Monday, May 27, 2013

"Part of the Success in Life is to Eat What You Like" ~ Nice Kind of Day ❤

May 22, 2013 ~ OOTD-ing while macaron sight seeing by Bizu Patisserie (Greenhills) always nice to spend some sister bonding time with Kaila and my sisters!
(#OOTD ~ A Floral Dress I got even for a 2 for 1 deal YAHOO!! Pocket Full of Roses tights by Belle Antique $27.00 USD; My undying love for Platform Sneakers; Betsey Johnson Dome Weekender Daisy Duke Yellow Large Satchel Bag $80.00)

Before I proceed to one heavy hardcore writing about my Tokyo Spring Trip 2013, I think I ought to insert some of the rare times I've motivated myself to go out and do a little bonding time with my dear little sisters... I have pile of things to do now that I'm working very hard to work on Tiara in Tokyo Project and make further more long term business in Tokyo. (I'm so excited to share it to everyone when the right time comes! ^_^) So more often than not, I rather stay home and work on designing or just do some writing and all the rest of the works I've been doing... Liley and I haven't even adjusted to the sudden life changes we are adapting to (since our whole family emigrated to the U.S.~ Guam just less than a month ago) But since Kaila came back to Manila for a vacation, Liley and I (and Atreyu too) had to see her.

May 22,2013 ~ Always nice to see those pretty Macaron display! Hooray!!  

Since it was a rare occasion for us to go out, we all decided to do something special and something we all been longing to do. Atreyu was so sad when we missed the Macaron Day celebration since we were all so busy packing and preparing for my trip and we were swamped preparing for my family's emigration to Guam then (talk about a-whirlwind-life-changes-a-free-macaron-couldn't-even-cheer-us-up-kind-of-a-day >_<)

April 20, 2013 ~ We missed the MACARON DAY Celebration because we were all soooo swamped. HUHUHUHU

So it was a good idea to satiate our long macaron fix with a date with Kaila together with my sister Liley (my other imotousan Theia also emigrated to Guam >_<) .  Back in Tokyo (less than a month ago) we spent a nice afternoon by a doughnut shop~ Floresta Nature Doughnuts in Koenji. Oh yeah, we can't get enough of our sweet-tooth fix like that!

May 2, 2013 ~ Kaila-chan ordering those CUTE kuma-looking-doughnuts at Floresta Nature Doughnuts!

Back in Tokyo, Floresta Nature Doughnut has the cutest kuma-looking doughnuts! It was so cool to even be actually "there" when Kaila took a super-viral-kawaii-photo of those cute donuts! Kaila and her JapanLover.Me team are so phenomenal! Kaila blogged about our fun date in Tokyo and she always paints our story in such a happy-feeling! It's always fun everytime we hang-out!

Who can eat this adorable looking doughnut?! Well, I couldn't... the poor little munchkin doughnut rolled down our table!? HUHUHU! Coz I just kept staring at it hahaha!
Photo c/o: Kaila (But I overdecorated it of course! Haha!)

I'm segueing in my own storyline haha. Gomen nasai. I'm telling another story within another story. HAHA! Such a chatterbox?! I should really get on my Tokyo Spring Trip writing soon (or else I'll end up spiderwebbing my own thoughts and storyline haha!)

May 2, 2013 ~ It was a nice time just sitting and enjoying fresh air, people watching, sight seeing around Koenji... It was one of the happy places I've discovered
Photo c/o: Kaila
 (But I overdecorated it again! Haha!)

It's always fun to hang-out with Kaila because we share the same love for sweets, taking loads of photos and just chit-chatting about funny life bloopers and dreaming about dreams... And we love staring at our cute doughnuts more than eating them. HAHA! That's fun right? Haha!

May 2, 2013 ~ Floresta Nature Doghnuts in Koenji, Tokyo with Kaila!! We couldn't make out first bite-off those cutest kuma-doughnuts I swear! I think we even closed our eyes on our first bite! Haha!

Goin back to Manila... We can't get enough of our sweet-tooth fix that we just overstuffed ourselves with macaron! OMG! Everyone was happy and carefree! Haha!

May 22, 2013 ~ Grabbed from Kaila (again) Kaila, Atreyu, Liley and I savouring our pretty macaron plate!

We were so relieved that Kaila's Gallstone problem is finally healed... So we enjoyed eating these things we like even more. Haha! Atreyu was kinda getting impatient with all of us girls taking pictures unendlessly. Haha! Yes... This pretty macaron plate have more picture than us. Haha!

May 22, 2013 ~ Few of my favorite things ~ A Plate of Macaron, Pink Bluebelles Tiara Bow Tiara by Tracy Dizon, Harajuku Press Mook (This is a must read for Harajuku Street Fashion and Lifestyle!!) and my most kawaii iPhone haha!

I swear after two macarons I already feel so stuffed! Haha! I love Bizu's rich and tasty macarons, I think just two macaron would always easily fix my hunger haha! I always end up wishing I ate more than I could! Haha!

