Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Peek Inside Mam AvantGarde with Em888ka!

June 19,2013 ~ Mam AvantGarde Store, Harajuku, Tokyo
A day after Tiara by Tracy Dizon officially consigned in Mam AvantGarde, Em888ka-san came to visit!

There's nowhere else I rather be right this moment but in Harajuku and see my creations at Mam AvantGarde! Good thing "Tiara in Tokyo" model, Emika-san came to visit Mam AvantGarde for me! It's just so awesome she shared to me the photos... and I'm sharing it to everyone (of course I have to overdecorate it how I imagine it hehe)

June 19,2013 ~ Emika-san doing a selfie at Mam AvantGarde together with the famous "Polar Bear" and I'm seeing those tights?! I want them all!

Mam AvantGarde has the friendliest and the coolest staff! Not to mention top fashion snapped leaders in Harajuku... I swear I can't even believe I've met these coolest peeps whom I just see regularly in FRUITS Magazine!? PLUS... You know how I'm so sickly OBSESSED I am with tattoo tights, printed-tights and just simply tights?! Mam AvantGarde is the center of all awesome tights in the universe haha! They're the pioneer of those fierce and fun Harajuku trend! I am more than honored to be a part of Mam Avant Garde! Okay I'm getting derailed in my own storyline... Going back, Mam AvantGarde has the coolest staff and who could be the best endorsers of my designs but the top fashion-snapped leader of Harajuku?! Let me introduce some of them...

Nao Arafuka is a Designer of AvantGarde Japan I also often see her in the store assisting customers as well! She looks so cute with the Kitty-chan Bow!

Naotiii-san! I'm jealous of your job!! Haha! I wanna be a Mam AvantGarde designer too! Haha! I get super excited whenever they try on my designs because they're just super mecha-kawaii?! They have the fiercest fashion sense and super trendsetters of Harajuku?!

Momoe Kanaya is one of the fiercest fashion-snapped leader of Harajuku! Yeah so awesome!! Always see her on Fruits Magazine and on top fashion events!! *fangirl mode*

I love Momoe-san's sweet ensemble here... I like that "Babie" T-shirt btw haha! I really thought it was "Barbie" at first sight haha!

My favorite dude~ Mr.President... KAZUHIROMAN! 

And guess who's my favorite Mam AvantGarde endorser?! It's AvantGarde Mr.President... KAZUHIROMAN!? Haha! You know he has the Guinness World Book of Records for having the World's Tallest Mohawk hair?! SOOOO SUGOIIIII! Hehe! I've never met anyone who has the Guinness World Book of Record except him! Haha! He looks so funny werqin-it-out!

June 19, 2013 ~ Emika-san & Momoe-san  showing off my designs! I love both their tights BTW, mochiron it's Mam AvantGarde! 

I almost cried seeing these photos of joy haha! Tiara is now REALLY available at Mam AvanGarde?! Look! I even have my cute spot! Oh I'm so URESHI!!If I was there myself I wouldn't stop taking photos of my designs as well?! They're just so fun to look at! My Tiara babies all so pretty!

June 19, 2013 ~ Oooohh!! I'm so happy!! Look at my spot!!
June 19, 2013 ~ I also like the items below mine! They're so cute too!!

June 19, 2013 ~ More up-close!
June 19, 2013 ~ More camwhoring for my Tiara-babies!

It's a great joy to see them all here! Just seeing them on photos made my day so ureshi already, I can't imagine how joyful I am flying back to Tokyo next time!! Ahhhhh I can't wait!!

Hot Pink Eye from the Eye Bow Collection!
Hot Pink Eye from the Eye Bow Collection!
Brains & Veins from the Eye Bow Collection!
Tiara's Bestseller ~ Red Kitty-chan from the Kitty Bows Collection!

Uni-Urchin Fascinator from the "See Sick, Sea Sick!" Collection it also comes with a fancy box! 
Uni-Urchin Fascinator's Fancy Box!

I really can't wait to launch my other new designs for them soon! I'm so excited to see Mam AvantGarde peeps on my next Tokyo trip! I'm also very curious where Airy is (and how she looks like too hehe), I always talk to her on emails... hehe! My curiosity!

Red Kitty-chan from the Kitty Bows Collection! Tiara's Bestseller taken at Mam AvantGarde!
Gomen nasai for Mam AvantGarde flooding but I just gotta share and soak myself in my joy! Haha! I also linked Momoe-san and Nao-san so you can also check them out! They're super sugoii! Haha! I write as if I was the one in Mam Avantgarde! LOL!! I almost forgot these are all Emika-san's photos! Haha! But I'm in Tokyo in spirit anyways! 

Please come check out Mam Avantgarde when you come visit Tokyo!! It's a must!! Or else you'll miss out all the pretty must-have pieces to wear in Harajuku!

... つづく
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  1. great success and very nice photos. you did it and rocked harajuku. this is your first step toward the world. you can make more!

    1. Thank you luv you're always my #1 supporter! ❤

  2. *resending this just in case my comment didn't get through awhile ago*

    Good thing I took loads of pics! yay! You should add more pieces! I really really really have this feeling..... this will become a trend for HRJK girls!!!!!

    1. Hehehe! Emikaaaaaa!! Thanks for taking pics!! Super love them all!! Whaaaa please do come by again when I'm done with my new designs!

  3. Yayayaaay!! Dont be sorry for flooding your blog! I'm just waaay too excited for you! So I say...MORE PICS MORE PICS!! lol
    Very sweet of Emika to get these pics for yoooouu ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ

    1. ❤ Yeah I'm like having my Mam AvantGarde party in my blog! hahaha! Always fun to see my pieces on their racks haha! ❤

  4. Wow! How exciting for you! Horrorific bows with those googly eyes! :) always fun to read your posts. I am 57 years old and I like reading how the young think! :) patsy

    1. Hello Ms.Patsy! Thank you for your nice comment! (and for saying I'm young haha! I'm already 30 but I think I look like a teenager haha) super star struck to find your comment here! I grew up buying Papelmelroti cards (and until today) to send off to my foreign friends and share a little piece of Pinoy Art with them!

      Thanks for stopping by ^_^

  5. It was really pride to have your pieces there. Sorry for my messy handling though


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