Friday, May 10, 2013

Tracy's Dear Diary: Tokyo Rush! Quick Hello Before the Hotel Housekeeping Comes! 0_0

April 27, 2013 ~ Travelled all the way to Mitaka to finally see this marvelous residential architecture dedicated to Helen Keller! Hello from Tokyo (and from Kitty-chan!)

Hello LOVES!! GOMEN NASAI for the long lagging quiet time here in my blog diary. I'm here in Tokyo now with Kareshi and been having a great personal time and fun work kawaii time... and of course shopping and window shopping! As much as I want to write everyday and update I can only find time to do it on my InstaGram! BECAUSE I will blame this to the hotel housekeeping that obliges me to leave my hotel by 10 am?! With this time deadline everyday... and how long I take to pick my coordinate and do my make-up... I would have to wake-up 4am just to manage writing and posting! I'll try my best to recap as fast now before the cleaning lady bangs my room again!

My daily dilemma of leaving before 10:00 am!? Housekeeping always makes me leave and hurry up?! Haha!

Well, I'm a GAIJIN afterall, I still need this handy Tokyo Train Map like forever?! I love navigating using this anyways! I love my maps... especially my Tokyo Train Map!! I'm GAIJIN like that! LOL!

I love that I navigate myself using this train map forever! Things to have all the time!

But this trip made me feel I'm not a tourist anymore here in Tokyo but somehow a semi-local (minus my inability to speak Nihongo! FAIL!) I haven't been to the tourist areas at all even... like Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Sky Tree and those places because I always end up taken by my sweet Japanese friends to some place I would never find if I'm just wandering around like a tourist. I'm so lucky and forever thankful of the Tokyo lovin' I get from all my friends here! This is not a second home... but feels like a home to me!

April 28 2013 ~ Taka and I met our couple friends Hitomi and Moto! Was that cool or what?! They took us to the Tokyo Okonomiyaki place!! That is sooooooo Kakkoiii and super Oishiiiiiii!

I love the thought that Taka and I have "Couple Friends" haha! I can't even believe even if we are in an LDR, we can still enjoy normal couple things like hanging out with couple friends!

May 3, 2013 ~ Met up with Yuhei and Riho! This is the funniest PURIKURA I've been at!! When the machine automatically made our faces with make-up?!? Whatttt? Our Kareshis looks prettier than us?! Hahaha! I love that we get to be a "normal couple" for sometime... 

I love mornings with Taka when I wake-up just to see him all "businessman" haha! I've always seen him casual and relaxed like school kids and suddenly he transforms to be this serious looking guy hahaha!

I like seeing him dressed as a "businessman"! He's the hippest and most handsome I've seen around Tokyo! HAHA! I'm smitten with my own weird ideas hahahaha! There's really nothing interesting with salaryman, but it's "so normal" that I have not known anything like it in my lifestyle, so I'm so interested and fascinated with the strangely normal life haha!
May 9, 2013 ~ From my IG Post: Everyday and every morning I always wake-up no matter how late I went to bed coz it has been our daily routine to talk in the morning. Well today, I'm so amused my my kareshi's "wearing a tie because I have a meeting" attire that I asked for a photo even if I look like a zombie haha! He's the most good looking "businessman" I've seen around Tokyo. LOL. Believe me, I've seen and been inside a sardines packed filled train of salaryman (and ive managed to have weird humiliating moments more often than not haha) and he's still most handsome LOL. How I tease him every morning like this. Haha! I'm gonna miss this kind of morning with Taka~ time runs soooo fast!??
May 6, 2013 ~ Meeting Tokone's BIG BOSS and Creatives Hide-san and Hatsuki~ Hatsuki took this photo! I love how candid we are and this is how we are when we are together really hahaha!

(Well, I have millions of pics and I'm hearing the cleaning lady knocking on the other doors! I must leave soon! Just few more quickies!!) 

Shopping for my sisters is always my fun time in Tokyo ~ they always make me a list of what I should get them!

It was so nice to hang-out with gurlfriends!! Finally after two years!! I've hang-out again with my Osaka-based gurlfriend, Tomoka. She's actually Taka's college friend but now we are closer than they are HAHA!

