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Toreishi's First App Review: LINE ~ The Ultimate Kawaii Chatting App

LINE App! The Ultimate Kawaii Chatting App!

Few weeks ago, Line Philippines has been hosting some contest giveaways to promote Line App here in the Philippines. I have been using Line for years I didn't even realize Line has already branched out to the Philippines, I just thought it has been just globally available ever since! Haha! I'm so naive! Line Philippines were giving away these Line Doll cuties in their contest giveaways!! Whaaaa so cute!! I want them all! Haha!

June 2013 ~ Line Philippines gave away these Kawaii Line Chracters Toys!! Ohhhh How I want to have any of them!

Line Philippines even up their notch and caused a storm by giving away Lee Min Ho Concert Tickets! Woah. I'm not familiar with any Korean Celebrities (forgive me I'm not a K-Pop fan)  but I know the Philippines has gone gaga over K-Pop stars... I think many joined their contest even more...

July 2013 ~ Line Philippines held another contest giving away
some Line Dolls and 
Lee Min Ho Concert Tickets!

I just wanted the Line Dolls! I always wanted these Line Dolls (it was actually Atreyu who wanted this as Omiyage on my Japan Trips) but Line Dolls are a bit expensive in Japan! I always feel torn getting one Line Doll when I can buy 2-3 toys with a price of a Line Toy! So I was enticed to join and made a real Line App review as how I've been using it ever since it was launched in Japan two years ago.

January 4, 2013 ~ Tokyu Hands, Shinsaibashi, Osaka! So excited to find Line Sticker Characters ~ Moon, Cony and Brown came to real life and became toys! Line is so popular in Japan it even ventured out to toys! I'm so naive that I didn't realize how popular Line has become!

For LDR Kareshi's & Kanojo's
I have been mundanely using Line since 2011, few months after it was launched in Japan. Since me and my Kareshi are in an LDR, we have been trying out most Phone Chatting Apps available online. Hehe. Yeah~ We are guinea pigs like that. LOL. I'm even so boastful to brag that I got the "TRACY" User ID in the Line App, since probably I'm the first Tracy to register on Line. Hehe. (But because I have the most common name, I also get a lot of random chatter spams so I made my profile private)

My Line User ID... I'm the first TRACY on Line!

Kareshi and I have been using Line over the years that I didn't realize how popular it has become in Japan. On our last trip to Kansai last Winter (2013) Atreyu and I were so excited to find Cony, Brown and Moon came to plushie life! 

January 4, 2013 ~ Tokyu Hands, Shinsaibashi, Osaka
Cony, Brown and Moon are now TOYS?! So cute! They quietly hang-out in their small rack in Tokyu Hands few months ago... but now they're super popular that they now welcome customers in front of toy stores!

On my last Tokyo Spring Trip (2013) I spotted more LINE Toys in Tokyo!! Mochiron, I wanted to get Atreyu some for Omiyage, but I'm sooooo torn!! They were a bit more expensive than other fun toys! Hence... I just took some photos whenever I could sneak a snap. Hehe. Sneaky me!

May 3, 2013 ~ Village/Vanguard at Marui City Ueno... Spotted some kawaii LINE Global Toys and Keychains! I want!!

I promised Atreyu to pass by Kiddy Land in Harajuku and found more Line Dolls! I was so torn to get him one when I can get 2-3 toys for the price of one Line Doll, so I just took souvenir photos instead. May be next time I won't feel guilty... I'll buy one for me and Atreyu  (or may be I'll win a Line Philippines Giveaway Contest instead? Haha!)

May 5, 2013 ~ Kiddy Land, Harajuku! Now, Line Dolls has gained more popularity! Bigger Dolls and more characters from my last trip last winter!
May 5, 2013 ~ Kiddy Land, Harajuku!! This was a stolen accidental shot, hence it's not focused anywhere... but the fun part is... I can decorate it with fun LINE Stamps! Haha!
May 5, 2013 ~ Kiddy Land, Harajuku... LINE DOLLS upclose! They all look so fluffy!!

I love these Line Doll Keychains! Brown looks sooooooo soft!! These items are really popular among the Japanese Youth... 'Coz everybody has some kawaii keychain one way or another.

May 5, 2013 ~ Kiddy Land, Harajuku more LINE Dolls as Keychains!!

Not only have I enjoyed LINE chatting with my Kareshi, I must say that LINE App has been one of the MUST HAVE App in Japan... Since most of my friends in Japan uses Line! It has been a useful app meeting my Japan-based friends! It's better than calling or sending SMS (SMS is more expensive per message I think) so Line has become more efficient for smart phone users!

April 28, 2013 ~ LINE App is easier to use meeting up friends in Tokyo on my last trip! SMS would be more expensive so LINE is the way to go! Haha!

I love LINE's Stickers! OMG! Line Stickers has gone more creative and more updated everyday! Two years ago, it was just these Cony, Brown, James and Moon Line Characters... But now they have also ventured to many KAWAII and Pop characters and artists! I love how Line supports and promotes artists especially.

Some of my favorite Line Stickers! 

