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Hajimemashite Little Em888ka-san (Emika and Toreishi in Shibuya!)

May 1, 2013 Lurking around Forever 21 with Emika while Mikas was looking for a wallet. Hehe.

It was one of those relaxed schedule free days during my last Tokyo Spring Trip. I didn't plan anything to make time to meet friends in case they are free or just shop for sister's "Things to buy" list for my sister... Anything goes... (But I was tooooooo cold so I didn't wanna walk outdoors! Haha!) But then I saw Emika's Tweet!

I was so relieved Emika tweeted! I haven't met her in person yet but we have already planned that she would be one of my models for the "Tiara in Tokyo" Photoshoot so I thought this can be a good time to get to know her without feeling too hectic. 

And so we did. It was so exciting to come meet Emika. On our way going to Shibuya we were exchanging IG #OOTD photos of our tights!

May 1, 2013 ~ Emika and Tracy on our ways to Shibuya! We were both wearing our lovely tights! Emika wearing the Fire Mam AvantGarde Tights and my fave Furamingyo Tokone Tights!

I was a bit late changing four trains on my way to Shibuya... I didn't realize there was an easier route from Toyocho to Shibuya taking the Ginza Line so Emika patiently waited for me by Hachiko. Gomen nasai! Sorry for being late!!

May 1, 2013 ~ Rainy Shibuya Afternoon... Hachiko Area where Emika was waiting for me patiently! Sorry to keep you waiting! Good thing there was some entertainment!

Upon meeting her, the first thing on my mind was PURIKURA TIME! I'm always excited to have purikura especially with Tokyo Friends! It's always my trip habit! Hehe!

Upon meeting her standing beside Hachiko we went stright to PURIKURA I also learned about RumoR Purikura that Emika introduced to me! I like how it take full body outfit shots too! Haha!

May 1, 2013 ~ Purikura Time with Emika! I like the RumoR Purikura Booth Emika introduced to me!
May 1, 2013 ~ Purikura Time with Emika! 

Well, I enjoyed any Purikura! But I always have this funny blooper that I end up my eyes closed! Haha!

May 1, 2013 ~ PURIKURA with Emika! LOL My eyes are closed! Haha!

After Purikura, Emika was still a bit quiet (may be she was shy?) But she mentioned she wanted to check-out Village Vanguard in Shibuya!

May 1, 2013 ~ Village Vanguard, Shibuya! Super awesome kakoii shop!

Mochiron I love to go to Village Vanguard always! Plus I can get to shop for my sister's shopping list as well so I enjoyed it as always!

May 1, 2013 ~ My Village Vanguard Shopping Haul (It's 50% my sister's hehe)

As always, I found nice things in Village Vanguard... I didn't get to photo hoard as much this time but I snapped some of my favorite finds in Village Vanguard Shibuya!

May 1, 2013 ~ I love Village Vanaguard's Fairy-Kei Area! I wanted to stay here forever!! Kawaii love love!

My sister, Theia loveeeees Amoyamo that I thought about showing this to her! There's even an Amoyamo Area at Village Vanguard... and they have lashes! Awesome!

May 1, 2013 ~ Amoyamo Lashes! Theia would have liked this!

Mochiron, I always enjoy the Yayoi Kusama Area at Village Vanguard! The Yayoi products are increasing! Go go go!! invade the world with spots Yayoi!!

May 1, 2013 ~ Yayoi Love! I don't know why I didn't purchase this. Haha! But I love this keychain very much!

I didn't get to take much photos so I asked Emika to share to me some of her snaps too! I was so caught-up shopping that I only got to take 3 pictures haha! Emika found these fun stuff, too!

May 1, 2013 ~ Sexy cups! Haha!
May 1, 2013 ~ Galaxy and Pop-Art Caps. I'm not a cap person  but these caps looks soooo cool! My favorite prints!
May 1, 2013 ~ Fastfood Trend is emerging! 

I didn't realize it was Emika's first trip to Village Vanguard! I'm so happy to accompany her for her first visit! It's one of my favorite go-to-places in Japan. Plus... Village Vanguard is a nice backdrop for our #OOTD Photos! Haha!

