Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello Kitty Visit Japan App with Toreishi-san in Tokyo!

Japan National Tourism Organization made an App promoting Tourism in Japan with Hello Kitty!(Too bad download of this App has ended  last March 2013 though... Hope y'all had a chance to download this!)
Meow. こんいちは! Konnichiha! I must say I think I've been Hello Kitty overloading this recent Tokyo trip. BTW, Tadaima! I'm back in Manila and definitely time to start updating! (HUHUHU I haven't even finished my Kansai Winter Trip Blogs?! *;_;* ) But it would haunt me to sleep if I don't write them in my blog... I promise I will finish writing from Winter to Spring! Japan Trips are always fun and memorable that I must share it to the world! Haha! (May be I can be a Japan Tourism Promoter? LOL) 

Toreishi and Hello Kitty in Tokyo! Cool app?!? Visit Japan Hello Kitty App!
Honestly, I don't know when and where to start updating. I haven't unpacked my luggage yet even. Whaaaaaaaaa! I can't believe my Tokyo Trip is over!! Kareshi keeps teasing me "How conceited" I am saying, "I feel like SEMI-Local already." It was nice... Going home and catching Taka get home from work as well, catching up and meeting SOOOOO many friends I've met since the first time I've set my foot to Japan! It's so heartwarming to be in Tokyo because I feel the warm embrace from everyone! I guess I'm lucky to have met good friends and easily kept them through-out the years!

Okay sorry for the homily... That's just me thinking out loud again and getting derailed in my own blogpost. GOMEN ne~  Contrary to my self-proclaimed SEMI-LOCAL Tokyo-girl-self, I will be sooo GAIJIN for this post! Haha!I actually wanna share this cool app: Visit Japan with Hello Kitty App I've learned from a friend and fellow Kittyler from Malaysia... MeiJoyce (You should check out her blog for a dose of Super Hello Kitty overload?!) 

Instagram Post from Kittyler ~ MeiJoyce from Malaysia in  when she was in Tokyo last winter!(I really regret not getting this app back in December when I was in Kansai for the New Year Holidays >_<)

So upon learning about this app... I downloaded it right away! I dunno how to  use it if I'm not in JPN! But it looks so damn cute anyways! Look at Hello Kitty on my iPhone Apps! She's always there looking at me!

VisitJapan App on my iPhone! Hihihihi! It makes me happy just looking at her!

You may wonder how does it work? I wondered too! Haha! Since I was not JPN when I downloaded the app I couldn't really figure out how to use it... But as I've understand, it's like a Photo-app with GPS... The app's objective is to promote visiting different places in Japan especially for tourists and since Hello Kitty is the best travel buddy in Japan... She will pop-out with your app in the different places you're at around JPN in different themes! You have to have an internet connection though so you can operate it properly. This App has started September 2012 so Gomen nasai for not knowing and sharing this earlier!

Anyways I finally got a chance to try my Visit Japan App upon arriving and hooking up with an internet connection in Tokyo (thanks to Kareshi's WiMax hehe) I'm good as any local Tokyo peeps! Haha! 

My best device in Japan! My boyfriend's WiMax! Haha! I can finally use my visit Japan Hello Kitty App!

I even got a cute freebie Hello Kitty Wallpaper upon answering some random survey question of Japan National Tourism Association! So hooray! I always enjoy anything Hello Kitty of course!

My freebie Hello Kitty WallPaper! Hooray!

I must say, Hello Kitty was very elusive! It was hard to find different Kitty-chans all over Tokyo-Metro! In the three weeks I was in Tokyo...  I just found FOUR! I keep finding "Chidorigafuchi" Hello Kitty in most Tokyo (Shibuya, Harajuku, Toyocho, Ginza) areas! But I was lucky to catch some others!

