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The "Tiara in Tokyo" Dream

May 8, 2013 ~ A Tokyo Fashion Dream Come True. The famous $80 Million Prada Building and Tiara by Tracy Dizon had a photoshoot with it! 

It was roughly almost a year ago since this actual dream bubble came to me... While I was preparing for my Tokyo Summer Trip 2012 that I decided to find more ways to try to bring myself closer to Tokyo. I have so many good and talented friends in Tokyo and thought to myself, may be someday it can be a good idea to work with them and help each other promote with our works and our dreams...

May 8, 2013 ~ Takeshita Dori with my girls! Yuka Matsumoto, Emika Sangu and Kaila Ocampo! Thank you so much for the warm embrace. I literally feel your love anywhere in the world.

I remember I decided to aim to be more global last year, the Philippine market is so saturated already sad to say, as months and years passed by, more suppliers are out in the market, vying towards one prey... Wedding clients. I love my wedding clients... most of them I've still kept in touch and I always give them some travel tips to Japan whenever they send me message online. It's nice and always an honor for me to be part of their special day. But with the markdown prices nowadays of other newer headpieces suppliers, it has been hard for me to deal with more "bargaining deals" than real design and concentrating more on the making good pieces rather than cramming with leftover materials and haggling. I even got some hardcore online bashing from very mean "bridezillas" whom I never worked with who instead of planning for their wedding dedicated an "online-bashing" thread about my work where in they've never seen nor I have never met them in my entire professional work. Now that's one cyber bullying I had to deal with... It's part of work, I guess. One thing I kept quiet about is the hurt and the trauma I felt answering email inquiries, at the end of the day, Fashion Designers are human beings as well, there came a point when clients are starting to haggle for a 50PhP a piece. This is our bread and butter, for me I treat every Tiara headpiece as my babies and give them love and attention as well, how else can a designer make a living and give the right ample time and effort with our craft if I price my works at below the human living standards. It was just a very disheartening phase that a striving dreamer must face... But, I got the best advise from of one of my Fashion BFF in the industry, Dimple Lim, I've kept it in my heart and always thought about it all the time... 
"There's only one solution with this kind of problem... 'Just do better.'"
-Dimple Lim
Indeed, it jolted me and even motivated me to dream bigger... Roadblocks and negative people who just wants to bring other people down shouldn't define my work... There are so many people counting on me, my son, my workers, my team, my siblings and my friends who supports me with their time and effort... and Taka too! What advise could even be better than "doing better"! May be this was a wake-up call for me to bring my dream to the next level! I've always "day-dreamed" about Tokyo... may be now is the time to start making it real... And I really did dream about it I even read my past interviews... Ever since I've set my foot in Tokyo in 2009... I never stopped thinking about how I can reach it ...

March 2010 Tongue in Chic interview I have been vocal about dreaming about Harajuku for sometime now!

So I started little by little... I have to start somewhere?! I've gathered my tabs on my "dream people to work with". I've always kept some tabs on my friend Yuka Matsumoto. She also studied in Sugino Fashion College where I participated as a contestant in the Japan Fashion Design Contest in 2009. I was one of her biggest fan even way back then when she was still a student... She's a fashion designer and a model altogether?! WOAH?! I always send her message time and again telling her I dream of having her as a model someday.

October 2011 ~ Otsuka Station, Tokyo met Yuka in Tokyo! Photo by: Junnie Artajo!
I was so inspired by this photo of Yuka eversince I saw this on her portfolio.
May 24, 2012 ~ Photo by: Nobuyuki Nishihara Styling: Yuka Matsumoto & Momo Kikuchi Make-up: Momo Kikuchi Model: Yuka Matsumoto

I even kept this modeling photo of her and until today it still give me goosebumps how pure and graceful she models. She truly has the grace of a beautiful Japanese lady. I kept this photo and always reminded myself she will someday wear my works too! I've watched Yuka even way back in her student days in Sugino and now I'm still a big fan of her graceful chameleon  modeling now that she's a professional model/costume designer/fashion designer all-in-one in Tokyo. The best part for me is I've seen Yuka bloom more and more beautiful... It is always a nostalgic feeling looking back where we were and where we are now. 

