Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tracy's Dear Diary: My Design Life and Blog Life

June 27, 2013 ~ Hooray for a new lay-out! I fnally figured out all by myself how to tweak my blog. I've been wanting to customize my blog for the longest time but I have no idea how to do those blog design stuff! I'm so ureshi that I wanted to blog right away!
こんいちは!Konnichiha! Hello! Hello! I'm sooooooo happy and proud that I've learned how to customize my own blog!! Haha! Welcome to my new playful blog lay-out! Haha! I wish I could learn more about customizations I've definitely obsess about it haha! I'm so excited that I even urged myself to squeeze in this "Tracy's Dear Diary" Blog Post... I even have 100++ of blog posts pending! Hehe! (Please give me time to post them all!) Now here I am writing a quick life update for this month of June.

I'm so excited about my new bloglay-out haha! I'm so happy I've come-up with this color theme for my blog because it matches the blogposts I write, always fun and colorful... Coincidentally, it also matches my Blogger Profile Photo!

August 2012 ~ Still one of my fave Purikura photos! I love my hair in this photo huhu I miss having a bouncy curly hair. Now I just have a damaged hair huhu. Anws, that's off-topic, I just wanna show that my new lay-out matches this profile pic haha!

So what have I been up to this whole month? I was in production making and designing new pieces for Tiara by Tracy Dizon... I'm so obsessed with it! It's like I can't stop thinking about new designs and there are days that I didn't even sleep because ideas keeps flowing and it would such a waste if I sleep on them. OMG. I must admit, being an artist would make you cray-cray! Haha! Let me share to you some random designing inspirations and stuff I've been inspired and working with...

Scouring the mean streets of Divisoria and found this eye candy hehe. #kawaiiinmanila #colors

I have been going cray-cray with the influx of inspiration everywhere! Even the simple cake-decorations and a Bank Poster  catches my attention...

Inspiration everywhere! This colorful #icecream #sprinkles poster from BDO always catches my attention!

I cannot stop figuring out how to make my own interpretations of these inspirations! As in I've babbling these thing to kareshi, to Atreyu and my sister Liley haha! I think they're exhausted listening to me all the time haha! I'm even exhausted to me listening to myself all the time haha!

June 6, 2013 I am most excited about this fabric. I love how silky and subtle this baby pink charmeuse silk and the dotted silver fabric is soooo fun!!

This design has been haunting me for days... Actually I haven't been sleeping thinking about it! Gaaaah. Please be done already so I can show to the world how kawaii you are!! 

Ere-Guroi!! I love how Elegantly Gross this is!!

Finally!! After almost two months! I've finally got my Eyeball Beads shipped to Manila. This got lost in the mail even that the supplier had to send another set. Thus causing more delays!? But I'm so relieved it already came!! I'm so excited to make new sick designs with them! The fingers!?! More ERE-GUROI!!! Yeah let's be sick!!

June 22, 2013 ~ Summer Fruits!!

I have been bombarded with different ideas set for different target customers and fashionable kawaii peeps... I'm excited to launch this collection this summer (August 2013) Whaaaaaa!! It's so hard not to think about any of them!! I'm gonna go insane I swear!! 

June 23, 2013 ~ Yeah I actually even imported 5,000 pieces of googly eyes for some of my designs.

Despite the Philippine Customs drama and harassment... I paid almost $100 USD for these set of materials. It was really stressful how the Philippine Customs (BE WARNED!! Don't use FedEx and DHL importing goods to PH!) is even the top corrupt institution you'll come across with. It would really kill small businesses that dreams to go global... Imagine paying 4x's the value of my item just for mysterious "tax" and "storage fees"? It is just sad... (Okay I don't want this to be nega, I'll post a separate blog about this anomaly) 

Moving on, I was so caught up with these googly eyes that I even went to bed with some of them?! Haha! Yes... This is my life, filled with googly eyes, fabrics, faux fruits and Tiara things. I have no social life. HAHA!

... And now I know I'm working with too much #googlyeyes #eyes #movingeyeswhen several yellow googly eyes even joins me to bed... Why are you sticking to meeee??? Haha! LOL!

Good thing my kareshi is the sweetest! He always gets me these Japanese Fashion Magazines even if it's sooo girly! Haha! I even tease him his dorm-mates may think he's into fashion or he's gay haha! Nah... He's just the sweetest boyfriend ever! This is my simple joy despite my erratic designing life. LOL.