April 27, 2013 ~ Mitaka, Tokyo where the Reversible Destiny Lofts (Tribute to Heller Keller Houses) are~ I've dreamt of seeing this houses for years! Thank you Hello Kitty for joining me!
This Hello Kitty was rare for me to find since perhaps Mitaka was around west area of Tokyo! It was the perfect shot don't you think? Haha! Thanks to Taka whom I keep asking to take my pics haha! The first sight seeing I've visited are these houses! It's worth the long train and busride! It was interesting and the colors of the houses were amazing! It's really my dream house in technicolor!

April 29, 2013 ~ This was at a popular Curry Restaurant CoCo near our hotel in Toyocho. Hello Kitty joins me at lunchtime!
This is "Chidorigafuchi" Hello Kitty that was popular all along my trip~ She keeps me company in Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya and everywhere else~ It was fun still. But I wish more Hello Kitties came to join me though.

May 3, 2013 ~ Random dinner with friends in a Chinese Restaurant in Ueno! I found Asakusa Temple (Kaminarimon) Hello Kitty joining me for dinner!
Perhaps because Ueno is just a few stations away from Asakusa... I found another Hello Kitty! "Asakusa Temple (Kaminarimon)" Hello Kitty! 

May 5, 2013 ~ for our 2nd year anniversary, Taka and I decided to go Love Shrine Hopping around Tokyo! OMG I almost died and my foot cried tears haha! But at least before my iPhone battery died on me, I was able to catch another Kitty-chan!!
I found in Yoyogi another Kitty-chan! Even if I was so tired, I got really excited to find her!! "Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall" Hello Kitty even has her own building along with her! Haha! So funny! So I had to take a photo with her at a bustop at Yoyogi going to Harajuku before my iPhone died down on me!

After that, I was just around Shibuya and Harajuku most of the time so I didn't get to find some more others (even Odaiba had  "Chidorigafuchi" Hello Kitty! huhu!) ! But I bet if I was in Kansai I'll get to find more others?! 

Well, well, well, that's all for this Tokyo trip, I will never ever delete the Visit Japan Hello Kitty App so next time I can share more of them with everyone! Hope you can try this App too! May be the Japan National Tourism Association should re-distrubute it again, don't you think?! Haha! Well, mochiron, I'll be supporting it! I'm a Hello Kitty Kittyler and Japan Lover!

'til my next Japan trip! I'm sure I'll find more of Kitty-chan next time!! Mata ne~ Ittekimasu, Kitty-chan! See you, again!

I almost forgot to mention, I enjoyed this app so much that I even dreamt of Hello Kitty in every sight I see in Tokyo... I vividly remember her calling me in every photo we take together... she kept calling me "Come on! Come on!" Haha! One of the happiest vivid dreams I've had! Haha!


  1. such a cute app! they should have this for every major city, haha

    1. Great idea Erica!! They should have like Mickey Mouse for the US, Mr. Bean for the UK, TinTin for France haha!That'd be cool haha!

  2. We're going to Japan this autum and thanks for the reminder, I must get that app :D
    x, Lara

    1. Hope they redistribute it! They stopped the distribution in iTunes (I think) >_<

  3. Hah!!! Tracy, the app somehow sounds and look so much cuter when you blogged about it! Domo arigato for putting me up on your lovely blog. I have the same issue as yours, Chidorigafuchi Kitty kept popping up wherever I was in Metro Tokyo and only when I was at Narita I realised the theme refreshed itself if you open up the app for a few seconds longer! Please blog more on your Tokyo trip, I need to sort out my addiction for Tokyo! Love your crazy theme! xoxo

    1. You are the Hello Kitty central, Joyce! Haha! Chidorigafuchi Kitty always pops-up I know! Haha! I'm relieved I thought I was having some GPS problems!

      Haha! I will definitely write about ALOT OF TOKYO TRIP ADVENTURES!! I dunno where to start! (I'll be finishing my Osaka trip though haha SOOOO MANY PENDING PILED UP?!) It's fun anyways love to share them always!

  4. haha you always checked if there was a new hello kitty at each place we stopped by. such a hello kitty freak from manila~ haha

    1. Yeah I always make you "take a picture, take a picture" hahaha! Thank you for always taking a picture for me haha!

  5. It was fun to find hello kitty everywhere.


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