Kaila & I... I think Atreyu took this photo while Liley is taking our photo... Yes, we are photo-crave. LOL.
Liley and Kaila are both so cute! 
We just had to take turns taking photos with each other haha! It took us a long time to finish all the macarons we got! Haha! Bonding dates like this is so precious! Just relaxed and happy~

Atreyu is happy as long as I let him play with iPad. LOL.
I love the sticker from my Snapeee App (it's what I use decorating my photos) that said... "Part of the Success in Life is to Eat What You Like" and spending time with Kaila and savoring our sweet-tooth fix is just a feel good feeling. I rather enjoy life without worrying about calorie count and those diet stuff. May be I'm lucky I'm skinny, I didn't have to worry about those I think the luckiest peeps are those who just can enjoy life anywhere, in any part of the universe... Carefree and young.

May 22, 2013 Bizu Patisserie Greenhills ~ Like a giggling child, it was hard to take pictures with a very heavy bag. Haha! My giggling face here shouts out the tagline "Part of the Success in Life is to Eat What You Like" Hahaha! I'm high on sugar at this time. LOL.
And... I just have to shout-out and make a special mention my pretty-pretty neo-baroque tights from Belle Antique! As mundane as just sitting and macaron eating this whole afternoon with Kaila, Liley and Atreyu, a random girl suddenly came up to me and asked where did I get my pretty tights. Now I know and I feel validated that I'm really wearing a very special and unique tights! I'm actually really a big big fan of this brand from Savannah, Georgia, USA... I just love how vintage fashion can be so modern and experimental... You should check-out her FB, Tumblr, Twitter Page!

Pocket Full of Roses by Belle Antique $27.00 USD
I'm wearing such head-turner tights! so proud of it!
You'll definitely see me wearing more of those fierce neo-baroque tights! It bring-out the old soul in me and just werq it fierce! (LOL Okay that was so conceited I know that kareshi will comment that here haha)

As the day ended, Kaila is always such a sweet darling and soooo thoughtful preparing omiyage for Liley and Atreyu... It's so cute that she even themed it "Matcha Themed" Haha She always makes it more fun! So... I had a blast overdecorating the photo too! Haha! Thanks Kaila... from all of us! It's always a pleasure seeing you all the time!

Kaila's Matcha Themed Omiyage for Liley and Atreyu! So adorable!!
I like this (or those~ including the our date in Tokyo) kind of day when you just eat and savor good food and spend time with good friends... I dunno why I'm so drawn to that Snapeee App Sticker tag "Part of Success in Life is to Eat what You Like"... It feels good to feel carefree and happy. A very long post segueing to one story to another. Haha... Hope you enjoyed anyways! Haha! 

Patisserie & Restaurant
Address: The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Telephone Number: +6327242498
Bizu Patisserie Facebook Page

Doughnut Shop
Address: 3-34-1 Koenjikita, Suginami, Tokyo Prefecture 166-0002, Japan
Telephone Number: +81353565656

Vintage Clothing and Hoisery Brand
Address: Belle Antique P.O. Box 80 Richmond Hill, GA 31324, U.S.A.
Tumblr: @belleantique
Twitter: @belleantique
Belle Antique Facebook Page


  1. hahaha you even mention about your fashion on the post about macaron haha. you had so many macarons on this day and atreyu looks happy too. im so glad to see that. you should try another time too. dont stay home too much and go out just to get macarons or snacks

    1. Haha! You know me and my outfits! LOL! Yeah Atreyu was very much looking forward to have this macaron day! I miss the macaron I buy in Family Mart... It's the best! Haha!

  2. Such a lovely, food-filled post! Indeed, eating what you like when you can is a great blessing. It's great that you and Atreyu have loads of fun together with friends! (^^)

    Oh yes and I loved that photo of doughnuts from Koenji *A*

    With love,

    1. Thanks Amaya! Anything with sweets is a feel good especially macaron and doughnuts haha!

  3. Yaaay! This is such a fun post!! I'm glad you strayed from your pending Japan posts and put this one in because its so "sweet" and "airy"...just like a macaron ! hehe. I lol-ed at some of your pictures...especially the over-decorated doughnut pic (as if there werent already enough doughnuts there hahaha) and the next pic of you and Kaila savouring your kuma-doughnuts (it kinda looked like you were sniffing them lol!!).

    Its so nice to see that you got a chance to have a break from your busy schedule and hang out with girlfriends (and Atreyu...our little kewpie hehe). You always look like you have such fun times and your always so smiley, which is so nice to see (I'm a smiley dork too hahaha). Hopefully one day you and I can meet in Japan and take smiley pictures while obsessing over kawaii foods haha

    Emmy oxox

    1. That would be soooo nice!! Let's hope and pray we can make it!! Haha! Atreyu is telling me "why are they calling me Kewpie?!" HAHAHA I can't stop laughing hahahah!

      Yes, I think I was sniffing them, I think I always just wanna sniff them because I don't wanna eat too cute foods haha!

  4. I have yet to eat a macaron! T-T it's so sad.
    i love those tights! looks like a great time :))

    1. Ohhhh you will crave it for sure! Actually I don't eat macarons as often but I think about it all the time LOL haha!

  5. so cute! and the sweets are so adorable I saw those donuts cat things as key chains in a crane game and I couldn't understand what it is. haha now i do. and your smile is so adorable! it looks like a fun day for you all <3

    1. Ohhhh I miss Japan!! Next trip we shall go out and eat some sweets Michi!!

  6. Macaron always reminds me of you... Oh no...


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