June 18, 2013 ~ Kareshi always bring me some relaxation just by buying me those Japanese Fashion Magazines 

With the shopping list and requests I've been bugging my loving Kareshi, Liley told me this scene reminded her of us and I could stop laughing hahaha! I really do imagine Taka picking up shells for me if I asked him... Yeah I'm so smittened with my sweet kareshi like that haha!

This is so funny and so sweet. Hehe.@lileydizon showed me this and she told me it reminds her of @takaomi54and me! Haha! Yeah hahaha I ask kareshi for silly things on his trips like this and I imagine him doing this picking up sea shells randomly hahahahaha! So sweet haha!

I like those things that reminds me of Kareshi haha! My friend Mei-Joyce from Malaysia sent m this Film and told me it reminds her of me and Kareshi... Haha! It's just sweet! I watched it right away especially nowdays it's so rainy it's always nice to have a movie prepared to play!

I enjoyed this movie and thought to myself of making our very own screenplay LOL

After the Philippine Customs drama I've encountered this month, it was still nice that some institutions are still functional. I was surprise to pick-up my parcel from Tokyo (with my over baggage) even earlier than expected! I'm so relieved! With my 16 Kilos of baggage... I only paid PhP50.00 for some document stamps etc. Well, I'm just glad my wardrobe is back from Tokyo and I finally got my souvenirs and mementos from Tokyo!!

Okaeri nasai my dear over-baggage box from Japan! You have been unharmed. I am ureshi!

Now I can finally get on with my travel blog posting and writing... now that all my information materials are all here. Okay... I swear I really have to start posting them!! You know photo-editing and overdecorating takes alot of time hehe.

June 25, 2013 ~ Yahoooooo! All my flyers and mementos from my Tokyo trip are home!! So excited!! Now I can finally blog with sufficient info's ^_^
June has been hard for me beeing sleepless with so many ideas, I think I even lost more weight that I really feel sad about.... Not sleeping is hard but now more than ever... I even have to wake-up early because Atreyu gets picked up going to school so early in the morning, now not only I have to force myself to sleep early I even have to wake-up early... like 4:00am early. It's sooooo hard?!?! I must say June has been a difficult month with the erratic weather, tight schedule, Philippine Customs drama, missing packages and so many sudden emergencies that affected my work happened around me.... Sometimes I cant wait for the bad streak to end, but I gotta try.

It's always nice to have a new month a fresh start, like my blog lay-out! LOL!! Well, it's really not that bad come to think of it, like hello... Mam AvantGarde cosignment? Kawaii in Manila Project? Yeah I just have remind myself of the nice things despite the crap. But please, I wish I could finally fix my body clock and finally finish my new designs?! It would drive me cray-cray not to accomplish them and be stuck in my mind... my beautiful cray-cray mind. LOL! Haha!


  1. ^_^ yay new layout! It's really adorable, and eye catching! I think its very sweet that you and your Japanese BF send stuff to each other (Bonus that he gets you Japanese magazines :P)

  2. haha, you are so happy about new lay out. this lay out fits you well and im glad you made it. and a big relief is the box is finally arrived. it was faster than expected and hope nothing was gone anyway

    1. Yeah it's my accomplishment! I'm so happy about it!! I'm so excited to get my box so soon!! Nothing was gone all my magazines are there and intact!

  3. long time no post. Hahaha. . How have u been? I followed the kawaii in manila facebook page.. it's so cool what you guys are doing!!! keep it up

    and i love the new designs very kawwaiiii!!!

    1. HELLO!!! OMG How have you been! I've missed your comments here! How's everything!

      Thanks!! Please blog more again!

  4. What a fun person you are! Enjoyed reading about your adventures and craziness! Except about your Customs experience- we too had a bad experience with them! Haaay! But I love the Philippines even if!

    1. Hello Ms.Patsy!! WOW!! Thank you for passing by my blog! Thank you for taking time to read!! It's truly a bummer that customs... I used to work for a retail company and even big companies are not exempted with this unreasonable "rules" *sigh*

      P.S. Thank you superrrrr!! Honored to see you here at my happy place, Ms.Patsy!

  5. Yea dairy life... It is rare to see your post about dairy life.


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