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Philippine Fashion Week-ing with My Project Runway Phils 2 Gal Pal Jas!

May 25, 2013 ~ I rarely attend the Philippine Fashion Week so this is a postworthy post! Haha! First thing's first... OOTD! Tiara by Tracy Dizon "Sea-Sick Collection" Fascinator, Lace Ruffled Top ~ which I designed ages ago, Bench Matelot Shorts, "Portrait of Her" tights by Belle Antique $27.00 USD, Betsey Johnson Dome Weekender Daisy Duke Yellow Large Satchel Bag $80.00, Platform Skull Maryjanes by T.U.K. Shoes
I rarely attend Philippine Fashion Week because I'm too lazy to travel all the way to SMX and I must admit that I still have a broken heart for not being accepted to the Philippine Fashion Week designers a long time ago... (Despite my several professional background and several competition background in the Philippines and [a little bit] internationally... BUHUHU. That's life, that's politics! Haha! Okay I don't wanna make some drama~ It's just a short background of why I don't attend PhFW) but since one of my Project Runway Philippines Season 2 GalPal, Jas Cristobal was in town (she's now working abroad) and since I haven't seen her for years, I yanked myself off my weekend work routine and attended the READY TO WEAR and the VISIONS AND TRENDS Shows since some of our PRP2 Batchmates were presenting their collections... Santi Obcena and Russell Villafuerte.

May 25, 2013 ~ PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK Holiday 2013 Ready -to-Wear and Visions and Trends PhFW E-vites that I didn't receive luckily Santi screen-grabbed it for me so I had it saved in my iPhone. Hehe.

Looking back then and seeing most of my co-designers in PRP2, I really feel happy for their successes, Randy is now Hawaii based expanding his creations across the Pacific,  Russell became the MEGA Young Designer's Competition 2011 Winner, Santi was a close runner-up, Cherry carried-on his "pasabog" with all his beautiful and glamorous collections worn by beauty queens and famous actresses in the country, Hanz was one of the finalist of the LOOK Style Awards 2012 and Patrick Galang is now the Fashion Editor of MEGA Magazine... How cool is that? It's nice to see them in my newsfeeds and social networks doing what they do best... I know everyone of us were dreamers back then, everyone one of us just needed a good break it's nice to see they're shining brightly as ever. *Nostalgia* Haha! 

BLAST FROM THE PAST! Project Runway Season 2 Posters! Haha!
Circa 2009 ~ Project Runway Philippines Season 2 Designers! Nostalgia. Nostalgia.

Circa 2009. Feeling a bit senti seeing my own "Project Runway Teaser: The Spunky Momma" well it's been ages, but it's nice to have a special experience like that. Harhar. 

I'm the Spunky Momma!

Jas was the only female designer in our batch who won a fierce challenge! I'm super happy and proud of that because she's super unconventional designer! But she really made an awesome nicely tailored jacket in just a day! Super proud of her!!

Jas was our Ms.Congeniality! Haha! Well, she's also the Ms. Katinko 'coz she always had a headache because of our erratic schedule during the competition haha!

Oh I wish we could have a reunion sometime again... I miss our other PRP2 gurlfriends Hazel and Meanne, too! Well of course everyone of them! 

Backstage with the PRP 2 ~ Designers (minus the fnal three) during the reunion show in October 2009

Okay going back, gomen nasai, got a little carried away with a little trip down to memory lane... It's been a while alright since I've seen Jas since she is now already based abroad. It's always nice chatting with her and talking about life... Since we're both moms and a bit craycray with our styles! She's always fun! I think a day is not enough just catching up!

May 25, 2013 Tracy and Jas PhotoOpping during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013
May 25, 2013 ~ Jas looking so fresh with her resort wear ensemble! My PhFW date! Haha! WERQ-IT-OUT! Haha!

Hehe... Since my imotousan, Liley was required to watch PhFw for her classes, so she also came along with us! Here's the visual proof she attended the PhFW  together with her classmate Jill and Atreyu 

June 25, 2013 ~ Jill,Liley and Atreyu seated ready to watch PhFW! Here's the visual proof she attended PhFW, okay? Haha! 

Liley was wearing an Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired ensemble haha! Since we wanted to tryout those pretty tights from Belle Antique! I love her modern interpretation of Alice in Wonderland! Haha!

May 25, 2013 ~ Liley #OOTD-ing a Tiara by Tracy Dizon Alice Lacey headband, Angelic Pretty gingham skirt ¥16,590, Alice Tights from Belle Antique $27.00 and a cute Betsey Johnson Bag (our fave haha)

I'm 1000% sure we have the fiercest tights during the PhFW. Hehe! Some may say they're the best dressed, well... We have the best tights in the bag! Haha! Thanks to the prettiest quirkiest neo-baroque tights of Belle Antique!

Alice Tights from Belle Antique $27.00 This is the prettiest rendition of Alice in Wonderland for me!
I wore this! It's so pretty!! "Portrait of Her" tights by Belle Antique $27.00 USD

A little segue to promoting my own. Hehe. I was wearing my ERE-GUROI headpiece making my ensemble sickly vintage-pop-romantic mishmash. Haha! 

