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March 26, 2013 ~ In other news... Surprise! Surprise to me! Haha! Kareshi's #whiteday #gifts has arrived! Thanks @takaomi54 ❤Best ever!! Got those #tokone Furamingyo (Flamingo) #tights, #soen #magazine, #hellokitty #milktea #chocolate (the cutest White Day Sweets!!) the prettiest #sakura card and something I've been needing for the sometime now... A wallet! And it's #betseyjohnson! Haha! Thanks luv!! Better fashionably late than late! Haha! (from my IG Post)

A couple of blog posts ago, I wrote about my excitement for White Day. I think I'm starting to like this trivial commercial holiday even more since it's an excuse to get some more gifts haha! I feel like I'm having a "Second Christmas" right after Christmas haha! Sneaky spoiled me. Gomen ne~ I'm over-indulging! I didn't get to have a chance to write yet another addition to my never-ending wishlists because of heavy work load over the month of March. It's always fun making wishlists! But Kareshi still got me super nice gifts?! Whaaaa?! Is it my birthday?? Haha! Apparently, Kareshi didn't need my wishlist to get me something I really like. But, just for the fun of it, I'll just make my post-wishlist anyways! Haha!

My three-year-old F21 Wallet needs to rest in peace... I badly need a decent  replacement. Huhu

First off, just by looking at my the photo above, I think you can say that I'm at a point when I already badly need a new wallet replacement. I think my 3 year old Forever 21 sequined wallet needs to retire just by looking at it! Haha! It already came to a point when I felt sloppy and embarrassed to bring out my wallet in my purse because it looks so beaten up! Huhu! So disgusting! Haha! Yeah, it's supposed to look vintage, but vintage doesn't mean decomposing?! Haha. I'm so mean to my old wallet, gomen. But for what it's worth, it served a good old 3 years and it served me well, for that, thank you. Rest in Peace... Hence, I prudently asked Kareshi to get me wallet for White Day instead... 

I was eyeing on this Betsey Johnson floral printed wallet!

But finding the right wallet was hard to decide... I don't wanna get a ridiculously expensive wallet that's more expensive than it's capacity to store money... But I don't wanna get a bargain wallet, (so picky I know! Gomen!) Once, I got myself a sale wallet and for some reason, it was a bad luck wallet for me, I always ended up being broke and losing some cash... From then on, I started to believe that bargain wallets are not lucky wallets. LOL. (Yes, may be I invented that superstition! LOL!) So I just asked him to get me something girly and huge (so I won't lose it ever) from Betsey Johnson. He will never go wrong with a Betsey Johnson for me! 

.... And he did! Whaaaa?! I'm such a happy girl!! My new Betsey Johnson Wallet!

Kareshi's shopping skills are really improving! Haha! I don't know where he got it since Betsey Johnson shops in JPN already closed down... I'm so impressed that he got me this! He even suprised me coz he told me his White Day gifts will arrive April because this one took a little longer to arrive... But the package even came before April! Sweet!

SO-EN April 2013 Issue
SO-EN Magazine has been my new regular favorite Japanese Fashion Magazine... I like the high-end take on street fashion and the mix and matching of everything... And Misha Janette is a regular columnist here and I like her witty and very open-minded fashion write-ups. Really refreshing to read... Well, I always had to wait for the English translation... since I can't read Japanese. huhu. But the fashion editorials and the features are always a full meal for my fashion appetite. SOOOO... I always find an excuse for Kareshi to get me an issue every month... This time, I found another excuse (WHITE DAY)... With the monthly fashion shopping habits I've been doing, Kareshi will soon be very well updated with Tokyo Fashion too! Haha!
My favorite fashion read!! SOEN Magazine!

I love this issue especially the quirky Art Paintings simulations in a fashion editorial! I'm so happy for this one mochiron! I wonder what would be my excuse next month to ask Kareshi for SO-EN Magazine? Haha!

フラミンギョ (Furamingyo) by Hiraku Cho for To-ko-ne

I believe if I'll be an animal in my next life, I would be a flamingo. Haha! I have the skinniest malnourished legs but I didn't realize it looks nice on tights haha! I'm speaking nonsense. LOL. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with tights... And if you ask me what would I want to have as a gift for any occasion, I'll probably ask yet another pretty tights... And so I did... I love flamingo so much that I'm so excited to wear this! Well, probably not now here in Manila. I'll die of heat stroke. Haha! But I wanted to add some more for my pretty tights collection haha!