April 12, 2012 ~ Kaila enjoying Sakura from the Rainbowholic Blog

Mochiron I've kept a tab on (and lots of fangirl love) with Kaila... Kaila has been one of my closest friends but more than being soul sisters, Kaila's blog Rainbowholic helped me a lot during the saddest "life crisis" I've faced in my life. Okay that sounds so dramatic... But there came to a point when Saturn Return hit me hard... I was so afraid of reaching 30 without achieving anything that could define my life... I wanted to go somewhere but everything seemed stuck. My heart crushed when I didn't pass the final cut on my UNIQLO application and just felt so devastated... (I wrote about it after a few months) but it took me a very long time battling with myself... It was also one of the hardest times I faced with LDR... I'm missing "feeling at home" while being home. Basically, it was a big fear of getting stuck and feeling so homesick of Tokyo.

October 2011 ~ PURIKURA with Kaila in Shibuya! We are school girls!!

It was seeing Kaila's musings and adventures in her blog that inspired me more and cheered me up in my saddest times... I love her colorful world. It made me remember our fun days in Shibuya and just reminded me how everything was fine in Tokyo... We were like silly school girls and just going around and didn't care where our feet led us!

August 3, 2012 ~ Photo by: Eric Ocampo for Rainbowholic 

When Kaila came back to Manila last year, I told her about this "Tiara in Tokyo" dream I've been thinking about. She was super enthusiastic with my ideas and it was even more encouraging. Kaila dreamed with me and I dreamed with her, every piece of design I made for her I put all my love and longing to Tokyo... And little by little it brought me back to moving forward and pursuing Tokyo.

May 30, 2012 ~  Kaila, Tracy (and Atreyu) at the UP Shopping Center catching up with everything and anything under the sun! The only "memento" of the day I started talking about this Tiara in Tokyo dream with Kaila last year.

It's always nice to meet more friends even more so in Tokyo. I met Emika on my last Tokyo Spring Trip and felt her gentle soul... She's also a young dreamer and early on with her young age of 18 she had some share of perseverance in Tokyo. I really admire this girl and what I love about her is how she loved my designs and she always made me feel she's so honored to work with Tiara. I'm so happy to be a part of her modelling aspirations as well... I love how she werq-it-out! I'm so glad we met through Kaila and right then, we jived well... It felt so great that people who are trying make this dream a reality just fit like a glove to everything. 

May 1, 2013 ~ First time to meet Emika... We already had a great time taking snaps and exploring Shibuya!

Now, I also have little sisters in Tokyo! Kaila and Emika! They keep me updated with Tokyo Fashion happenings and they're one of the first peeps who cheers me on with Tiara milestones and features!

May 8, 2013 ~  with my two little sisters in Tokyo at our "Tiara in Tokyo Main Office" haha! We made the second floor of Solado Harajuku Building our "Main Office" haha! It was so surreal to be actually having our photoshoot in the streets of Harajuku?!

At first, I thought the easiest way for me to get a chance to be in Tokyo was finding a job (hence applying for UNIQLO) but I realized... Why don't I try to bring who I am and what I do to Tokyo!?

And so I did.

Little by little... 

April 2013 ~ So happy to be a part of Kaila's special reporter gig in NHK's KAWAII INTERNATIONAL 
April 2013 ~ I made Kaila a special "Tourguide Hat" I especially made this for her pouring all my love and support to make her the super kawaii Kawaii International Reporter!

I couldn't be anymore thankful with how the universe has been guiding me and leading me where to go... For letting me meet the best colleagues, mentors, friends, inspirations and muses...

It's an honor and a great blessing that one of the top fashion stylist of Tokyo, Misha Janette, inspired me  to push my ideas furthermore! It's such an honor to see Tiara by Tracy Dizon match her fierce ensembles... It's a dream come true to see my designs attend the poshest Tokyo fashion events! 

November 2012 ~ Misha Janette wearing Tiara by Tracy Dizon at the Armani Eccentrico at the Armani Tower in Ginza, Tokyo
Photo by Mamie Tanabe for TfD
March 2013 ~ Misha Janette Tokyo Fashion Diaries wore Tiara by Tracy Dizon's S/S 2013 Brains and Veins at the VOGUE girl Japan Chanel PopUp Event in Omotesando!
April 2013 ~ Stylist Misha Janette Tokyo Fashion Diaries woreTiara by Tracy Dizon S/S 2013 Brains and Veins at the Emporio Armani Caffe Tokyo Opening in Omotesando!
Photo by: Mamie Tanabe

Super proud moment to see my work in a fierce editorial fashion magazine... SOEN Magazine! All thanks to Misha for believing in my vision.