Tiara by Tracy Dizon "Catcha-Crab" Fascinator from the "See Sick, Sea Sick!" Collection!  Kinda looks like a sea creature of some sort!

Well, someday, PhFW may have not accepted there, but sure is not gonna be a roadblock for my dreams... Someday I'll get to Fashion Week somewhere in the universe. For now, I'm happy to support and watch my fashion friends walk their runway. 

Of course it was nice to see our PRP2 Batchmate, Santi Obcena after the show. Wish we had more time to hang-out with our PRP2 friends (we didn't even get to see Russell after the show) at least we got to take some snaps with Santi! Santi was so accommodating to  even email us personally, since the E-vites didn't send to all PhFW Guests! He's always so accommodating like that!

May 25, 2013 PRP2 Mini-Mini-Reunion at PhFW Holiday 2013 right after the Ready -to-Wear and Visions and Trends Show! 

Santi made a "Samurai" inspired collection. It's always interesting learning about his concepts with his collections! No wonder he's always a top finalist at major fashion competitions!

SANTI OBCENA for PhFW Holiday 2013
Photo by: Jirah Suyo Grabbed from Santi Obcena

I like how Santi reflected his own collections with his hair style! Hehe! I like how transparent he is with his ideas and designs that he also wear it!

SANTI OBCENA Collection for PhFW Holiday 2013
Photo by: Erickson Dela Cruz Grabbed from Santi Obcena
SANTI OBCENA Collection for PhFW Holiday 2013
Photo by: Erickson Dela Cruz Grabbed from Santi Obcena

Also got a chance to watch my Fashion-BFF Dimple Lim, I'm always so proud of Dimple's designs, ever since our PFDC (Philippine Fashion Design Competition) waaaay back 2006, this fab woman has been making fierce shapes and designs! Okay I'm one of her #1 Fan?!

May 25, 2013 Jas & I with Dimple Lim! This fashion genius has been such a humble gal! I'm always amazed with her works and it's always so sweet to see her with her parents watching and supporting her show! 

I especially love her collection because it's soooooo ERE-GUROI! This elegant but sick kinda fashion is something I really love! My Brains and Veins Collection would have fit her collection too! I love how she interpreted the ribcage and internal body parts and put it in clothing!? I am soooooo loving it!! SICK!!

DIMPLE LIM for PhFW Holiday 2013
Photo by: Vino Oriarte Photography Grabbed from Dimple Lim
DIMPLE LIM Collection for PhFW Holiday 2013
Photo by: Vino Oriarte Photography Grabbed from Dimple Lim
DIMPLE LIM Collection for PhFW Holiday 2013
Photo by: Vino Oriarte Photography Grabbed from Dimple Lim

My Brains & Veins Collection would have totally matched her collection right?! Flesh lovin ERE-GUROI Fashion! SICK is us! LOL. We really are friends appreciating the beauty in odd things haha! (Actually, we both have the same mentor in our fashion competition days, we were both mentored by Joey Samson! Haha!) 

Tiara by Tracy Dizon S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection
Tiara by Tracy Dizon S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection ~ BRAINY BOW Fascinator!
Tiara by Tracy Dizon S/S 2013 Brains & Veins Collection ~ SPIRAL BRAINS Fascinator!
One thing I hope I can do is catch up with my PRP2 Family, there's always been a plan of reunion but there hasn't been any since 4 years ago! Haha! I miss those "Project Runway Viewing Parties" Santi always hosts and we always watch together and just enjoy every moment altogether every week. Well, one day I hope it would happen. I'm still happy to see everyone shine brighter every season, every year. Wish everyone the best!

Well, it's still an unchecked mission and dream in my bucket list to be a part of Fashion Week, I think most fashion designers aspires that stage. Someday, who knows, I'll be joining Fashion Week somewhere in the universe! Dream. Dream. But more than that, it has been more enjoyable to go to such fashion events 'coz there are friends I wanna support and hang-out with. Fashion World would be such a sad place without my fashion friends.... or may be I'm just unassuming like that. 

Anyhoo, this is way overdue. (hey that's a rhyme haha) I miss miss miss my happy-place-blog! It has been busy that I can only Instagram for quick updates! Been BUSY for something  very very very special for Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tiara in Tokyo Project and also the Kawaii in Manila  Project (with Kaila, Anne Kate, ChiChi, Liley&Theia and Reese!) Will try to update my blog with my Tokyo Trip I swear I miss it very much!

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  1. There's so much happiness in this post (^_^) It's amazing how far you've come, Tracy! :D Loving the clothing coordinates!

    With love,

    1. Haha! Thanks Amaya-san! I enjoy dressing up even more than watching the show hahahaha!

  2. i am proud of your success on project runway even if final prize went to someone else. you have inspriations and ideas so should try to make a collection someday and make your own runway

    1. Oh you're always nice and encouraging, Taka hehe. Thanks ^_^ I'm always motivated with your encouragement! ❤

  3. I hope fashion week stops being political one day.


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