Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sweets Paradise: Gone in 90 Minutes!

January 2, 2013 ~ Taka on his 5th round of meal at Sweet Paradise haha!

It was an hour and a half of eating sweets, pastas and my favorite Japanese Curry buffet style to sum it all up. What I regret most is needing to wear too many layers of clothes that it really constrains my one hour of gluttony. Booo.  Otherwise I would have enjoyed eating and food tasting even more... haha! Oh well, the downside of fashion... "Tiis Ganda!" ~ "Fashion over Function" LOL! But needless to say, Sweets Paradise is a very recommendable place to eat at especially when you have kids on board! 

January 2, 2013 ~ Atreyu enjoying his meals (the plate was done so I just placed some nice food instead LOL)

Walking around Kobe really makes us hungry and it was Kareshi who suggested we try it since Atreyu is such a picky eater. It's always a problem picking a meal for Atreyu, since, just like other typical picky eating kids, he hates seafoods (which is 80% of Japanese Meals)  and makes all kinds of excuses not to eat them. Really annoying especially on a trip. Good thing Kareshi thought about this place, definitely saved us another eating time drama and just enjoyed our meal! Sweets Paradise is an "All you can eat & drink" restaurant and pastries shop. Kids would definitely like the pastas, stew and Japanese Curry and the super oishii cakes and pastries of Sweets Paradise

Grabbed from Sweets Paradise Website ~  An hour and a half of "All you can eat and drink" meal? 1,480 Yen for Adult and 840 Yen for Children is one good deal!

I was just really looking forward to having curry and pastas... But I wouldn't mind having some sweet pastries and cakes of course... But I figured, I'm too hungry and I don't wanna drive myself to a sugar rush haha! But I'm looking forward to eat A LOT! We were lucky we didn't wait too long for a seat... we were VERY LUCKY especially for holiday!

Pretty Framboise ~ Raspberry Cake Pastry! I like this! 

There were fruits and vegetables for salads as well and did I mention pastries and cakes? Oh yeah I did haha! I wish I could try them all in 90 minutes!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Salads and Cakes

What I really enjoyed is the pastas and cold udons and the curries~ The main dishes were my usual favorites anyways so I'm biased. Hehe.

Cold Udons! I didn't like cold udon before, but it grew on me and now I like them!

The pretty cakes will invite you to go back again and again at the buffet! They're pretty and vibrant colors! Matcha cake looks yummy! 

Sweets Paradise Cakes and Pastries!

They also have a popcorn stand! Haha! Kids would definitely enjoy this! Atreyu is a popcorn freak so he tried this out!

Enjoy the POPCORN, too! Atreyu tried this too and enjoyed it!

The label says "Chocolate Fountain Tree" but I can't accept this is just chocolate! Haha! It's Matcha-Chocolate (Green Tea Chocolate) Fountain! I wish I could have more room in my stomach to eat more coz I didn't get to try these as much as I wanted to! >_<

Green Tea Chocolate Fountain Tree!

I think I had a several rounds (may be 4?) but I lost track of taking pics... Unfortunately, I wanted to have an uninterrupted 90 minutes of eating time! Haha! I really enjoyed the Pasta and Curry! I think I went back for two more servings of these!

I love curries and pasta's!

By the time I got to the desserts, I was really exploding in my several layers of winter clothes... But still I must have some cakes and sweets! I must admit, Atreyu and Taka ate more than double of what I've had! >_< Winter clothes sucks especially when eating! Haha! Excuses. Excuses! But I enjoyed it anyways! 

My second batch of serving, cakes and pastries! 
I must say, traveling with kids is a challenge especially for food selection... Unless you wouldn't mind eating at McDonald's the whole time... Oh heck I don't! During this trip, Atreyu basically ate Tonkatsu and Chicken Nuggets everywhere we went, whether we were in a Kaiten Sushi, Ramen House and everywhere else! This is one place I was relieved to enjoy my meal without worrying about Atreyu's... Actually, he even had more round than me! Haha! It's pretty affordable too~ especially compared to the meal price range in JPN! Good thing Sweets Paradise is widely available everywhere in Japan! So it's accessible mostly at any prefecture! One thing you should brace yourself is eating as much as you can in just 90 minutes! ^_^

Buffet Restaurant
Branch Address: Hyogo, Chuo-ku, Kobe Sannomiya-cho 1-4-3 Kurefi Sannomiya 6F
Tel.No.: 078-335-1090
Business Hours: 11.00 - 23.00
Website: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp
Twitter: @SweetsParadise_


  1. Wow this is soooo kool!! We'll have to keep our eye out for this place! Although I'm such a slow and small eater (I can't eat much in one sitting lol) so I probably wouldn't get my monies worth....but Nath would definitely be able to eat enough for the two of us haha!boys and their bottomless bellys -_-!

    1. Hey Em! Yeah you should check this out! But I know how you feel about eating in phase... I wanna have some chitchat while having meals even haha!

  2. -drools-

    Singapore hardly has any dessert buffets! This one looks so delicious >< The 90 minutes are a bit tight for my liking, but the food looks really worth it!

    With love,

    1. You should try this with gal-pals! I heard (and noticed) it's a popular place for girlfriends meals haha~ Us girls love sweets!

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  4. haha you were in a paradise haha. im glad you enjpyed the meals there. and of course you sneakingly took photos there haha

  5. You had a lot there at Sweets Paradise. Atreyu was enjoying it too. Nice memory...


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