so much ice cream in my entire life. I think about ice cream for meals. It's so damn hot like that! In order to survive summer Atreyu and I do our rounds at the grocery for some good lovin' breeze of ice cream window shopping (and grocery shopping). Hehe.

I'm obsessed with this Strawberry Yogurt Ice-Cream! I swear it's really good!  
I'm so obsessed with ice cream now that I think I ought to write one full length blog about it. Haha! May be soon, but moving along... I promise I'll catch-up with everything else before I go-go! Please keep it cool in this burning heat of summer sunshine, Loves! How's your summer days, y'all?


  1. Haha who took a pic of you and liley standing. Always like a photoshoot. Heat seems hard but you can enjoy yogurt ice cream. You and Atreyu are like kindergarten hahaha

    1. It was Theia haha! She's really good at candid photos haha! OMG I don't what's going on with me and my ICE CREAM cravings haha! It's just sooooo good haha!

  2. 1st of all I love love your sneakers!
    You went to Osaka and Kobe wow. I used to live in Kobe and I truly love that city, I went to Osaka a lot but I prefer Kobe.
    I made a scrapbook before but it got lost when we moved ;[ Now I really wanna make a new one.
    xo, Lara

    1. Oh I love them so much too! I got it from the rainbowholicshop! I'm so obsessed with them!

      My Kareshi is from Kansai (he lives in Nishinomiya and works in Kobe before) so I got to visit him twice in Kansai and spend sometime with him but he was reassigned in Tokyo so I get to visit him in Tokyo more now, I like the Kobe too it appeals to me as a romantic and quiet place and supermarkets are bigger so I enjoy it more!

      scrapbooks are so nice but sooooo much work goes with it!

  3. I loove your shoes :)
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  4. Feels like 42 is too much. I am sorry you always have to bear such heatwave


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