Thursday, April 18, 2013

PART 2: Ere-Guroi Awesomeness at Village Vanguard

Whaaaa! My favorite shopping loot with that creepy doll-eyeball iPhone case from Village Vanguard! Ere-Guroi!
Well, isn't that inevitable! With so many awesome stuff I've found so post-worthy in Village Vanguard, I decided to make a PART 2 out of it, this Part 2 is dedicated to my sick sick love of Ere-Guroi Awesomeness I'm obsessing about~

(Okay Gomen-nasai, I actually finished PART 2 earlier than PART 1... Since PART 1 is ultimate photo spam galore! Anyways, I'm posting this now so I won't lag too much! PART 1 coming next!)

What is Ere-Guroi? It's actually a term I've learned from Misha Janette as we were corresponding and discussing about some custom-fascinators I've made for her recently... Basically it's "Elegant but SICK!" kinda fashion... Ere (Elegant) + Guroi (Gross) ~ The morbid amputated body parts and sick veins can be really fashionable! It's inevitable... especially with the popularity of Zombie Apocalypse all over the world, this Ere-Guroi trend is really evident while I was checking out Village Vanguard

I have been eye-ing on these sights of eyeballs even way back summer and few years ago, but I've never really given much post-worthy attention to it over the years... This time I owe it to Ere-Guroiiness to post some of my EYE-CATCHING Eyeball sights I've found in Village Vanguard! Haha! 

Village Vanguard, Shinsaibashi, Osaka ~ Cyclops Eyeball inflatable toy
Village Vanguard ~ Eyeball Keychains 
Village Vanguard ~ Pink Eyeball Coin Purse!

Another Ere-Guroi awesomeness I've noticed were the Mexican Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead) trend. This tattoo looking floral skulls and bones are actually part of a Cultural Mexican Tradition to commemorate the dead... My sister Liley made a school project about this last year, so I took some snaps and wanted to show that it has started to become popular at Village Vanguard too! 

Dia de Muertos Stickers ~ I actually wanted them only if they were smaller for my planners and journals haha! They're cute! 
Dia de Muertos ~ I'm not sure what are these, may be a pencil holder or a cup?
Dia de Muertos ~ Pouches! I love the colorful bright colors of these skulls! 

I don't really know what are these decapitated body parts for, they were just there for sale. May be to creep out everyone who comes to your room? Well it's super ERE-GUROI for sure!!
Amputated Legs?! Haha! 
And it wouldn't be complete without the BRAINS, right?!
Looks like a Medical Notepad but with a SPUNK!
Skeleton Winter Gloves! Yeah I need those~ ALWAYS!

I'm totally loving these ERE-GUROI AWESOMENESS!! This are few of my favorite parts of Village Vanguard that Zombie Apocalypse fans would surely enjoy shopping and checking out definitely! More Village Vanguard PARTS to post! 

Exciting Bookstore Village Vanguard Shinsaibashi
Address: 1-10-28 Nishi-Shinsaibashi Chūō-ku Osaka
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 23:00


  1. i remember atreyu was scared with those ere-guroi stuff such as skulls haha. btw, the first and second photo is actually anime character. check out "medama-oyaji"

    1. HEHE Thanks Taka! I have menial knowledge about anime hehe!

  2. Ahh I love Village Vanguard :D I think I spent over an hour in there. And went several times :D :D
    xo, Lara

    1. I know how you feel! Haha! I think it's my go-to place to kill time!

  3. I wondered where all of these 'eyeball' creations where coming from!!! haha. Nooowww I seeee!!! I thought maybe it was a Filipino thing :p How crazy is some of that stuff! Not to mention creeeeeeepyyyy!

    Although I must admit, I am a HUGE zombie apocalypse fan. I cant get enough of the stuff! Nath and I watched 'The Walking Dead', although the next season isnt out yet waaaaaahhhh!!! And we always have deep conversations about what we would do in a zombie apocalypse haha!

    Where is this shop??
    ps. hope your having a wonderful time in Tokyo with your Kareshi!!! <3

    1. HAHAHAHA! So funny about "Filipino Thing" Haha! May be it's an "Egyptian Thing" with all the "Eyes" haha! But it's fun and creepy at the same time!

      I know how that Zombie Apocalypse is really taking over the world!

      This branch is in Shinsaibashi in Osaka... It's the "HARAJUKU" counterpart in Osaka... Well, that's just based on my observation ^_^

      HAHA I've backlogged that I missed replying to everyone here!! But thanks for always posting comments EM!!

  4. It was already 2 years ago when you liked eye balls? Unbelievable


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