Our two year in the making PURIKURA! She was the one who introduced Purikura to me! I enjoyed Osaka days with her! She's the best tourguide in Osaka!

Seeing Mikas again! I enjoy hanging out with Mikas and Taka because they talk about very intelligent things like the society, culture, politics~ I feel so hardcore serious hahaha! I love this gurlfriend and fellow UPista so much!

April 27, 2013 ~ Koenji with Mikas! Her first #OOTD

Meeting my Kawaii Little Sisters~ Emika and Kaila!! I have soooo many stories about this!! It would be a novel blog haha!

Mirror photo at Forever 21 in Shibuya with Emika!
Relaxed catching up day in Koenji with Kaila! 12 hours is not enough to talk and exchange stories!

Tiara in Tokyo Project finally happened... It was almost one year in the making and it was truly a hands-on experience with all the best of my Tokyo friends helping out!  ARIGATOU!!

May 8, 2013 ~ It actually felt good to not dress-up andhave make-up on because I'll be working behind the scenes for Tiara in Tokyo project! I was in a swarm of SALARYMAN at the back... see? Haha!
May 8, 2013 ~ We all worked our tiny-asses off for this shoot! I love how much love and hardwork we put into this! Really happened... Photoshoot in Harajuku Street! Carrying our own luggage! This is fun!
Tiara in Tokyo Team! GIRLS KICK ASS! Kaila, Emika and Yuka! Love these girls!

Meeting my muse, RinRin Doll!! Amazeballz?! She's now not only my muse but my friend too! It was fun girl-talking with her just like an old time friend! Just stay tuned for more updates coming!

So pretty Rin Rin Doll is sooooooo warm and lovely!! So happy to meet her finally!

Whaaaaa I miss you all! Please continue reading in the next days because I have some surreal stories and misadventures I'm dying to tell! Oh especially my recent "Salaryman Misadventures" that made my little Tokyo sisters Em888ka and Kaila-chan laugh their asses off telling them my embarrassing boo-boos with those Salarymen on trains. Haha! I have alot! 

Okay I really have to go, cleaning lady is nearing my room and I'm still looking like a zombie!! Ohayou Gozaimasu from Tokyo loves!! Tiara in Tokyo blog update soon! You will love this!!


  1. aww, looks like you had a great time! yay! i'm looking forward to your stories, haha

    1. Hi Erica!! Sorry I don't get to ❤ your LinePlay recently, Taka is hogging my iPad for Candy Crush haha! I will be visiting your LinePlay house when I get back hahaha!! Yes!! Do read my next blogs it would be fun!

  2. i always enjoy your photos on IG~! so many visuals from the awesome city of Tokyo~ :>
    ohoho, i would love to hear about this "salaryman misadventures" seems like super hilarious :))

    1. Oh the Salaryman Stories were something I didn't expect to happen! Haha! I will post them soon!!

  3. TRAACCYYY!!! Yaay a new blog!! Im reading this quickly on my lunch break (look how dedicated I am lol). I can;t believe the cleaning lady makes you leave the room...she should just clean around you!! haha

    Ohhh all of these pictures are super kawaii!!!! Im soooo jelly of you and all of your Japan friends!!! Thats so nice you got to spend a lot of time with them all, and cute that you and Taka have couple catch ups hehe.

    I cant WAIT to hear all of your fun and hilarious stories, I know there will be some good ones :p haha. Have a wonderful last weekend in Japan, and make the most of it!!! ^.^

    Love your Emmy!! oxoxoxoxox

    1. Yayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! *jumps around the room* Thank you so much! I can't wait to get ittt!!! ^.^ Arigatou!

  4. I LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing! And I love the pictures you've taken :) Glad you're with your Japanese bf (I'm also dating a Japanese) and in Japan again~

    1. HAHA! We should exchange "Japanese Kareshi Chronicles" I'm we will have similar stories haha! Glad you enjoyed my post!

    2. Hahaha :P Yeah what's even more crazy is I call my bf Taka too (his real name is Takayuki!) I'll post about him in the future.

    3. hahahaha that's so funny! hahaha! Taka's name is Takaomi ^_^ I think Taka is common name hahahha! well i'm sure we have same culture clash stories from our nihonjin bf's hahahaha

  5. It was when we saw Tokone first time and the photos us they took is so nice.


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