SOEN Magazine May 2013 Issue Misha Janette's 2.5 Dimension Life EP.4: Twist
Photos by: Mami Tanabe  Monthly Column by: Misha Janette
Clothes: Runurunu  Shoes: Finsk ★ Hat: Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Atom Hat

It's a dream come true for my imotousans to dress-up the super kawaii Lolita Model RinRin Doll. It's great to incorporate my designs with LolitaFashion as well.

March 2013 ~ RinRin Doll wears Tiara by Tracy Dizon!
May 10, 2013 ~ It was a pleasure to meet RinRin Doll and I'm looking forward to work with her again!
It was a great pleasure to meet MoMo the famous street snapped fashion leader in Harajuku and Mam Avantgarde Staff! You know she's always in Fruits Magazine almost every month?! Hope someday Tiara will be in Fruits Magazine, too!

May 12, 2013 ~ Momo wears Tiara! More about MAM AVANT GARDE coming soon!
I'm so happy to feel the warm embrace of Tokyo with my works... I can't believe that last year I just started this dream bubble and today... Tiara is already in Tokyo. All my dreams and tabs I've dreamt about for the longest time really did happen... It's a relief to feel and experience some failures and road bumps because it made me desire to work harder to reach my dream.

If I got accepted with UNIQLO, I wouldn't have thought about even thinking of bringing my own designs to Tokyo... Somehow, the world works in mysterious ways... But I wanna thank the universe for leading me where I'm supposed to be.

I can't believe I've actually managed to pull-off a photoshoot in Harajuku and Omotesando with the people I've dreamt of working with for the longest time... I'm so proud of this project because we did it with so much hands-on effort and passion... More than anything else, it is filled with so much love.

May 8, 2013 ~ Harajuku Tiara in Tokyo... We all worked hard for this photoshoot!
Today, Tiara is already in Tokyo. I have been sooooooo excited to share this great news for the longest time! Finally I've shared it! Tiara by Tracy Dizon is now available in Mam Avantgarde! Right in the heart of Harajuku! Whaaaa! It's such a dream come true and a big honor!

May 8, 2013 ~ Right outside Mam Avantgarde Shop in Harajuku! Met the Mr. President Kazuhiroman and Momo-san!
It is amazing beyond my wildest dreams that I would have imagined I will have a space in this awesome shop?! "Harajuku Girls' go-to point for legwear!" Well... this is too special that it deserves a whole new novel of a blog... But to end this The "Tiara in Tokyo" Dream post, it's such a high note that I finally found my place in Tokyo. I've dreamt about this from the moment I've step foot in Tokyo four years ago... not a day goes by that I thought otherwise.

More Tokyo dreams becoming real. Thank you for all the support and love from all friends, new colleagues and more friends I meet every time I come visit Japan... To my siblings who shared their time, effort and passion, not a day goes by that I wish you can all come to Japan and experience everything that I've experienced. Thank you for my Kareshi who motivated me even more... as I always aspire to be your kanojo that you'll be proud of. Atreyu for being my rock. Thank you universe, thank you Tokyo for embracing me, you are my heart's home.

... つづく


  1. Congrats Tracy and I pray you'll go even higher! And ignore all those bullies out there (I get it everyday in my job!). Once again, おめでとう!

    1. Thanks Joyce!! Thanks for praying for Tiara! Yeah those bullies are part of any job... thanks to them I even aimed higher! ^_^

  2. You did great. A dream you believe in comes true unless you give up. Keep trying better and enjoy every moment.

    1. You sound like a dad with this comment Taka haha!

  3. Yay! Congrats! I'm so excited for you. You're a huge inspiration :)

  4. Congratulations Tracy! I can feel all your love and hard work pouring out from this post! (^_^)

    With love,

    1. Thank you Amaya! Indeed I'm lucky to share the love with the Tiara in Tokyo Project... <3

  5. *0* *hugggssss* Congratulations! So happy for you~ \(*0*\)

  6. Awww, this gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling! I was gob smacked with ppl bulling you online!! ::>_<:: But, thanks to them you worked harder than ever and finally your dream is coming true!!

    I'm soooo happy and proud if you and everyone involved! It's such an honour to have met you (I should have gotten your autograph before you get too famous! Lol ). Three cheers for Tiara in Tokyo!! (*¯︶¯*)
    Love Emmy oxox

    P's. I actually lol-ed at your reply to Taka's comment! Hahaha!

    1. Thanks Em!! I should send you an autograph together with th Tiara's too?! haha!

      Taka sounds like my dad seriously hahaha

  7. Sigh I really want you to be successful in Tokyo or anywhere in the world


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