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Cool Village Vanguard-ing Osaka (PART 1)

January 4, 2013 ~ Exciting Bookstore Village Vanguard, Shinsaibashi Osaka! We had a blast checking out the kakkoii stuff in this store!
Hello! Hello!  One of my favorite shops to visit in JPN is Village Vanguard for sure! It's just one lair of awesome out-of-the-box ideas and all those fun and crazy things! Ahhhh It's just always fun to be in the crazy shop of Village Vanguard!

I've been partly dreading this date when I'm gonna sit down and compose this blog because I've took 60+ photos just in this store alone... That's how much I super enjoy Village Vanguard! Now, how am I gonna finish animating and decorating all these photos...!? OMG I'm a photo hoarder?! Haha! Ganbarimasu~ Is all I can say. Haha!

One of my favorite shops in Osaka! The Exciting Bookstore Village Vanguard in Shinsaibashi, Osaka!
Moving along, as I've just said, one of my must-stop places to shop and window shop anywhere in JPN~ whether it's Osaka or Tokyo is this shop, I really wish my sisters can come check this place out! I've blogged about this place for several times (Well, technically that was Tokyo ~this time it's Osaka) because of the diverse cool things in it. Technically, Village Vanguard is a bookstore... But it has a whole of spunk
A really EXCITING BOOKSTORE ! Village Vanguard!
Shinsaibashi, Osaka!
This time, I felt I've toured around the shop and having a crash course on what are the hot items and trends for the season. Well, it was just fun and really interesting... Too interesting that now, I'm still baffled how would I cram up everything in one blog entry. Well, we would probably just see if it would need a Part 1 and 2 and 3... Haha! (Obviously, I'm writing as I type.)

When I can't find a magazine elsewhere, I know it would defnitely be in Village Vanguard! They have the usual hard-to-find magazines, like Style Books, Streets, FRuits Magazine and those... Definitely, I'll find it here! (Unless it's nearing the end of the month, some issues may ran out)
January 4, 2013 ~ This is one of my favorite Japanese Fashion Brands, Ne-Net!  Quirky Designs!
January 4, 2013 ~ KERA, VOGUE  and many other Fashion Magazines!
Even if I can't read Nihongo to save my life, I still adore all of these Japanese Book just by looking at their beautiful artistic covers!
Love the vintage feel of this book! Nostalgic feel!

I'm sure my tattoo artists friends would enjoy this haven of tattoo books and magazines! I've thought about my super cool momma college friend, Mia (I call her Mama Mia) Wish there are more of this books and magazines more around the world (especially in Manila of course)... I know nothing about Tattoos but I always wanted to have one pixie design someday. Hehe. 

Awesome Tattoo "Selection" and "Bible"
I love how there's a specialized book for Girls Tattoo, too! Oh Mama Mia is gonna love this!
Even a TATTOO GIRLS Magazine! 

Atreyu being a pop-culture kid, enjoyed the shop. Well, what kid would enjoy the CANDY OVERLOAD by the entrance racks of the shop?! Atreyu was having a blast and kept asking me to take his photos with different poses~

January 4, 2013 ~ "Mommy, Mommy look at this HUGE CANDY?!"
January 4, 2013 ~ And another photo with the giant candy! Haha!
January 4, 2013 ~ Atreyu was so in awe with the GIANT Apollo Chocolates! 
Peko-chan! Favorite pop-culture character of FUJIYA Milky
Peko-chan! Favorite pop-culture character of FUJIYA Milky! That Peko-chan bag is so cute!
Those GIANT Apollo Chocolates!?!
HARIBO from Germany was pretty pricey here but still an eye-candy to my sweet-tooth! This is Taka and Atreyu's favorite sweets!

Meanwhile at another corner of Village Vanguard, Kareshi is enjoying his HipHop Fashion reads... Yes... Taka likes HipHop! Haha! I always tease him he's English sounds like rapping haha 'coz he likes hiphop music haha! That's something I'm so amused 'coz I was never a fan of HipHop so I learn new things from his stuff too! Haha! It was actually interesting to see these New York Bronx Street Fashion Magazines, I'm a fan of Street Fashion anywhere in the world!

January 4, 2013 ~ that's Kareshi checking out some New York fashion haha! It's actually interesting, too!
January 4, 2013 ~ Oh yeah some Bronx New York Street Fashion! 