I love Line Sticker's feature that can make us send out cute gifts to our friends! Hehe. On my case, I make Kareshi send me out "forced gifts" to me. Haha! But it's another fun way to interact with loved ones and friends even at a long distance. Plus... The kawaii selections are just sooooo irresistible!

Kareshi gave me this kawaii Hello Kitty Line Stickers haha! I just love sending this cuties out on my messages! They're just so happy!

My sweet gurlfriend, Hitomi from Tokyo sent me Ado Mizumori Stickers! I was so ureshi and touched that she gave me these! I really love Ado Mizumori and the nostalgia of her illustrations! I love that Line helps promote classic Japanese artists not only the popular contemporary anime's.

Arigatou, Hitomi-chan for giving me this nice stickers!!

Moon's Salaryman Special Sticker was so hilarious to me... Simply because this reminds me of my Kareshi's daily life. Kareshi is a "businessman" and I can really imagine his daily life in Tokyo living like this! Haha! This really does bring humor to me and Kareshi when we chat on Line!

Moon: Salaryman Special! This is sooooo funny 'coz salarymen does have this kind of lifestyle! Haha!

I love Rune Naito Stickers! Not only because Rune's illustrations are soooooooo KAWAII but it also reminds me of my own Fashion Illustrations... We have the same love for deformed over-sized eyes! Haha! Not only that... Rune Naito is one of the roots and pioneer of Kawaii Culture! It just feel so nostalgic to have a little piece of Kawaii History in my own Line Stickers!

I love that I have Rune Naito Stickers on my LINE! It's a little piece of Kawaii History at my own Line App!

Rune Naito's Illustrations are amazeballzzz! It's even the cover of the Harajuku Press Mook!  It's a must-have book for all Harajuku-lovers

May 11, 2013 ~ Village Vanguard Diver City, Odaiba, Tokyo
Rune Naito at Harajuku Press Mook Cover!
There may be a lot of chatting/messenger apps nowadays, but one thing that makes Line App so unique is this little piece of Kawaii Pop Culture it shares to the world! From Cony, Moon, Brown and James mainstay Line App Characters who are all gaining popularity not only in Japan but perhaps Asia-wide and may be soon globally, up to the cute Pop characters of Sanrio, SanX, Disney, etc... and some little piece of Kawaii History with Rune Naito, Ado Mizumori and Takahashi Murakami Stickers... this definitely makes LINE one hip messenger app especially made for the youth and young at heart! Thanks LINE for spreading KAWAII Culture to the world and for keeping us kawaii-connectedI'm so glad Line has come to the Philippines 'coz in a way, we can share more Kawaii in Manila lovin' thru Line App!

I made this blog because I wanted to share my love for LINE APP and why it is a must-have kawaii messenger app. I really wanted to have that LINE DOLL and joined in the Line Philippines Giveaway Contest but sadly I didn't win... >_< huhu. Sad-life! But hey... I think my review was really good they should've chosen mine! Haha!

Kawaii in Manila uses Line App! It's one great kawaii app that helps us connected and aids us in brainstorming and planning!

PixieTracy's Line App iTunes Review
Line has been my must have app on my iPhone ever since it launched two years ago! From the unique sticker features then I know it's gonna be one of my favorites! Amazingly, Line has improved immensely and added more features that Line Users can use. My top favorite feature is 1) The phone call - I can use this phone call feature for hours and not get easily cut off unlike other call/chat apps 2) The sticker selection! -- Line help us to be more interactive with our friends by having "gift" features as well it's a nice and fun way to have more interaction through chat 3) More users more fun! Two years ago I only used Line with my friends in Japan and I've been wishing It can be as popular app anywhere else, now I'm glad to see many friends not only from Japan now uses Line! 4) Growing and branching out to games and photo editing app makes line even more fun!! For me there are many chat apps in the market, but Line managed to niche on the youth and the Kawaii branding... And that's something I want and I know many youth likes for their apps! I can only anticipate for more fun news and updates from Line!
What do you think? I have a good review, right? I deserve a LINE DOLL!! Haha!

Chatting App for Smart Phones and PC
Line Philippines Facebook Page:
Line Philippines Line Username: @line_ph

July 19, 2013: OMG!! I am soooooooo super surprised to see this at my doorstep today?! OMG!? Line Philippines sent me a LINE DOLL?!? Finally?!?!?!

July 19, 2013 ~ Oh joy! Oh joy! I was literally surprised to see what came to my doorstep today... Did I just get a #line#linedoll?! Whaaa and I even got Moon! So cute! Thank you #linephilippines I didn't know I won anything, but I do am a LINE user ever since it was launched two years ago! 


  1. I have found its memo pad in a cheap price on amazon. you may want it.haha

    it is so cute you and atreyu love line charcters haha

    1. OMG I want that cute notepad haha yes I'm a child LOL

  2. I got 3 line dolls from line philippines, contact me if you want one. here is my line id: rpadao09

    1. Thanks!! You are so lucky to have all three!! Jealous!!

  3. You are one of the earliest adopters of LINE


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