May 1, 2013 ~ Emika #OOTD-ing at Village Vanguard, ShibuyaEmika wearing the Fire Mam AvantGarde Tights
May 1, 2013 ~ Toreishi #OOTD-ing at Village Vanguard, Shibuya
I'm wearing 
my fave Furamingyo Tokone Tights!

After our Village Vanguard hauling... We took a little stroll around Shibuya Center Gai and met up with Mikas (My long time Tokyo-based schoolmate in UP) for dinner.
May 1, 2013 ~ Emika and Mikas! I'm so happy to introduce them together! Mikas is always friendly and warm to my friends I introduce to her! Emika and Mikas are both Half-Japanese-Girls ^_^

We have no idea where to have dinner so we just entered the nearby Italian Restaurant by the Shibuya Center Gai. I enjoyed it of course especially having Seafood Pasta (As always!) But I didn't get to eat as much because I kept telling my funny stories with Taka and my misadventures with Salarymen in Tokyo. Haha! Mikas and Emika kept on laughing hahah!

May 1, 2013 ~ My favorite as always... Seafood Pasta! Itadakimasu!

After dinner, we had some time to pass by Forever 21 and help Mikas choose a wallet. But we ended up trying on shades haha!

May 1, 2013 ~ Forever 21, Shibuya
Selfies with Mikas & Emika while trying on some fun shades!
May 1, 2013 ~ Forever 21, Shibuya
It's always fun to take this mirror shots at Forever 21 in Shibuya because they have a very nice lighting and a wide full-length mirror! Haha!

Even on a weekday we got to enjoy a little shopping time. So it was fun! But we couldn't stay too long 'coz these girls are both working the next day! Haha! I also learned a better train route from Mikas and Emika! Thank God for Hyperdia! Japan travelers needs this for train routes and scheds!

May 1, 2013 ~ Thank God for that Mikas and Emika taught me how to use I found the easiest train route going back home!

Well, few memorable things I remembered about Emika
1) Emika is so timid and so soft spoken! She is so cute and adorable!
2) I was surprised Emika is so tall... (or may be I realized I'm just too small? Haha!)
3) Emika is one tough chick! I super admire that she's in Tokyo all by herself and she's just 18?! That's bad-ass! Haha! My utmost respect to you, Babe!
4) Emika is the ultimate BURGERQUEEN! She's one fast burger-eater!! I was so surprised she finished a burger and those shaker-fries at McDonald's in less than five minutes?!! For a very skinny girl she sure have one big appetite!


It was such a pleasure and a good time meeting and hanging-out with Emika... I'm so glad to have another little-sister in Tokyo. It's just always fun that every time I come to Tokyo I meet more new friends! More so, I'm ureshi to introduce my friends to each other! I'm definitely looking forward to more trips to Tokyo and more time hanging-out with Emika! Moreover, I'm so glad Emika modeled for the "Tiara in Tokyo" Project! She sure did rocked it! Hajimemashite, Emika-san! I'm happy to meet a new favorite fashionable friend! You'll definitely see her in my favorite fashionable blog soon!

... つづく

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  1. another your travelog. well surprisingly you went to villege bunguard with her. im sure you were proud to navigate her as a semi local haha

    1. Hehehehe now you know what i've been upto when you're at work! hahaha! still shopping! hahaha!

  2. THE ULTIMATE BURGER QUEEN, YES! huhuhu love this, Ate Tracy! More travels/adventures soon!! :D

    1. Hope you like this babe! I'm gonna write another soon!! I love it when you share it to your readers/tumblog it gets a lot of reblogs! Haha!

  3. ↖(^▽^)↗↖(^▽^)↗↖(^▽^)↗ I loooove this blog post! So nice you two finally got to meet each other! Sounds like you had such a fun day shopping and purakura-ing hehe (except now Taka knows what you've been up to while his doing business man things... lol ).
    I'm so jelly! My dream would be to hang out with you guys in Tokyo!! *^▁^*

    1. It would be so nice to meet you in Tokyo when you come to Tokyo too! (Please pray my items will all be sold out so I have plane ticket for Tokyo) LOLOLOL I'd love to take you around in Tokyo as far as our feet could take it haha!

  4. hi tracy. id like to inquire on something. can i have your email? tnx. :)

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  5. I think you always find something funny when you are with a female friend. I am not the one finding something for you. I am sorry.


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