Well few of my favorite items in Village Vanguard are of course those crazy mutated iPhone Cases that I go gaga about?! They're the sickest!
It's a whopping ¥3,120.00 (₱1,560 ± more or less) but hell worth the fun and joy seeing my iPhone all dressed up haha! 
Yeah, one reason don't switch to another mobile phone is because of my iPhone cases haha!

There were many more interesting iPhone Cases but I just always find this Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling Mask) funny looking! Haha! I think there's something like this also (in the PH) available at Fully Booked... But it looks funny anyways! Haha!

Lucha Libre iPhone Cases! Haha! Always hilarious for me!

I am so in love with NEON-Baroque things! I think it's a lovely homage and mix of the vintage and pop. These magnet frames are so perfect for Tiara!! Don't you think?

NEON Baroque Magnet Frames!? I love those NEON PINK Frames the most!

Random things like DIVA BRUSHES are such character items?! Imagine washing dishes with these ROCKSTARS and DIVAS?!

DIVA Washing-up Sponge?! Haha! This is one heck of a character household necessity. Haha!
More Divas & Rockstars! Who needs to feel domesticated while washing dishes and cleaning when you have them?!

There were even more things to enjoy seeing here (no wonder it took me months to post this?! With PART 1, PART 2, PART 3?! Wait 'til  I start posting about my Tokyo Spring 2013 Trip?! CRAZY!?) Believe me I can never run-out-of things to find here in Village Vanguard! Even the littlest details are so fun and funky!

Ninja Umbrellas! Haha! Yeah I know many guys would enjoy this (I'm sure Atreyu would!)

Of course my wanderlust spirit are in-love with the postcards! They have the most POP Postcards and interesting postcards in Village Vanguard!

Funny Kellogg's Cereal Postcard over the top rack! Haha! 

I love how there's so many choices of planners... unlike in other places where everbody got the same style of planners... There are sooooooo many cute and fun styles to choose from!?

So many choices for Diaries and Planners!
Gomen nasai for such a very backlogged post (REALLY FORGIVE ME PLEASE!) But let me just throw this one in... During New Year's Season, Japan has a crazy sale madness for everyone!! They pack this lucky shopping bags at the lowest clearance price for shoppers?! You'll go bonkers over the different and creative bag packaging... Definitely Village Vanguard has one of the coolest bags! Village Vanguard has the coolest New Year's Lucky Shopping Bag... "Fuku Bukuro" for Ұ5,000!? The SUITCASE alone looks Ұ5,000?! I wonder what's inside that Lucky Shopping Bag!! It definitely a LUCKY BAG!? 

Village Vanguard's 福袋 = Fuku Bukuro ~ Lucky Shopping Bag 

Wow! After 5 freakin months I got to post this?! SORRY!! It was really hard to photo-edit and summarize them and make each posts and photos more interesting! Yeah... Excuses! But hey... I'm back again from Tokyo (and after a week I'm still finishing up my Kansai Winter Trip Posts?!) I think in my recent trip I even went to 6-7 Village Vanguards in Tokyo (wonder how I'll get to post those?!?) It's always fun~ and imagine this is not even the tip of the shopping experience in Japan... But this place I'll always recommend to check out! (PART 3 coming soon!)

Exciting Bookstore Village Vanguard Shinsaibashi
Address: 1-10-28 Nishi-Shinsaibashi Chūō-ku Osaka
Operating Hours: 11:00 - 23:00


  1. That's one of my fave shops <3 Lol I hope they still have those iPhone cases when I go to Japan xD
    x, Lara

    1. Oh!! I'll link you when I'm done with my recent visit to VV, then have crazy sick with the new designs!

  2. This place looks fabulous!!! Definitely a shop that Nath and I will have to explore....we love our pop culture/quirky things. Omg the beautiful Japanese books....I'm the same I love all of that artwork!!

    omgomgomgomogggg!!! Taka likes hip hop???!!! lol I would have NEVER have guessed his fine business self would like hip hop!!! I don't mind a bit of hip hop myself, especially in my funk dance class.....sometimes I'm sure people mistaken me for being black with the way I move hahaha jokes!! I can't believe your not even up to your spring trip yet lol


    1. Yeah I'm sure you'll find something you like there! There are alot of Village Vanguards around Japan (I found 6 in Tokyo alone haha)

      Yeah Taka is really into HipHop, you know when he turns on his American Accent, he sounds like a rapper that I always make fun of hahahaha!

      Oh yes, I dunno how to start my Spring trip I have been outlining and grouping 2000+ folders for this hahaha. Gambarimasu!!

  3. I have not been to village vanguard for a long time. It would be fun to be with you there actually.


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