MEX!CO by PielPie

I was contemplating if I'd get the TO-KO-NE Flamingo tights or this colorful Day of the Dead inspired MEX!CO tights by Pielpie. I like the Mexican colors and I think my sister Liley has influenced me with her fascination with Skulls and Day of the Dead... (I'm so randomly segueing thoughts in this post haha! Gomen.)

(June 2012) My sister, Liley's artwork fot her fashion class in CSB last year, I think she's one of the first people I know who really took interest with this Mexican Culture

In the end, after I talked about so many segues, I still ended up picking the Flamingo tights because I've long longed for it and flamingo is my thing. Haha! I'm happy with it anyways, I can't wait to pair it with outfits!
My own Flamingo To-Ko-NE- Tights!! I have another one to add to my collection!! Hooray!

Actually, what I asked from Kareshi for White Day is a pretty White Day Card (aside from all the loots I've been talking about here. LOL). Letters are eternal... I love reading Kareshi's letters from the old ones and it brings be back to the good old times. Letters and cards are such precious time capsules... So I always ask him to send me a pretty card...

✿My Sakura White Day Card✿

I don't really know if there's a "White Day Card" like those templated "Birthday Cards" or "Christmas Cards"... I've always been curious about that. I still am. Haha! But I got a pretty Sakura Card! I'm so happy about it! Kareshi's letters are always nice because I know he picks the best one I like... 

As I scour my EMS Package for these gifts, I was even surprised one finding another gift! Haha! And it's small and (almost) a Tifanny Blue bag?! What is it?! Haha! Calm down. It's even better than what you're thinking! It's a Hello Kitty Milk Tea Chocolate Bag!? Now this is really cute and adorable! Haha! Now where did he even find two of my favorite things combined?! Hello Kitty and Milk Tea Chocolate???

Hello Kitty Milke Tea Choco! It's even better than a Tiffany Box! Haha!
(Just the box, okay? Not the content of the box! haha!)
It's already so sneaky of me since I think I also got some nice Valentine's Day Gifts when I was supposed to be the one giving some lovin to Kareshi... But hey! I also gave him some nice ones! But I'm now really enjoying this commercial holiday coz I'm getting more gifts hahaha! 

February 15, 2013 ~ WOOT! V-Day was a very busy day for me! I just had the time to open #valentinesday gift from @takaomi54Just now! This is my perfect VDay Gift combo: #soen #soenmag fashion magazine, #instax film a cute #sushi#chocolate (the milky is for atreyu) and a nice letter... I'm a happy kanojo!
Despite our distance it's still feels nice to celebrate these petty couple holidays! I couldn't be anymore happier and this is my way of showing Kareshi how happy and appreciative I am of his efforts! I'm like a child showing off my gifts. Yes. I'm an over-indulging child. Haha! 'Til the next V-Day & W-Day next year! 

OMG my bad!! I totally forgot about my little Kewpie Babies Kareshi got me too! I dunno why they weren't in the first photo?! >_< Those little sneaky babies! Oh so  sorry!

April 7, 2013 ~ Aren't they the cutest!? Haha! My bad, I totally forgot to post this in my blog... But I made the necessary adjustments anyways, [ ... I also got this for #whiteday hehe.
#kewpie #cute #kawaii #baby #toy #cupid (from my IG Post)

Leg Wear Fashion Brand

T o k o n e
Tights Fashion Brand
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  1. Haha I'm glad you're happy about it. Hello kitty chocolate was in loft I think. I was confident you like it haha. Enjoy

    1. Everything is great! Thanks for all of these! You're really upping up your gift giving skills! Haha!

  2. Geez all these goodies!! I'm droolinh :)


  3. Flamingo tights!! O: Really awesome gifts (: Singapore doesn't celebrate White Day so much, and even V-day isn't very creative. Mostly I've seen couples enjoying food, but that works because Singaporeans really love food a lot XD

    With love,

    1. Actually, we don't celebrate White Day in Manila either but Kareshi and I just adapt to out own little traditions we mad by ourselves haha! Manila V-Day is quite essential though as Filipinos are very sentimental people~ So Kareshi adjusted and tries to be a little more showy haha (I know it's very hard for a Nihonjin) But I'm really interested with SG food!

  4. Wah! I can feel your happiness just by reading this post! You must be grinning from ear to ear!!!

    1. Oh yes! Haha! Even if I'm having one hell of a career crisis and crossroads, Kareshi's sweet surprises always cheers me up! ♡


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